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Oct 26, 2022

The trend of heritage fashion started around the mid-2000s and it is a mixture of vintage and contemporary styles. Heritage clothing is characterized by the quality of the fabric, the silhouette, the mythological tales related to our culture and history, the style, and the accessories. It refers to fashion styles that raise an antique or nostalgic sense of history or tradition. Traditionally and in literal meaning, heritage fashion means the brand that has endured the test of time. But times are evolving and now it is more about the designers going back to the roots of our culture and tradition and bringing out something that feels more like us.

Heritage Inspired Wedding Outfits

A few South Asian Designers are one of the most talented fashion designers and are worldly recognized. They incorporate bright colors, rich textiles, and very detailed embroidery or sewing into their collection. Most of the bridal couture is influenced by the colorful ambiance, the monuments, the temples, and the people and their work ethics. We present to you a few world-renowned South Asian Designers who are ruling the brides' and to-be brides' hearts with their bridal collection.     

1. Anita Dongre

Spending her summer holidays in Jaipur while growing up, Anita Dongre’s collection is heavily influenced by the art and culture from the Jaipur side with a blend of modern aesthetics. That is one reason why she is known as the “Queen of Pret”. Not only that she hires local karigar to work on her collection to get the pure essence of the art she is incorporating in her designs. Anita Dongre believes in a compassionate and giving lifestyle. Her collections are a way to honor the age-old craftsmanship of India and by creating handcrafted products with a touch of luxury, she aims to uplift the artisans. Her brand, House of Anita Dongre is a sustainable fashion in the true sense. With over 1,000 retail locations across India, she is also one of the first Indian and South Asian designers to have her own stores in the U.S., including a flagship location in New York City. 

2. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Is there any woman out there who does not even dream of having at least one Sabyasachi-designed outfit in her wardrobe? He is the best example of a designer whose designed outfits and jewelry are rooted in craftsmanship, art, and authenticity. With his deep love for authentic and traditional craftsmanship, Sabya has taken the whole design industry by storm with his stunning designs. Over time, Sabyasachi has become the face of modern Indian couture. What everyone loves about him is his unwavering love for the South Asian Heritage and his way of reviving the age-old crafts and techniques of designing by modernizing them. Every other wedding we witness over the season, the bride chooses to wear Sabyasachi and we are a fan. 

3. Tarun Tahiliani

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Tarun Tahiliani is known for his bridal collection and his collection is influenced by the Indian heritage of draped form and tradition of artistry. He is one of those designers who do not use words just for the sake of it. He does not talk about sustainability because everyone is doing it, he talks about it because he knows and believes in it. In one of the interviews, he said, “I create pieces that can be worn and re-worn, that are timeless. If that’s not sustainable, I don’t know what is.” His outfit silhouettes combine western notions of cut, construction, and finish but use Indian heritage and craftsmanship. His love for saree comes from the time he has seen his grandmom wearing it and that is why he is known for bringing the natural aesthetic of drape to the Indian fashion industry. 

4. Rimple and Harpreet Narula

Loved every outfit that Deepika Padukone wore in her movie ‘Padmaavat’? The designers were none other than Rimple and Harpreet Narula. They use to design for Bollywood celebrities for a while, but it’s probably their Amazon Fashion Week collection inspired by the Maharajas from the British Raj era that set their way to debut on screen. They are one of the few South Asian designers who are known for their authentic silhouettes and designs amongst the brides. Their designs are ethnic and are heavily influenced by the age-old tales and traditions of our South Asian region. What we love about their bridal collection is the use of the color palette, you will witness two very odd colors that they incorporate into their design beautifully.      

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5. Anushree Reddy

A self-taught designer, whose designs are influenced by the age-old history of Hyderabad, India, and the blend of modern authenticity, Anushree Reddy has come a long way. Her collections are worn by brides who love to keep it modern yet traditional and like the glam quotient too. Where bridal wear is mostly on the extravagant side, Reddy likes to keep easy-breezy yet glamorous. As a non-fashion student, Reddy’s way of incorporating colors and silhouettes is different than what a basic fashion student knows, and maybe that is what sets her on a different path and made her name in the fashion industry. Anushree Reddy is also known for her seamless mix of florals, her love for pastels and pink, and her penchant for zardozi- a type of heavy and elaborate metal embroidery on silk, satin, or velvet fabric base. 

