15 Easy & Stylish Ways To Drape Lehenga Dupatta

Jul 25, 2023

The lehenga, a timeless outfit cherished for its versatility and elegance, has become a popular choice for various occasions, including weddings, festivals, and celebrations. Whether it's the bride, the mother of the bride, wedding guests, or friends, lehengas are adorning women with grace and beauty at events like weddings, Haldi, mehndi, and receptions. While the lehenga and choli/blouse contribute to the overall look, the dupatta plays a crucial role in elevating the entire ensemble. By draping the dupatta in different styles, you can achieve unique looks and breathe new life into your outfit, even if you choose to repeat or reuse it.

Source: Sonam Bajwa ; Mohsin Ali Photography

The draping style of the dupatta largely depends on the fabric used. For example, georgette pleats offer a soft appearance, chiffon and silk fabrics are loose and flowy, while cotton or heavily worked dupattas create a tight and neatly visible drape. Mastering the art of dupatta draping not only enhances your style but also garners numerous compliments. By focusing on a few basic draping techniques, you can create versatile looks and infuse freshness into your outfit for any upcoming ceremony. Seek inspiration and ideas from Pyaari Weddings to effortlessly style your dupatta and elevate your overall outlook.

Latest Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles

Discover a plethora of draping styles on our blog that cater to various fabrics and designs, ensuring the beauty of the work on the dupatta remains unobscured. With just a few tricks and essential accessories like safety pins, thread, and needles, you can effortlessly achieve the perfect drape. The following trending styles are both elegant and easy to recreate, making them suitable for any party or occasion, regardless of your dupatta's length or volume.

1. Effortless Over-the-Head Dupatta Draping Style

Source: Payal Keyal Brides

Achieve an exquisite and uncomplicated look with the over-the-head draping style for your dupatta. This elegant technique requires no additional accessories or tricks.

Source: Sim Dhesi ; Photography by Gagan

Simply drape the dupatta over your head, allowing the center portion to fall gracefully, and secure it in place with pins. Leave the ends of the dupatta loose for a stunning flare-up effect. This versatile style complements both a chic bun and flowing open hair, adding a touch of charm to your overall appearance.

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2. Flawless Overall Dupatta Draping Style

Source: AP Photography ; Rimple & Harpreet Narula

For those adorned with beautifully embellished outfits during ceremonies or weddings, an overall draping style ensures you can move with ease and grace. Take inspiration from this bride who flawlessly embraces this style with confidence. This draping technique is particularly ideal if you're using a single dupatta with your attire. Simply drape the center portion of the dupatta over your head and secure one side over the opposite shoulder, allowing space for the necklace or blouse to stand out. Let the other end flow freely at the back. To keep everything in place, use as many pins as needed, ensuring your movements remain unrestricted and effortless throughout the event.

3. Elegant Over-One-Shoulder Dupatta Draping Style

Source: Muse: @nargisfakhr

Whether you have a heavy work dupatta or a lightweight one, the over-one-shoulder style is a perfect choice. Unlike the overall draping style, this technique is quick and easy, taking just a few minutes to achieve a stunning look. Start by pinning up one portion of the dupatta over your preferred shoulder (right or left, it's up to you). Then, create pleats on the other end of the dupatta and secure it on the opposite arm using a needle and thread. Adjust the middle portion of the dupatta to complement the design of your blouse, neckline, or the style of jewelry you're wearing.

Source: Dia Mirza Rekhi ; Rahul Mishra

You can let it flow freely or pleat it based on your outfit's style, ensuring you enjoy your party without any fuss. This chic draping style adds a touch of grace to your overall appearance, making it perfect for any occasion.

4. Embrace the Double Dupatta Draping Style

For many brides, the double dupatta is a popular choice, featuring one heavy and another lightweight piece in contrasting or similar colors. This versatile style offers numerous draping options, two of which are beautifully demonstrated by these brides.

