Different Types of Henna Art Designs - Because One Is Never Enough!

Apr 24, 2023

We all LOVE Henna and the unlimited designs are one of the core reasons to love it way more. But it is not always the designs that you love, there are various types of henna designs to be loved as well. Every type is popular for its own reason, but one thing that makes them unique is their beauty. 

Historically, henna has a 5000-year-old history and so is its application. The concept and belief behind applying henna are different in every part of the world. Certain tales and rituals of every region have a story as to why to apply henna, during what time of the year, and how to apply it. For instance, in India applying henna during weddings signifies good luck for the bride and ensures love from her in-laws, and during festivals like Karvachauth signifies prosperity, in Pakistan, Henna is applied during weddings and Eid celebrations, and in other parts of the world, henna at the times of wedding signifies the strong bond between the bride and the groom, in the West, henna is applied during parties and usually when the women are pregnant. 

And looking at evolution, the color of henna is not just limited to brown or green, there are many types of henna around us, like white henna, red henna, metallic henna, sparkling henna, etcetera. All are different from one another because of various reasons like how they are made or their color or even how they come out when dried.

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The method of making henna paste varies from region to region, some prepare an organic henna paste from dried leaves and keep it overnight for effective color, some prepare a henna paste for instant color-giving with paint colors and glue, some add metallic textures, and some directly use sparkling tubes and so on. 

Different Types of Henna Art

Henna is widely known and loved by all generations. You just have to decide which type of henna you want to go for your wedding or special events. Here is a list of types of henna you can choose from: 

1. Indian Henna

The reason we call it Indian henna is that it incorporates every single element used in Indian weddings. From single trails on the back and front of the hands to full coverage of the hands on both sides, with dholkis, palkis, bride-groom artwork, mandap, Kalash, and various other auspicious artwork depicting a marriage ceremony, Indian mehndi style always has had something unique to offer and roots attached to it.

Source: Henna For All NY

You can find bold to thin, all over to minimal everything in Indian mehndi designs. They are detailed and cover the entire hands following the arms with the various elements, motifs, and patterns of the designs. Depending on the occasion and the taste, the designs could be modified and minimalized. But majorly it is all over and embellished in looks.

Source: Miss Artisti Co

2. Pakistani Henna

Pakistani mehndi represents the cultures, values, and traditions of Pakistan. Although one might say that both Indian and Pakistani designs are similar pattern-wise if you look closely, the designs are usually intricate to apply and the outlines are bolder in appearance.

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The designs include a moon with henna-tipped fingers, floral artwork, paisleys, domes, more leaves, and in many cases, doors of mosques and tomb-style motifs.

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Source: De Green Henna

3. Arabic Henna 

Originated in Persia, Arabic henna is popular in all Gulf countries like UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, etc, and is the reason it is known as “Arabic Henna”. The designs are less intricate and flowy. Arabic henna designs are unique in styling with bold lines and empty spaces. This type of mehndi involves a mix of floral artwork, vines, and curvy strokes along with paisley patterns and has a certain amount of royalty and elegance attached to it. 

Source: Marigold Moments

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4. White Henna

This is the new style of henna where the artist paints the hands with white adhesive glue mixed in white paint. The paste is prepared and poured into a tube to apply to the hands. This type of henna can be used both for henna tattoos and henna designs.  

Source: Henna by Fa

The designs in white henna are very chic, intricate, and millennial to look. White henna is not like regular henna but is a lot easy to apply. The best part is it is less time-consuming and dries out in a few minutes. Many people are opting for this style of henna to change their look and to try something different. Also, it looks quite fancy with Western outfits as well.

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5. Red Henna

Red henna is quite popular in Native America, Asia, and Australia. This henna is made from a henna tree called Lawsonia Inermis. They are the source of reddish brown dye also used for body paint or art and in henna designs. Many brides are also choosing red henna over regular henna these days.

Source: Henna by Fa

The designs in red henna are more about leaves, flowers, vines, and patterned motifs. Also, the color comes out really fine and attractive, plus it is equally safe to use. The minimalistic brides can incorporate this color henna for their wedding or any pre or post-wedding festivities as even a small mandala design would seek a lot of attention. 

6. Mauritania Henna

This henna is trending but majorly in parts of Africa and Nigeria. The henna artists first create a design on the bride's hand with the help of orange or white tape or paper using a blade to cut it into an appropriate shape, then the design is covered with henna paste and wrapped with a thin plastic sheet so it soaks in the design properly. After a few hours, they remove the plastic sheet as well as the orange tape to highlight the actual henna design. It takes a lot of time and seeks excellent skills to create this henna design. So, both the artist and the client have to be patient until they get the actual design on their hands.

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Henna's popularity has a certain significance in making it a household love for all. Everyone enjoys and loves applying henna - be it any happy occasion, festival, or wedding. These above-mentioned types of henna add more charm when you choose a unique design. Every henna type has its own significance, purpose, and availability in certain areas or parts of the world. But all have one thing in common, and that is grace in their designs.

The types of henna further diversify the designs, their patterns, sizes, and the extent to which they can be elaborated. For instance, some designs look good only when they are elaborate, some when they are minimal, and some when they are intricate. So choosing the right type of henna with the right theme can complement your entire outlook more elegantly. 

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