Top 10 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Venue

Jul 05, 2022

Planning a wedding is like reciprocating our dreams into reality. The striking attire, decorations, the caterers, the venue, everything needs rigorous attention and follow-up since the date has been marked by both families. However, the planning gets super easy when all the important things are noted carefully to make things happen in a more stress-free manner.

Your wedding venue will set the tone for the entire event so you must choose it with care. The grace, charm, and vibe of the wedding are majorly played by the venue, and even the slightest key factor can’t be left missed on the most important day of your life. It can be daunting to begin your search but here are some tips that will help you choose one of the best Indian wedding venues in Los Angeles.

1. Clinch Your Budget

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Before you check out Indian wedding venues in Los Angeles, it is important to have a realistic budget in place. The cost of venues can vary from a couple of thousands to several thousands of dollars. This is not a small amount and you should be financially able to bear this burden. Usually, it is the bride’s family that pays for the wedding and catering but in modern times, the groom’s family may also be willing to pitch in. You should go 50-50 if the bride and groom are paying for the venue.

We must also never shy away from having money discussions and as this how-to most honest conversation began, it’s the first step to your happily ever after, and it’s better to have clarity in the beginning only to avoid any confusion later.

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2. Finalize the Location

Indian weddings are usually held in the bride’s hometown but you do not have to stick to this rule if both parties are happily hosting the wedding elsewhere. Most people prefer to hold the wedding on their turf as it is convenient. You know the layout of the city and will be better positioned to figure out which location is the best for your needs. Remember, the location should be easily accessible and have ample parking so that guests can reach and park their vehicles without worries.

3. Calculate the Estimated Number of Guests

The total number of guests expected to arrive at the venue needs to be fixed before finalizing the venue. The capacity of the venue can only be judged by the final guest list as then you get a clarity of where and what venue suits you best. It is up to you both or your families to decide who to invite, how big the event should be, but whenever the listing is done, you need to make sure the wedding venue should be big enough to comfortably accommodate your guests. Also, if you intend to hire an Indian wedding DJ in Los Angeles, the venue should have space for the DJ to set up their equipment and the guests to dance to the tunes of Bollywood songs. The venue should have space for the buffet if you are planning on having one instead of a sit-down dinner event. Remember, to pay special attention to the capacity of the venue as you don’t want to end up with a small hall.

4. Outdoor/Indoor

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Do you fancy luxurious setups or are you, two nature lovers? There’s a lot of difference between indoor and outdoor events, the look and feel would be different. The photos would come out to be different, but it’s for both of you to decide how you want your big day to look? What exactly have you planned? Do you want a minimal setup with just flora and fauna decor, or do you want huge decor setups like a giraffe installation at your entrance or some fancy photo booth under a tree? You have to decide the space as per the gathering, the theme, and the number of installations or the kind of decor you want.

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5. Take Permissions Beforehand

Make sure that we have taken all the necessary permissions required for a smooth, wedding ceremony. Permissions for fireworks outside the venue, parking space, liquor license, dancing outside the venue with loud music, etcetera needs to be taken before the big day.
We are sure you don’t want to stress about these issues on your most important day and enjoy every bit of it.

6. Re-read the Reviews

Begin your search as soon as you two are engaged. With the help of the internet, now it’s possible to start researching online, even before going to the venue in person. It saves a lot of your time and makes things easier in decision making. You can also read reviews of the venues online, check out their photos and decide if you even want to shortlist the venue or visit the place. While researching, we recommend you thoroughly read and re-read the reviews of customers on Google, their website, and social media pages thoroughly for more transparency.

7. Deals and Offers

Do ask the venue if they have any deals or offers going on at the moment. Sometimes the venue offers a certain percentage of discount if you get married on a weekday, at odd hours, or if you have a buffet, etcetera. Even if there’s no discount, they might be able to give you something complementary in drinks or food.

8. Availability of the Venue

Venue: Villa Cimbrone

Finding your dream venue and getting your hands on it on your set date is difficult, especially during the wedding season. We recommend you to ask for availability or book the venue as soon as the date is decided. Don’t wait for a few more weeks or months, even if your wedding date is away. Just keep note of one thing - make sure their cancellation policies are flexible, so in case of new regulations around Covid-19, you can make alterations or ask for a refund.

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9. The Vibe

A wedding is a very special moment for any couple or their families. Space could be huge or small, indoor or outdoor, the aura of the venue could be enough to make lifetime memories. Space/venue should reflect your personalities and should be able to cater to your needs like theme, decor, etcetera.

10. Other Things to Consider

Event Designer: Guerdy Design

Make sure you sit and think about how you want the venue to look and feel. It will be decorated and there should be a special room for the bride to get ready. If you are keen on Indian wedding makeup in Houston, you should have the privacy to get the makeup artist to get you ready for the biggest event of your life. Also, if you have chosen any outdoor location, check for the restrooms, the nearest way to the parking area, how eco-friendly and safe is that place? If you have pets to carry, check if the place is pet friendly or not, do they have enough space for a live music setup? These issues might be really small and not come to attention while planning your wedding, but these are super important to make your wedding, a dream wedding!

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The Bottom Line

Begin your search online as it is possible to book everything related to Indian weddings by harnessing the power of the World Wide Web. It will allow you to read reviews and check out photos before you physically visit the shortlisted wedding venues.

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