The first draping style involves elegantly placing one dupatta over the head, creating a regal and traditional look.

Source: Shades Photography

The second draping style entails setting the pleats diagonally from the shoulder and tying the other end at the back of the lehenga, adding a touch of modern flair to the ensemble.

Source: Hania Aamir

The best part? You have the freedom to adjust the dupattas in various styles to complement your outfit's look and the volume of work adorning it. Once draped to your liking, you'll be ready to move and dance with grace and confidence at the party.

Embrace this double dupatta draping style to elevate your wedding outfit to new heights of elegance and sophistication.

5. The Diagonal Dupatta Draping Style

Source: Ali Xeeshan Studio ; H M Studio

Take inspiration from this bride's stunning Sabyasachi lehenga and the unique way she draped her organza fabric dupatta. We are absolutely smitten with this cool and comfortable draping style that adds more color and volume to her overall look. By draping the dupatta without adding pleats, she skillfully highlights the floral prints, infusing her traditional attire with a modern twist. The result is a seamless blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair, making her stand out on her special day.

If you're looking to elevate your wedding outfit with a touch of creativity, consider trying the diagonal dupatta draping style. Embrace this stylish trend and captivate everyone with your fashion-forward approach to traditional attire. For more fashion inspiration, check out the link below!

6. The One-Sided Dupatta Draping Style

Source: Shivani Bafna ; Aayka Fashion

Looking to steal the spotlight with your lehenga? The one-sided drape is a timeless and effortless way to achieve undivided attention. Simply take the middle portion of your dupatta and drape it over one shoulder, and you're all set to make a lasting impression.

This elegant draping style works wonders, especially if you've chosen a backless or uniquely styled outfit. It adds a touch of charm to your overall look, accentuating the beauty of your ensemble in a sophisticated manner.
Get ready to be the center of attention at any occasion with this classic yet captivating one-sided dupatta drape. Embrace the simplicity and allure of this style, making your fashion statement unforgettable. For more style inspiration, explore our collection and discover your perfect drape!

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7. Kiara Advani's Over-the-Head, One-Side Dupatta Draping Style

Source: Mrunalini Rao

Kiara Advani has always been a fashion inspiration, and her ethnic looks are no exception. Her bridal appearance, featuring a one-of-a-kind draping style where the dupatta elegantly cascades over one side from the top of her head, is simply breathtaking. Now, you can channel your inner diva and try this exquisite draping style to garner compliments at any special event.

Embrace the elegance and charm of Kiara Advani's Bridal look by incorporating this over-the-head, one-side dupatta draping style. Elevate your outfit and make a memorable fashion statement with this captivating style.

8. Try the One-Arm Tied Dupatta Style for a Neat and Organized Look

Source: Sumeet and Ishaan

For those who prefer a more controlled and sophisticated look with their lehenga, the one-arm tied dupatta style is the perfect choice. Instead of letting the dupatta hang open and flared, create a unique twist by elegantly tying one end around your arm and draping the rest gracefully from the back to the top. This chic draping technique adds a touch of elegance and organization to your overall ensemble, making it ideal for various occasions.

Master the art of one-arm tied dupatta draping and elevate your lehenga look with this refined and stylish approach. Perfect for weddings, parties, or any special event, this draping style will set you apart with its sophisticated flair.

9. Saree-Inspired Dupatta Draping

Source: Anamika Khanna

If you're seeking a captivating way to accentuate your lehenga ensemble, draw inspiration from this stunning bride who effortlessly blends the elegance of a saree with her lehenga. With perfectly pleated dupatta adorning one side like a saree pallu, she exudes grace and sophistication.

To achieve this timeless look, neatly pleat one side of the dupatta and secure it over your shoulder with pins. Let the remaining part of the dupatta cascade diagonally, and drape the other end over your shoulders akin to a shoulder jacket style.

