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Oct 10, 2021

So now you’ve read a little about Raj and Manali, but how exactly did we get here? Well, after popping the question, we quickly delved into wedding planning...soon realizing how much of a nightmare it was. With our busy schedules, it was difficult calling 50-100 vendors (essentially professional uncles and aunties), getting their schedules, prices, and info. In typical IST fashion, it was unorganized, untimely, and inaccurate. And the only way to get around it was to pay someone else, aka a wedding planner, to take on our sorrows for $15K. We thought there had to be a better way to do this. So, we put our wedding on hold and began thinking of ways to disrupt this expensive, yet seminal part of our brown culture. Thus, began

Pyaari Weddings is the nation's first complete South Asian wedding vendor guide. We have spent the last year researching and interviewing couples across the nation to source the most popular, highest quality, and simply the best South Asian wedding vendors in the United States and Canada and compiled them all into one place:

Here, couples can search different vendors (e.g. decor, photo, henna, etc.) by city (e.g. Chicago, NYC, LA, etc.), cost, guest count, and reviews. When you find the right ones, you simply ‘add them to your cart, and voila...a final wedding plan and budget is delivered in less than five minutes, saving the cost and time of a wedding planner! In all, we have 1000+ vendors, in eight different cities, and are planning to expand into smaller, but growing US cities (e.g. Austin) as well as Canada. 

For this disruptive idea, we won a nationwide startup competition out of 523 startups nationwide sponsored by The Every Girl! Our service is 100% free of charge, so we hope you appreciate getting some time and money back. Wedding planning should be a fun process and at Pyaari Weddings our goal is to do just that. Drop us a note to let us know what you think!


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