Atlanta Evergreen Marriott

Atlanta, 30083


Set next to a lake within Stone Mountain Park, this high-end resort is 4 miles from the Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad. Surround yourself with the beauty of Stone Mountain, GA at Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort. This Marriott-backed hotel sits amongst 3,200 wooded acres of Stone Mountain Park. They have 311 large guest rooms and 25 spacious suites - all fully renovated in 2020. Atlanta Evergreen Marriott can accommodate 10 to 800 guests.

Reception: $92 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $50 (Saturday Alcohol) $50 (Non-Saturday Alcohol) $92 (Kids) $50 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $84 (Alcohol) $50 (Non-Alcohol) $0 (Other Fees) $0 (Kids)
Ceremony: $40 (Adults) $2 (Kids)
Service Charge: 25%



Atlanta, 30083