15 Types of Necklaces To Consider For Your Wedding Day

Apr 18, 2022

For all the South Asian brides, the selection of wedding jewelry is as important as their outfits. We have seen many brides carrying embellished and oversized jewelry with grace and looking stunning. The art of picking the right piece and matching it exactly with attire is not as easy as it seems. The color, designs, styles, etcetera, are among many things to take care of while picking the right jewelry.

Types of Necklaces To Consider For Your Wedding Day

There are several necklace designs that you need to know of before finalizing one for your big day. Whether it's jadau, princess, or choker, we need to be sure how would they complete your bridal look and what makes them different from the rest of the designs. We believe our research will answer a lot of your queries and make things easy to articulate on your wedding day. 

1. Collar Necklace

It is said that all necklaces were known as collars in earlier times, but with time, everything has been differentiated and has different names. The collar neck style is very traditional and old, it hugs your neck, rather than having it hung. It sets above the collar bone and has a 12-14 inches chain length. 

Source: The Ohaila Khan Official

As the name suggests, this is a collar style necklace and is opted for by brides who want something classy with a neat and not-so-heavy look for their wedding day. This style is suitable for any style of dress and outfit.

2. Choker Necklace

Chokers are quite popular for some time and are worn by all girls fondly. They are available in numerous styles like velvet, leather, plastic, gold, silver, and platinum with stones, pearls, beads, and crystals on them. The length of the choker varies between 14 to 16 inches.

Source: Harkiran Basra

Available in illimitable styles, this bride is making the top-notch looks with her embellished choker with hanging pearls. On a scale of 0 to10, this bride is beyond 10 for us and we believe it for you as well.

3. Princess Necklace

The princess is longer than the choker and shorter than the matinee. This style is known for its length and design which sets right below the collar bone. The designs from diamonds, gold, platinum, and even artificial jewelry fall under this category. Their most common known length is 18 inches.

Source: Sabyasachi Jewellery

The bride is not looking less than the princess in the princess-ey-style necklace itself. This style is sober, dignified, and modish. The brides with similar tastes would love to fall for this style.

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4. Bib Necklace

If you are thinking of a baby’s bib style, then you are right. The bib necklace is the statement necklace which makes a big and bold cover all over the chest and slightly over the neck sometimes. The styles and designs vary and should only be chosen according to the dress.

Source: Shutterdown Photography

The enlarged look and rich presentation of this necklace are the ultimate showstoppers for the audience. This bride is sophisticatedly enhancing the whole look with a bib necklace, and we are loving it! 

5. Opera Necklace

Instead of bold statements, this style makes versatile highlights. The length is 28 to 32 inches and could be used with a choker or collar necklace as well. You can even wrap it around the neck twice to give it a multi-layered look.

Source: Ethereal Studio

The longer length or two layers are what make this style peculiar from others. The style is insanely opted by celebrities these days with their reception or for post-wedding ceremonies.

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6. Lariat (Ropel) Necklace

The simplest identity of this style is Y- shape and the average length is 34 inches. This style looks like a rope and doesn't have any clasp. It is longer than opera and cannot be multi folds. The brides with minimalistic taste are going to love this style for sure.

Source: Etsy

This necklace is chosen mostly by brides for their wedding day. It is ideal for both minimal to heavy looks. 

7. Matinee Necklace

With an average length of 22 inches, this style is perfect for layering. Shorter than opera and longer than a princess, the necklace sits right below the collar bone and between the busts.

Jewelry: @amrapalijewels

‘CLASSICS’ is one word that this style endorses from its looks. The brides are so effortlessly choosing and wearing these styles looking like a diva. 

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8. Beaded Necklace

The beaded jewelry is unique and comes in a variety of colors and designs. The size may vary and the material can be glass, plastic, or wood. 

Necklace: @tamraa.bespokejewelry

One thing is sure, BRIDES can make any jewelry extraordinary with their style and art of carrying. The beaded jewelry is the one that aces up the variety for the brides to be.

9. Twisted Necklace

A twisted necklace is usually multiple strings of the same length attached from one corner to another in a twisted form. This style is appropriate for chic and quirky dresses. 

Source: Prerto

Not only for weddings, but this necklace also suits all kinds of dresses and outfits - be it fancy or casual, ethnic or western. You can even get them customized as per your outfit color and choice. 

10. Festoon Necklace

In the festoon necklace design, the drapes of the chain are well visible, making it look royal and vintage. The design may consist of flowers, leaves, ribbons, and hanging beads or stones.

Jewels: Gautam Khullar Photography

The drapes of chains are captivating in making this style a step ahead of others, and we love how millennial brides carry it with SWAG.

11. Esclavage Necklace

The design is arranged in a row with strings attached in various manners. The chain varies according to the length and style of the necklace. You will get many diamond necklaces in esclavage style.

Source: Aurus Jewels

The antiques and diamonds make an esclavage style. We appreciate this style for its bold and beautiful statements.

12. Charm Necklace

The charm necklace is the most fashionable style so far. They are available in enormous style and are not so heavy for brides to carry. You can easily get single to multi-layered strings designs in this one.

Source: Etsy

Fulfilling the desire of the bride, the charm is the fusion of many styles. You can get multi-layered chains with hanging pendants of different shapes, sometimes with the names of the bride and groom as well. The best part of this style is you can design it any way you wish to carry it on your wedding day. The brides who prefer to wear their original jewelry can get them customized in a minimal or heavy style that reflects best with their costumes.

13. Bohemian Necklace

The ethnic, rooted, and earthy elements are in bohemian style. You can catch boundless designs in various shapes and styles that will enhance your bridal look. 

Source: Sabyasachi Jewellery

Bohemian jewelry for your wedding day? Yes! If the decor or theme could be boho then why not your bridal jewelry.. Ever since the brides broke the monotonous fashion of weddings, everything is acceptable in today's time. Try and become the new Pinterest sensation brides.

14. Multi-Strand Necklace

The multi-strand is linear in shape with the same thread or strings from one end to another. The stones or beads or pearls are the same in shape and dimension which gives a very symmetrical look.

Source: Anayah Jewellery

You will not be able to think of anything else when you will see these brides chasing multi-strand jewelry. This common style has very uncommon designs for the future brides-to-be.

15. Jadau Necklace

Jadau necklace looks rich and traditional and makes for an apt pick for your royal bridal look. The diamonds, stones, beads, emeralds, etcetera are engraved into gold by the artisans.

Source: Alia Bhatt

The jadau has given the gold a very unique touch with stones, gold, emeralds, and crystals on them. They are heavy and embellished and look complement well your bridal look. 

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Jewelry in South Asian Weddings is valued wholeheartedly. The wedding necklace is just not a piece of stone or crystals for the bride but the crown for the neck and a symbol of prosperity for the groom's family. They are eventually making the statements for their aesthetics, style, and glam. Brides are choosing them keeping in mind the color, the neckline, the style, and their overall look. We hope our research will help all brides-to-be in differentiating and choosing perfectly for their big day. 

Edited & Photos Sourced By: Neha Garg Ahuja

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