How To Choose A Bridal Outfit Based On Your Skin Tone

Sep 30, 2022

Everyone wants to look THE ULTIMATE BESTEST on their wedding day and mostly everyone wants to wear THE RED LEHENGA! Well, best and red is not the ONLY combination available for your Big day. Yes, this sounds surprising but different color suits different skin-toned people. So before you decide to buy the outfit, take a look at what we have to tell you about choosing the outfit based on your skin color.

How To Choose Bridal Outfit Based On Your Skin Tone

Before we start choosing the outfit make sure you have the following things ready:

The date of your wedding

The venue

The store/boutique/designer options

And the most important…. Your Skin Tone.

Yes, just like many other things, skin tone does affect the choices we make with our wardrobe. And when it’s your wedding, make sure the outfit suits your skin tone.

Guide for Deciding the Right Skin Tone / Undertone

Source: Falguni Shade Peacock

Let's first confirm our skin color. We all have a different skin tone and undertone and that plays an important role in choosing the right color for our outfit, and makeup. For all those of you who are confused, we have selected the easiest two ways to decide your skin undertone. Just follow the steps given below and find out your skin tone:

Step 1. Wash your face to clean all the dirt and make-up

Step 2. Find a natural source of a light like sunlight near the window

Step 3. Look at the veins on the inside part of your wrist

If it's blue or purple then you have a cool undertone.

If it's green in appearance then you have a warm undertone.

And if you can't decide if it's green or blue then it's a neutral undertone.

Not yet sure? We have another easier way too.

Just think about how your skin reacts to the sun.

If you tan easily and your skin rarely burns then you have a warm undertone

If you don't tan easily and your skin burns then you are into the cool undertone

Now that you have decided on the skin undertone, without any further delay let's go ahead and have a look at all the options that we have curated especially for you.

1. Bridal Outfit Shades for Dusky Skin Tone

Dusky skin tone is green undertone girls. Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, and Rekha are examples of dark-tone women. Did you like the red lehenga Priyanka Chopra wore for her wedding? Well, that's your color! 

Cobalt Blue, beige, cream, red, and green colors will suit you best. 


Source: Kalki Fashion

Blue looks amazing on brides. Blue lehenga with silver work shines the brightest. However not every shade of blue like dark blue and royal blue, but Cobalt Blue will enhance your look and add beauty to your feature.


Source: Rania Zara Studio

Just like blue, avoid dark shades of green and go for low-intensity shades like bottle green, and emerald green. Avoid neon green. These recommended shades of green will make your choice top class! Green and gold is a classic beauty and green and silver is elegant! Try any combination, results will be perfect. 

Beige and white 

Source: Crain + Co Events

Beige and white are colors for all. These are your safest choice. With the right makeup and jewelry, these colors will make you look remarkable. The beige and white color with a combination of Red is an epitome of beauty. Many traditional wedding attires like the ones of Bengali, Parsis, and even Gujarati are Red and white! 


Red is every bride's favorite, but don't go overboard with shades like maroon, burgundy, or brick red. They'll make you dull but choose subtle shades like crimson, vermicelli, and scarlet red. These colors will give you the royal bride look. Nowadays red with nude makeup is such a win-win look. 


Source: The Lightsmiths

Dark shades like red and then orange has been facing a lot of discrimination. But it's more of a misconception to believe that they don't suit the dusky beauties. After red, orange is another beautiful color that suits your skin tone amazingly. Try orange with silver Gota Patti or golden zardozi work for an aesthetic look.


Source: Mark Swaroop Photography

Be fierce and bold by choosing the color grey. Grey color defines strength and so is your personality, my dear. Not many choose the color grey but if you do, it will totally stand out. So if you wanna try something unique, try grey! 

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2. Bridal Outfit Shades for Fair Skin 

Did Alia Bhatt's wedding attire give your major #outfitgoals? Well, she chose the most appropriate color as per her skin tone and even you can! 

Select colors like lemon yellow, pink, light green, and sky blue as they are your soul mate! 

Lemon Yellow

Source: Jenny Smith & Co.

Lemon yellow is such a vibrant color that will set all the moods right for your wedding! Imagine the bride's entry in lemon yellow! Wow-what a scene, pure serenity! Try lemon yellow with minimum make-up for a look of a millennial.


