The Houdini Estate

LA, 90046


The Houdini Estate is a captivating venue renowned for its mystique and charm. It offers a mesmerizing ambiance that leaves guests enthralled. With its historical significance and enchanting surroundings, the estate is an ideal choice for hosting memorable events and celebrations.
Reception: $1 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Kids) $1 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $1 (Alcohol) $1 (Non-Alcohol) $1 (Other Fees) $1 (Kids)
Ceremony: $1 (Adults) $1 (Kids) $1 (Ceremony Fees) $1 (Other Fees)



LA, 90046