5 Popular Wedding Trends That Will Take Lead In 2024

Jan 19, 2023

Weddings are a milestone in people’s lives and a lot of planning goes into marking this celebration. Trends play a big role in the planning of the wedding. Most people like to plan their wedding around the ongoing trends, and rightfully so! Every aspect of wedding planning has its trend.

Popular Trends for 2023 Weddings

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However, trends change at a lightning speed making it difficult to keep up with them. Being in line with the ongoing trends is an added tedious task, especially when it comes to weddings as researching the latest trends can be very time-consuming. And then who doesn't want their wedding to be perfect and trendy! So, we decided to take some stress away from you and compile a list of emerging wedding trends for 2023! 

1. Micro Weddings

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Weddings are one of the most significant events in a person’s life which are usually celebrated on a grand scale. Celebrating weddings on a grand scale requires a huge undertaking and an equally huge investment which averages around $30000 these days. Pre-pandemic weddings were all about being grand with large gatherings and experiences in large venues. However, post-pandemic and with the changing trends the wedding industry is undergoing many drastic changes, one of them being the couples opting for micro weddings and ditching the grand weddings. Micro weddings in simple words are intimate affairs with a small guest list of no more than 50 guests. Micro weddings still have traditions as part of them and are no different from the usual weddings, only they are not as elaborate and are smaller in scale. With the COVID situation and evolving trends, having a micro wedding is a wise and smart choice. Micro weddings are memorable as they are an intimate affair and allow more interaction, and they are sure going to save you some big bucks which can be used for better purposes. 

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2. Sustainable Weddings

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With the effect of global warming on Earth, many people are making a conscious effort to make sustainable and eco-friendly choices. Having a big event like a wedding can have a major impact keeping in mind the waste that is produced in the form of excess food,  leftover decor, flowers, etc. Having a green wedding is the way forward to combat this issue.

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A green wedding, also known as an eco-friendly or sustainable wedding is when the couple chooses eco-friendly options that will help to reduce the carbon footprint. With this emerging trend, plenty of options are now available to go green, such as the availability of numerous options in the market for eco-friendly decorations and much more. 

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3. Non-traditional Wedding Venues

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A non-traditional wedding venue is a space that isn’t designed for the purpose to host events but for other reasons. For example, a museum isn’t designed with the idea to host events but is also used to host events like a wedding. With the evolving trends, traditional venues are becoming passé as couples are opting for unique and unconventional venues. The trend of choosing non-traditional venues is growing at a steady rate and becoming more popular than ever.

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Weddings are planned with a mindset to make the experience unforgettable, hence, the shift from traditional to non-traditional venues. Non-traditional venues such as libraries, museums, gardens, houseboats, wineries, etc. have their beauty and add their uniqueness and charm to any event, making the wedding celebrations memorable! 

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4. Virtual Weddings

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With the COVID situation, one wedding trend that is taking over is the concept of having virtual weddings. A Virtual wedding is a wedding where the guests, couple, and officiants are joined together over a video call, which can be via zoom, skype, or any other available app. Although virtual weddings cannot have the same feel, fun, emotions, etc. as a physical wedding, they are a wise choice keeping in mind the pandemic that has taken over the world. They are also low-cost, require less planning, and have a great amount of flexibility as compared to physical weddings. Another added advantage is that relatives who live far away can easily join you in celebrating your big day!

5. Personalised Wedding Experiences

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The concept of personalization has been in existence for over a decade and let us tell you, it is here to stay. Personalization has also become pivotal to weddings. The whole concept of weddings is being redefined and now weddings are all about personalization in the form of thoughtfulness, personal touches, hashtags, etc. The concept of personalization has even taken over small aspects of the weddings such as the wedding invite, which is now more customized to portray the couple’s personality. The options to personalize your big day are endless, and many vendors deal with personalizing small details of the wedding such as napkins, unique photo booths, Snapchat filters, etc. All that is required is for your creative juices to flow! 

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