Embrace the saree-inspired dupatta draping style for your lehenga to exude timeless charm and mesmerize at any event or celebration.

10. Cowl Shape Dupatta Draping

Source: Frontier Raas ; Rahul Jhangian

Enhance your party ensemble with the mesmerizing cowl shape style for your dupatta, featuring minimal embellishments for an understated yet glamorous appearance. Achieving this look is a breeze—gather the entire dupatta in neat pleats and secure them gracefully over your shoulder, forming either a chic V-shape or U-shape that complements your blouse neckline.

The best part about this draping style is its sheer simplicity, taking less than 5 minutes to create a captivating look that showcases your complete outfit. Moreover, it allows unrestricted movement, ensuring you can dance and celebrate with ease.

Embrace the cowl shape dupatta draping to exude effortless elegance at any party or celebration.

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11. One-Side Pinned and Wrapped Dupatta Draping Style

Source: Light Chamber

For those who adore an eazy-breezy vibe, the one-side pinned and wrapped dupatta draping style is an ideal choice. Perfect for haldi or Mehendi ceremonies, this chic look ensures comfort as you freely move, work, and dance. Simply pin one side of the dupatta and elegantly wrap the other around your arm, and you're ready to shine.

This draping style strikes the perfect balance between ease and elegance, making you stand out at any joyous occasion.

12. Layered Around the Arms Dupatta Draping

Source: Amrit Photography ; Pink Orchid Studio

Enhance your festive or party looks with a touch of elegance by layering the dupatta around your arms. This timeless and classic draping style never goes out of fashion and adds a captivating allure to your overall ensemble. Whether it's a special occasion or a celebratory event, draping the dupatta around your arms elevates your style and creates a stunning visual impact.

Source: AP Photography

Embrace this versatile draping technique to showcase your outfit, jewelry, and hairstyle while adding a touch of sophistication to your entire look. Make a fashion statement with this chic and graceful way of styling your dupatta.

13. Elegant Shawl Style Dupatta Draping

Source: Samaira Sandhu

One captivating draping style that has become a favorite among many Sikh brides is the "shawl" style. This sophisticated and timeless technique involves carrying the dupatta gracefully like a shawl, elegantly covering the upper body. It is the perfect choice for brides who opt for heavily worked dupattas paired with plain blouse styles. The overall wrap highlights the exquisite embellishments, allowing them to take center stage.

Bride: Manpreet Badial

Add a touch of regal charm to your bridal look by embracing this shawl-like draping style that exudes elegance and showcases the beauty of your intricate dupatta work.

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14. One-Side Dupatta Style for Modern Charm

Source: Yasmine Lashkari

The one-side dupatta style has captured the hearts of South Asian brides and wedding attendees for its timeless grace and modern charm. Embracing this draping technique adds a touch of elegance and individuality to any ensemble, ensuring you stand out as a vision of beauty on your special day. Whether you choose a bold backless outfit or a traditional attire, the one-side dupatta style effortlessly elevates the magic of South Asian weddings, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses the celebration. 

15. The Graceful Over-the-Head Dupatta Cascading on Shoulders

Source: Ali Xeeshan Studio

The beauty of this draping style involves elegantly placing the dupatta over the head and letting it cascade gracefully on the shoulders. Embracing this ethereal draping style adds a touch of effortless elegance to any outfit, whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or a guest celebrating the joyous occasion.

The modern fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion makes this draping style a symbol of cultural heritage and modern aesthetics, capturing the essence of South Asian weddings.


When it comes to draping a dupatta, the options may seem endless, making it challenging to select the perfect style. However, we have handpicked a curated selection of unique and effortless draping styles for you. Each of these styles offers a distinct and stunning look that will set you apart and leave a lasting impression.

From a wide array of choices, these carefully selected draping styles are sure to elevate your appearance and make you stand out at your next ceremony. Let us know your favorite style, and get ready to dazzle the crowd with your impeccable fashion sense.

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