Source: Manish Malhotra

Pink is barbie's favorite and so it's yours. Go for the pink without any doubt. Pink along with light blue or white is going to make your look fantastic. 

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Light Green

Source: Zohaib Ali Photography

Light green is a vibrant color and sets well with a fair skin tone. It will complement your personality. Pair them with nice diamond jewelry studded with emerald. This will add a wow factor flawlessly. 

Sky blue

Source: Anamika Khanna

Just like the combination of blue sky and clouds, this is one of your best combinations. Choose a sky blue lehenga with silver zardozi work for a completely elegant style. Pair with the pearls, just like the ocean! 


Source: Label Lush

Turquoise is a combination of blue and yellow and it's the best and safest choice for everyone. This color is both warm and cool and it's a good choice for the day as well as for a night wedding. Silver work will look amazing on turquoise. So check it out now! 

3. Bridal Outfit for Wheatish Skin Tone

Wheatish beauties can enjoy colors from both worlds. Anything in moderation will make you good to go! Mauve, orange, peach, gold, purple/plum, and green are something you should surely try.

Mauve / Lilac

Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

The shades, Mauve and Lilac are a subtle art of perfection. These will highlight your beauty from within and it goes really well with silver or gold embroidery on the outfit. These shades are perfect for a day wedding and you can complete your look with gold or diamond jewelry, both will look great. 


Source: Jag Photo Studios

Peach is for the vibrant birds. For all those who enjoy sunshine and energy, try these colors. These will not only complement your wheatish skin tone but also give you a vibrant sunshine look. Peach goes well at night as well as day weddings.

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Source: Abhinav Mishra

Not everyone can handle gold, but dear wheatish beauties, you can! Try gold on your first visit to the outfit trial; you will not need to see anything else! Gold is never out of fashion. This color is for eternity. Your wedding outfit can be worn many times later if it's gold. 

Purple and Plum

Purple and plum shades are so much love! They enhance the inner beauty multifold. These colors can be paired with both gold and silver and they will look amazing. 


Source: Sabyasachi

The darker hues of green are the ones for you! Try dark green shades with silver and see the result. You will shine brightly from one end to the other! Olive green is the most amazing choice here. 

Outfit and Makeup

Wedding outfit and makeup go hand in hand. They also help each other in a way! If one goes wrong the other can surely hide the flaw. So don't worry when you start feeling bad about your choice towards the end and you can't change your outfit, just choose the right makeup for your outfit color. The vibrant colors on your eyelids can uplift any boring or full-color lehenga. In the same way, subtle nude makeup goes well with the brightest of bright ones, so choose the makeup with care. Don't go overboard with the makeup if your outfit is heavy. Choose the right amount of shimmer and glitters, and with the beige and white, surely go for the red lipstick without any doubt! 

Points to remember while buying your bridal outfit

1. Online shopping

Online shopping is fun and recreational but not for serious matters like weddings! Please avoid shopping online for your wedding outfit. Go to the boutique or store yourself and check the outfit by trying it out.

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2. Multiple functions and outfit

If your wedding is going to have multiple functions and you are thinking of wearing a lehenga for all the functions, wait! Watch out for more options first. Wearing different attires for different functions will give you an altogether different look every time. Your husband will be amazed to see the new you every day! Try gowns, sharara, and even dresses for different occasions 

3. Time of the wedding 

Choose the color of your outfit according to the time of your wedding. Choose lighter shades for a day wedding and go for darker shades for any outdoor night wedding. Indoor weddings day and night will give you a choice to select anything you want. 

4. Bridesmaid

This seems rude but keep your bridesmaids clear about your color. They can have a different 'common' color theme or 'wear whatever you want but not this color' and if you are going to be the bride's maid then please keep your color different from your cousin/friend etc. Twinning is not good on her big day! 

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5. Season

Seasons play an important role in deciding the color of our outfits. Summer asks for lighter tone shades whereas winter is for darker tones. If you are very confused between two colors, try considering the season of the year and you will be all set!  

6. Grooms Attire

Last, but not least is the color of your groom's outfit. You can twin or complement as you wish but keep his color in mind. Try not to be totally different in shade like green you and blue him! Or pink you and brown him. Find your combination together and decide the colors. 

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We hope, we have helped you in making the right choice for the most important day of your life. Go ahead and let everyone Marvel at your choice! 

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