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6. Jayanti Reddy

Another famous Hyderabad-based fashion designer who claims to be a major in Business Administrative and Marketing, and is a self-taught designer is Jayanti Reddy. She is known for her weightless designing bridal outfits, with a strong emphasis on naturally dyed, handwoven textiles that are embellished with hand embroidery. She infuses traditional clothing with a unique sense of style and understated elegance. She upcycles fabric left from the previously designed collections and takes care of her karigars by giving them atelier space and she tries to make it easy to wear for her consumers.   

7. Gaurang Shah

Gaurang Shah, a Hyderabad-based textile designer work spreads across 16 states, engaging 7000 weavers, craftspeople, and others in ancillary trades in a perennial stable livelihood. He with the help of his extraordinarily talented craftsmen weaves the best of Indian textiles translating his designs with skill and techniques to create a diverse and timeless grand assemblage of Heritage Sarees. Gaurang’s brand is one of the first to introduce indigenous weaves from various parts to mainstream fashion nationally and internationally. In one of his interviews, he says, "My work is driven by the Indian jamdani weaving technique. Every piece takes months, some even take several years to make. What makes it unique is that I don’t mass produce them.” His deep love for weaving and textiles has made the brand the pinnacle of artistry and craftsmanship.

8. Torani

From working with four craftsmen to scaling up a company with 200 employees and opening a standalone flagship store in 2020 in New Delhi, Karan Torani’s label is a potpourri of reimagined memories. His collections are an ode to the romance of the old era with a mix of present modernity. What inspires his love for Indian handlooms and designs are the memories of his days spent in the city of Bhopal with his grandmother. He believes that his grandmom in many ways is the ultimate muse for Torani and one of them was her simplicity. His designs are heavily influenced by the small parts of Indian mythology and legendary characters. His sense of clothing was already there but traveling through the country shaped his creativity. Brides are more into trying new designs that stand out and Torani is one of the brands. There is a freshness in their design that attracts new-age brides. 

9. House of Masaba

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From her first show in 2009 to the time she turned House of Masaba from a fledgling label into a household brand with six stores across India and to have a collaboration with the famous TV series Game Of Thrones, Masaba has been changing the face of the fashion world. Her signature designs channel her quirky and experimental style sensibilities breaking stereotypes with unique and fuss-free silhouettes for modern Indian women. Her brand has made a broad portfolio with destination wedding collections, festive wear, party collections, and resort wear, with the brand’s signature colors, motifs, and aesthetics. Brides who love to go with asymmetrical silhouettes and quirky designs opt for Masaba for ceremonies like Haldi and Mehndi. 

10. Raw Mango

Raw Mango outfits are known to be designed under the influence of the colors, philosophies, and cultures of India. Since the time, it started in 2008, there is uniqueness in its design that has its own perspective. They are deeply rooted in craft and community and keep creating via textile, culture, and politics. As a design house, they begin with karigars across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Varanasi and their designs are testimony to the century-old skills of the craftsmen. The owner Sanjay Garg, are one of the few designers who are honoring Indian traditions by using handloom silks and cotton in bright colors. You won’t find any heavy embellishments, shiny work, or even marketing promotions like that about Raw Mango because the designer truly believes in minimalism. He merely started this with four craftsmen and now he has almost 400 people working under him. 

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Designers honoring the age-old tradition and culture via their designs will make us also appreciate our roots. Change is good but conserving the beautiful history of our art and culture is what makes us unique. History is what made us and the outfits and jewelry inspired by our roots are a beautiful way to embrace traditions in our way. So, these are our 10 favorite South Asian designers who are ruling the fashion world with their deep love of the history of places and culture, and traditions and at the same time blending the modern world with it, keeping sustainability in mind. 

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