10 Tips to Celebrate Your First Valentine's Day After Marriage

Feb 02, 2022

You spent Valentine’s Day as a child making valentine's cards for people in your class. You spent it when you were single by buying yourself flowers and chocolate. You may have even spent it with someone special when you first fell in love. Your first Valentine’s day after marriage though is different. It’s more special and intimate when you realize that you now have a lifelong Valentine who will forever be there to comfort you, encourage you, and support you through the years. Hence, it’s important to recognize that and make it a day that you both will spend remembering. 

Ideas to Celebrate Your First Valentine's Day as a Married Couple

Valentine’s Day is a testament to lovers all around the world and today we’re sharing 10 tips that will make your Valentine’s Day, with your partner, joyful and unforgettable. Let us know if you try out any of these tips!

Tip 1: Self Care Comes First

Before you love others, you must learn to love yourself first. What better way to love yourself than treating and pampering yourself? Pamper yourself with a nice manicure and pedicure. Try that new nail design that is out of your comfort zone or go simple with pink or red nails. It’s a subtle touch, but a confidence booster. If nails are not your thing, then treat yourself to a massage.

Hot stone massage, back massage, or even a facial, do something that is just for you. Not only will your body thank you for it, but it will help you feel more relaxed. 

Tip 2: Set the Ambiance

Candles, roses, chocolates, oh my! Play some romantic tunes and set the mood with your favorite candles and rose petals all over the house. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but don’t we love it! Create a playlist of songs that represent your love. Each song will remind you and your partner of a certain memory that you both had while you were dating each other. You can go down memory lane together and remember the great times you had on your past dates. Alongside music, the decor is just as important. With several Valentine's Day sales going on, stock up on candles and anything with hearts. Go all out and give your partner a surprise when they see a romantic escape just waiting for them. 

Tip 3: Try a New Recipe

Valentine’s Day means pulling out the big guns, and for us, that means making a nice romantic dinner. Sure you can go out to dinner, but trying out a new homemade recipe shows your partner that you like to put in some work to create something tasteful for your partner. You can also turn this into a date night activity where you both cook up something steamy in the kitchen. Make a pasta dish or try a hard recipe that’s new to both of you. If you both are not chefs, then making a simple Maggi dish also works. 

Tip 4: Watch a Romantic Comedy

All the romantic comedies you watched when you were single are making a comeback! Except for this time, you will be watching them with the love of your life and not alone. It’s fun watching love stories and Valentine’s Day is a great time to pull out The Vow, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally, and more. If rom-com is not your favorite, pick another genre that you both like. A Harry Potter marathon is just as exciting as rom-com movies. So pick your movie of choice, make some popcorn, grab your blanket, and cuddle up with your partner. 

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Tip 5: Get a Unique and Personable Gift

A thoughtful gift is sure to surprise your valentine so give your partner something that you think they will like. After all, you have spent enough time with them to understand their personality and their likes and dislikes. If your partner is picky, be sneaky and take them out on a shopping trip. There might be something that they have their eyes on at the store. The other option is just asking your partner what they want. A trick that we do is make a list of things that we both want and share it with the other. Whenever there’s a special occasion, we gift from that list because we know that it’s what the other person wants. Sure they’re aware of the gift, but it’ll be a surprise as to when they’ll get it. This is also a good tactic because you know that it will be a gift that your partner will love since it’s something that they have wanted.

Tip 6: Try Fondue

We all know that chocolates are a big part of Valentine’s Day. Why not take it one step further and try fondue? Get a fondue kit, your favorite chocolate and fruits, and a burner. Melt the chocolate and start dipping fruit for a delicious treat. It’s a tasteful way to end your night. It’s also a good time to try out cheese fondue. You’d be surprised how well that pairs with veggies. Cheese and chocolate fondues are the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

Tip 7: Do Something Thoughtful

Sometimes in marriage, it is the little things that make all the difference. This Valentine’s Day surprises your partner in a thoughtful way. If it’s your partner’s day to do the dishes and take out the trash, do it for them. Make them breakfast in bed so they start their day in a sweet way. Sure it’s something simple, but again it’s the little things. For those who want to do a grand gesture of love, this can be something like surprising your partner at work and taking them out to lunch or picking them up after work and taking them out to a nice dinner. It’s the little unexpected things in their routine that stand out to your partner.

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Tip 8: Go on a Surprise Date

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to be spontaneous because you are swept up in love. Take your partner out to the movies, a long drive, or even a fun activity. Now that theatres are open, check out a new movie or pick a random movie and try your luck. A long drive is also perfect if you want something calming. Bonus points if you plan a weekend getaway for the two of you. This could be a road trip to a neighboring state or even planning a cozy staycation in the city. If traveling or movies are not your forte, try an activity that’s new to both of you. Sure you both don’t rock climb, but this could be a great activity to try out and see how you do together as a team. 

Tip 9: Sexy Surprise

Valentine’s day is the day of love so surprise your love in the bedroom with new lingerie. It’ll be a new chance to your old routine and will be sure to spice things up. There are many new options to try such as silky sets or even lacy teddies. You can try some bolder colors or stick to a classic red. The new lingerie will not only make you feel more feminine but also more confident in the bedroom. Take it one step further and challenge your partner to a new sex position. 

Tip 10: Express Gratitude

The best way to end Valentine’s Day is to be thankful that you have somebody who is kind, loving, and generous to you. Let your partner know how much you appreciate them and tell them the things that you like about them. It’s reassuring to your partner that they’re treating you right and it also makes them feel loved knowing that someone appreciates them back. Having open conversations makes a relationship. You can focus on expectations from your partner on another day. Spend this day telling them what they do right and how you feel when they are near you.


We hope these tips helped you think of some ideas on how to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day after marriage. The most important thing to remember about your first Valentine’s Day after marriage is that you get to spend it with someone you love. So whether you both are spending it at home or going somewhere special, what is important is that you and your partner are together and that you both are happy. Let us know how you spent your day with your partner and what tips helped you to make it a memorable day for the both of you!

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