Top 30 Full Hand Mehndi Designs For Your Big Day

Jul 04, 2022

In India, we celebrate every festival with full zeal and October is the month of celebrations from beginning to end. The colors, vibe, and rituals make us celebrate every occasion in variant ways, like Diwali is more about rangoli making, performing puja, and wearing new clothes whereas Karvachauth is the festival where married women get to color their hands with beautiful Mehendi designs and deck themselves up in heavy traditional outfit and jewelry. It is particularly celebrated in northern India, where all Hindu married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for their husband's long and healthy life. 

It is the age-old tradition that all ladies follow wholeheartedly. It is the fourth day after the Purnima in the month of Kartika when the moon arrives late than its usual time. All married ladies break their fast after seeing the moon.

On this day, more than anything the compulsion of applying Mehendi is inexpressible for ladies of all age groups. They hold enough patience and are enthusiastic to get the best out of every design and dark color. But the dilemma of finding the unique and striking design is a task and not an easy one for sure. To help you out, we have selected some very best designs from which you can pick and get your hands inked.

Top Full Hand Mehndi Designs

Source: Drashti Mehandi

Designs are many, but the happiness in making the latest and creative design on this special day is beyond words. When the design is copied from the original one by some extraordinary artists it becomes a trend that everyone tends to follow. To make your job easier, we have sorted out some extraordinary designs for you to take inspiration from. So, let’s scroll together!

1. Lotus and Swan

Source: Henna by Divya

What is not there to love about this pretty design? The symbol of pure love, swans, on one hand, and lotus on other hand is the great combination together, that you can dedicate to your loved one on this Karvachauth. It will make a good pair with any style of Indian attire too.

2. Intricate Roses and Petals

Source: Henna by Aman

This minimal design with roses and leaves will add more grace and beauty to your whole look. Whether you choose Indian or western for your day, the henna design will look equally amazing with both. 

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3. Pretty Pleasing

Source: De Green Henna

Some unplanned and common design also catches the attention when presented artistically. The fine strokes and making of the design are winning hearts. 

4. Intricately Minimal

Source: De Green Henna

As the title says, this design is more than that. The multi-dimensionality of the flowers and leaves is so graceful that you won’t be able to say NO, also it is super easy in making.

5. Full Arm Henna Design

Source: De Green Henna

If you have decided to pull a full arm mehndi or just love to get the henna designs all over the arms and hands, this design is the simplest and stunning at the same time. It will enhance your love with a heart on the one side and your loved one's name on the other side. 

6. Intricate Henna Design

Source: Henna by Divya

This intricate yet amazing artwork is created by ‘Henna by Divya’. The presentation is so neat and clean that not even a single element could be missed. The crystal-clear picture is already capturing hearts.

PS: Do not miss the cute little elephants!

7. Two Professions in One Design

Source: Henna by Divya

Expressing the love for coffee via tattoos is common but through Henna is rare! If you’re a coffee lover and a lawyer by profession or your partner is the one. Or if you both have two different choices regarding anything, ask the designer to incorporate it in your Mehendi. The amazing design on this special day will impress him. 

8. Paw-fect Love

Source: Henna by Divya

There are several ways to express love these days. Among them, the pictorial representation of a loved one along with a dog through your henna and on Karvachauth is special. This design will melt your heart for sure, if you are a cytophilic (scientific name of dog lovers) and if the canophilia(the love for dogs) is unconditional.

9. For The Art Lovers

Source: Henna by Divya

We believe nature and art go hand in hand. Take inspiration from this gorgeous design to make something out of the box this season. Hope the art lovers will fall for this!

10. Favorite Characters on your Hands

Source: Henna by Divya

Yes! In this millennial world, everything is possible. The stars, moon, flowers, dogs, and much more. We catch this design by looking at card captor Sakura, one of the favorite shows of kids. The picture was pristine and lovely to see after so long. You can also try your favorite characters on your henna design to feel unique!

11. The Role of Strokes

Source: Sonias Henna Art

The beauty of design lies in the hands of henna makers. How beautiful and neat the strokes are and that does make a difference and that is all that matters when getting Mehndi done.

