The Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Toronto, M5V3G7


At The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, our dedication is to craft an ambiance where the elegance of tradition intertwines with luxury, crafting everlasting memories that beautifully encapsulate cultural heritage and opulence. Each wedding transforms into a celebration not only centered around love but also embracing the vibrant diversity of cultural traditions. Our venues provide an exquisite stage for a myriad of cultural rituals and celebrations, from the vibrant Mehndi to the spirited Sangeet and the majestic Baraat, where each festivity is approached with deep respect and refined sophistication. Our exceptional team, deeply knowledgeable about South Asian customs, works closely with couples to customize a series of events honoring tradition while embracing luxury and genuine flavors. These events are meticulously crafted to immerse guests in the profound richness of South Asian heritage. Furthermore, we honor Jewish weddings with reverence and attention to detail, from the cherished moments under the Chuppah to the Bedeken ceremony, ensuring each ritual is executed with grace. Our culinary artisans excel in crafting menus that not only delight the senses but also reflect the traditions of each culture. Going the extra mile, our dedicated team meticulously considers and flawlessly executes every aspect of the wedding, from blessings to familial customs, offering couples personalized attention, ensuring that each element of their celebration resonates with their unique love story while upholding cultural heritage. The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, curates exclusive wedding experiences that deeply resonate with both South Asian and Jewish communities, ensuring that each celebration embodies an indelible blend of tradition and luxury.



Toronto, M5V3G7