Southern Exchange Ballrooms

Atlanta, 30303


Southern Exchange Ballrooms is renowned for crafting unforgettable experiences, particularly weddings, as the venue cherishes the tradition of marriage and vows. Each couple's event holds profound significance akin to their own, achieved through attentive conversations, detailed expertise, and genuine compassion displayed by the Southern Exchange team.
Reception: $1 (Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Non-Alcohol) $1 (Non-Saturday Alcohol) $1 (Kids) $1 (Other Fees)
Sangeet: $1 (Alcohol) $1 (Non-Alcohol) $1 (Other Fees) $1 (Kids)
Ceremony: $1 (Adults) $1 (Kids) $1 (Ceremony Fees) $1 (Other Fees)



Atlanta, 30303