How to Find the Best Affordable Wedding Venues in Chicago

Jan 24, 2022

Weddings are a celebration of love and offer an opportunity to family and friends to participate in this celebration. So, if you want to invite all your near and dear ones and friends but do not want to allocate half of your wedding budget to pay for the venue, no one will hold it against you. Thankfully, with these helpful tips, you can find affordable wedding venues that can cut down the amount you spend on your wedding. 

1. Fix Your Budget

Before start looking for the best affordable wedding venues in Chicago, you should know the maximum amount you are willing to spend on the venue. What you consider affordable could be expensive for another couple. So, having a lower and an upper limit will help. Once you decide on the budget, make sure you stick to it. 

2. What kind of Wedding are you Planning?

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Indian weddings are quite elaborate. Do you want to take your pheras in front of the guests? Or, would you be happy to have a private ceremony with a few family members and friends? Also, decide if you want to have dancing and sit-down, or buffet, and how many guests you intend to invite. Based on this, you can decide on the space needed. The bigger the venue and the longer your guest list, the more it will cost you.

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3. Look at Alternative Venues

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You do not always have to go in for traditional wedding venues. Some alternative venues, such as a beach, local temple, campsites, community center, or a restaurant could be more affordable. It is advisable to explore alternative Indian wedding venues in Los Angeles to find something that falls within your budget and still enables you to include your family, extended family, and friends in your happiness. 

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4. Understand What Comes Included

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Once you create a list of possible venues, visit each one to understand the layout and whether it is right for the kind of wedding you have planned. Also, find out what is included in the price to see if the cost is justified. See if you can get some of the things like tables, chairs, and lighting included as a package deal. That could help save money as you would not have to rent these things. 

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The Bottom Line

Finding affordable wedding venues in Chicago, Los Angeles or any other city or town is not that difficult. You would have to do some research to create a list. It pays to go online to find venues that fit your budget. Once you have done that, finding the right venue will not be that tedious or cumbersome.

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