Top 5 Tips to Make Your Indian Wedding More Affordable

Sep 07, 2021

Wondering how to exactly adjust the wedding postponement timeline & make it seamless? We did the math & here is a guide to help you figure it out with ease! Indian weddings are a lengthy celebration, with festivities lasting for three to five days. Each event and ritual take meticulous planning so that guests and relatives can enjoy the décor, food, music, and dance. Most Indian families go to great lengths to organize a wedding and it can be quite stressful and expensive. The good news is that you can make your Indian wedding less expensive by following a few tips:

1. Choose the Wedding Venue with Care

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Don’t be in a rush to book the wedding venue. Create a list of the best affordable wedding venues in Chicago or any other city and then visit each one until you find one that is perfect. Remember, this should start a year or six months before your wedding. Most venues get booked early and you don’t want to get disappointed. Make a list of features that you want in the venue and use that to select one that meets all your parameters.

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2. Don’t Overdo the Flowers

Decoration can cost quite a bit and flowers are a staple decoration in any Indian wedding. Instead of adorning the wedding venue with flowers, go for elegant, stylish, and dainty floral arrangements that fit into your budget and go with the theme of your wedding. Opt for flowers that are colorful, resilient, and long-lasting, especially if you are going to have a traditional Hindu wedding.

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3. Opt for Local Vendors

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Interstate vendors will be expensive and they will bill for shipping, flying them in, and their accommodation. So, if you want to make your wedding more affordable, go with local vendors. Food is an important part of Indian weddings and hence, look for a local caterer for Indian food catering in Atlanta or any other city or town. The same also goes for the florist, wedding band, DJ, and wait staff. In fact, the catering company should have staff who can serve food for buffets and plate service.

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4. Get Guests to RSVP

Indian weddings have hundreds of guests and usually, the bride and groom ensure that there is adequate food and drinks. As a result, a lot of food gets wasted. So, get your guests to RSVP so that you know how many will be present for the wedding. Then make sure you cater food accordingly to minimize wastage.

5. Hire a Local Wedding Photographer

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Photographs are important as they capture every single moment of your wedding so that you can cherish them forever. Get a Washington DC Indian wedding photographer who has experience in Indian weddings. If the photographer speaks the same language as you and your guests, it will be easier to manage group photos with the elderly and seniors. Such a photographer will be able to take candid photos of your wedding as they will know where to place the camera and also tell people where to position themselves.

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Use these tips to make your Indian wedding more affordable. Of course, it will still cost a lot but having local vendors and planning your wedding well in advance can help you save money.


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