Copper Hill Inn

Austin, 5341


Nestled near the top of a 2,700-foot mountain in the southern part of the Green Mountain Chain, Cooper Hill Inn is a destination wedding venue in East Dover, Vermont. This venue features a well-manicured lawn and a scenic view of the surrounding wooded forest. It can accommodate up to 200 guests.
Reception: $1 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Kids) $1 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $1 (Alcohol) $1 (Non-Alcohol) $1 (Other Fees) $1 (Kids)
Ceremony: $1 (Adults) $1 (Kids) $1 (Ceremony Fees) $1 (Other Fees)



Austin, 5341