The Coronado

Saint Louis, 63108


The Coronado is a wedding venue in St. Louis, MO, with a reputation for elegance and a vibrant atmosphere. The venue has quite a grand space that can be customised and used according to the couple's wish and the staff is super dedicated here. They make sure to look after the smallest of the details so that the couple of the hour is not going through any stress or obstacle.
Reception: $1 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Kids) $1 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $1 (Alcohol) $1 (Non-Alcohol) $1 (Other Fees) $1 (Kids)
Ceremony: $1 (Adults) $1 (Kids) $1 (Ceremony Fees) $1 (Other Fees)



Saint Louis, 63108