11 Budget-Friendly New Year Gifts For Your Partner 

Jan 17, 2022

It’s almost the end of the year, and everyone is gathering up to finally let go and celebrate with their friends and family. One of the ways to celebrate is by showering your loved ones with gifts. It’s almost the end of the year, and everyone is gathering up to finally let go and celebrate with their friends and family. One of the ways to celebrate is by showering your loved ones with gifts. By now, all of you might have made a list of gifts to gift your loved ones and somewhere in doing that, the budget also must have gone haywire a bit. Gifting your partner is also important, as it is not about materialistic love, but sometimes these things show the love you have for them in your heart. And because it’s your partner, your thoughts will count. 

Latest and Trending New year gifts for your partner 

A thoughtful gift to your partner will enhance the love and make the bond stronger. When it comes to gifting, think about how the person whom you are gifting would feel and how do you want to make them feel like, loved, cared for, honored, excited, motivated, etc. Depending on the emotions and feelings and your budget make a list and then go shopping. If you are still thinking and need help, we have made a list of a few things which are the latest in the trend of gifting your partner and will be affordable and thoughtful too. 

1. Coaster Sets

This is a perfect gift for the partner who loves to drink a lot of hot or cold beverages and has a fascination with collecting beverage containers like a collection of mugs, or glasses, and has OCD about using coasters for keeping your hot mug of coffee or chilled beer glass. A set of coaster sets with their favorite quotes, or colors, will make them feel loved whenever they will sit with that hot mug of coffee.

2. 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

Somewhere in our day-to-day life, we get busy and taking out time and having a proper meal together without the work pressure is a big thing in today’s time. Both the partners, being busy every day and chasing their dream career, this gift will remind them to take time out and enjoy each other’s company. And a perfect gift for a partner who loves to watch movies. This poster will be like a thing for both of you to do together and will become like your thing to do over weekends. And the poster is not just affordable, this is something you can make with your own hands if you are into handmade gifts. Your partner will feel more special and wanted by this gesture.

3. Personalized Cookbook

Another gift that you can create with your own hands for your partner. There are recipes which your partner loves, it can be from anyone and any place of his or her choice which they love to eat. And if your partner loves to cook then this gift is a perfect addition to their gift collection from you. Collect recipes of your partner’s favorite dish and drinks too, and you can add pics of the dish or more interesting, add a pic of your partner enjoying that dish just beside that recipe. This book will hold a special place in their life and leave a few blank pages for them to fill more recipes of their choice in the future and who knows, this might become your family thing; passing down recipe books. 

4. Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Are you one of the cheesy romantic couples, who loves to make breakfast for each other, then this is an ideal gift for your partner? Heart-shaped waffle makers will definitely make them go ‘aww’ on you and they will cherish it too. And next time, be ready to get some heart-shaped waffles made with love by your partner for your breakfast.

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5. Smart Watch or Fitness Tracker

Gift this to your partner as a reflection of your care towards them. Sometimes, in our busy days, we forget to keep track of our health, a simple task of drinking water becomes a task. But smartwatches or fitness trackers are perfect presents for partners who might have started their fitness journey or just forgotten to keep track of their health in general. 

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6. Screen Magnifier

Do you have a partner who loves to watch and do every work via their mobile phones and somewhere you are worried about their eyesight? Gift them a good screen magnifier. It works like a magnifying glass but in this case, it will magnify the mobile screen and you will see the exact content of the mobile phone in this, just the way it is, but bigger, better, and clearer. Your partner will be absolutely grateful for this gift as he/she does not have to open a laptop or iPad all the time for a wider angle. 

7. A Multi-Card Holder With A Zipper

We are in an era where everyone is going cashless, and almost everyone has cards not only for money purposes but for other things like membership cards. A multi-card holder with a zipper is an essential gift for your partner who likes to keep her/his cards arranged in one place so that they do not have to carry multiple bags or holders for different occasions. One cardholder with a zipper and they are sorted for wherever they are going. And the little zipper will help them keep changes or some other small stuff like receipts or parking tickets.

8. Fuzzy Flip-Flops

After a whole day of working in the office in those work shoes, everybody needs their feet to be relaxed a bit. What better present than comfy, cushiony, fuzzy flip-flops for your partner that will make them cool down and feel relaxed. And this is an era of work from home, so if your partner is a work from the home person then a perfect addition to their wardrobe will be these slippers and for winters also it works amazingly. 

9. Set of Bath Bombs

Gifting bath bombs with your partner’s favorite flavor infused in them is a luxurious yet cute gesture. Bath Bombs are something that not everybody buys on a day-to-day basis and presenting bath bomb hampers will make your partner feel special. And add different flavors to the collection to jazz it up a bit.

10. Personalized Coffe Cups

Personalized or Customized Go-to-coffee cups are a perfect present for a partner who needs their coffee before going out for work. A customized coffee mug will make them feel loved and cared for. You can select their name initials or their sun signs or some design that is related to their choice or persona.

11. Travel Accessory Bag

If your partner is into work that requires a lot of traveling or in general your partner loves to travel, this travel bag will be a perfect addition to their travel collections. It’s an ideal bag for carrying all the toiletries or makeup and accessories to keep in one place. You will get loads of options in designs and patterns with different compartments and sizes.

Things to consider before buying gifts for your partner

Before going on a shopping spree for your tribe, sit with a notepad and make a list. Brainstorm ideas, what does your partner needs right now. Or if he/she doesn’t need anything, what is that one thing they desired to buy for a long time or might have been planning for a while to buy, but you can surprise them with that. You would feel happy when you see their face while they open their present. This will show the attentiveness you have to their desires and needs. You do not have to go overboard with the present, just a little bit of attention and presence of mind is all you need. Even if you are on a tight budget, think of something which will just make their day. 


Love is not about gifting materials and things to each other. Spending time with your partner and loved ones is what is the most important factor and at the end that is what counts the most but sometimes showing your love via presents is not wrong. A gift from your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend is a lovely gesture. Festivals are meant to celebrate the love and the relationships you have created over the years of your life. So, a very happy new year in advance to all the readers. May this year brings you love, happiness, and loads of presents from your tribe. Celebrate it with your partner and make them feel special and loved. Let us know what all present you would love to gift your partner from our selection.

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