12. Karwachauth Special

Source: Henna by Divya

This Karvachauth just goes for this simple yet elegant Karva night view design to cherish and enjoy to the fullest. Those who are going to celebrate their first Karva can make it happen. The design says it all!

13. Artistically Beautiful Design

Source: Henna by Divya

What else do you need, when you get everything in one place! The moon, stars, lamps, a variety of flowers, coffee, and the video game. Absolutely Mesmerising!

14. Bride and Groom Design

Source: Henna by Divya

This design with a picture of free birds from cages and the bride and groom are making us say ‘wow’ and giving a beautiful message of living our life like a free bird.

15. All About Detailings

Source: Henna by Divya

If you have planned to wear an off-shoulder or half sleeve blouse, this detailed design will add more glitter to your looks and extra bridal vibe. 

16. The Storyteller

Source: Neha Assar

This dark enriched henna design is eye-grabbing and depicts the journey of a lifetime. Make this Karva special and memorable by getting your journey inked in your arms.

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17. Monotony at its Best

Source: Nabilas Exquisite Henna Art

Sometimes the monotony designs have their beauty that cannot be described. 

18. Floral Love

Source: Neha Assar

Feel the essence of flora on your hands with this beautiful design. The roses and blocks repeated on both arms will look superb with your Indian attire.

19. A Fine Art Piece

Source: Neha Assar

We are totally in love with this swooning design and highly impressed with its neatness.

20. The Colour of Love

Source: Nabilas Exquisite Henna Art

Most of the mehndi lovers are fond of the color than the design they carry. This dark color shows the love of the mother-in-law and the strength of the design. The dark color catches the attention before the design. 

21. Back Arm Design

Source: Manasi's Bridal Henna

Thinking of any sleek back arm design? Here is the one that fulfills your wish and gives full coverage to your arms and hands.

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22. Lotus on Palm

Source: Sara Idrees Portraits

What if we imagine the lotus on the dress and henna to be the same. Yes, you can have and contrast them with colors of attire like this bride did.

23. Netted Design

Source: Sonias Henna Art

The flowers and nets make a good picture together! If you don’t believe us, get the inspiration from this design and make your day shinier with the mustard color outfit this festive season.

24. Summer-Influenced Design

Source: Henna by Divya

The festive season is full of lights, music, joy, and flowers. And these summer-influenced design is the perfect choice for the year.

25. Customized Henna Design

Source: Henna Craze

Like the customized jewelry, dresses, kaliras, and footwear, now we have the option for customized henna as well. Adding a more traditional and religious look to your henna is possible and if you’re looking for designs then this is the perfect one to pick. The AUM and ONKAR symbol speak themselves more about the love, harmony, and brotherhood we still hold and respect.

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26. Floral Elegance

This design incorporates intricate floral patterns that flow gracefully along your hands. It's perfect for brides who want a delicate and feminine look.

27. Rajasthani Charm

Source: Drashti Mehandi

Transport yourself to the vibrant land of Rajasthan with this mehndi design. It features traditional motifs and peacock patterns that add a royal touch to your bridal look.

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28. Mughal Magnificence

Source: Candid Wedding Stories

Embrace the grandeur of the Mughal era with this mehndi design. Its geometric patterns and fine details create a regal and timeless appearance.

29. Modern Minimalism

Source: Henna by Shamsa

For brides who prefer a clean and contemporary look, this minimalistic mehndi design is ideal. It offers a subtle elegance that complements modern wedding attire.

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30. Fusion Flair

This mehndi design blends traditional and modern elements, making it perfect for brides who want a unique and eclectic style on their big day.


The celebration of Karvachaith is a part of our Indian culture and following these customs is actually fun. From clothing to jewelry to henna we choose everything with care and look for minute detailing as well. And Mehendi takes a lot of time in making. So, finalizing the design with these designs might have become a bit easy as we have lined up the best and creative design to make this Karvachauth extremely special and make your hands filled with colors and beauty.

Written By: Radhika Sharma

Edited & Photo Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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