12 Best Styling Tips For Plus Size Brides

Jun 05, 2023

To look stylish and glam despite our size is something we all wish for on our wedding day. Whether we have a size zero, or plus size body, we all deserve to look our best. Even if you are plus size, you should not be conscious of it, in fact, you must embrace your curves with a smile and wear what you are comfortable in. If you want to wear a lehenga, go for it, if you want to wear a saree, there's nothing stopping you or even a sharara would look great on your big day. You can wear anything or everything. You don't have to take stress or fear what others are gonna say about your body size. You should wear what makes you happy, and not what others want you to wear.

After looking at the zero-size models showcasing bridal wear, jewelry, etc, we all have the urge to look the same, but that's the right example. Not every bride is a model or has the perfect model-type body, but every bride is special and unique in its own way. The pressure of losing weight for your wedding day is real and we have often seen brides being worried about it and thinking what if they won't look great on their special day, or what if the guests would notice her curves or what she won't make a pretty bride because of her size. Well, there is no definition of a perfect bride. A perfect bride is someone who is herself, full of fun, and is comfortable in her own skin or body.

Looking at others or thinking about what they will say, should not impact your special day. A lot of brides even struggle while shopping for their perfect outfit because of their body size as most of the designers make pieces that fit slim or model-type bodies, and end up going the custom route.

Latest Style Tips for Plus Size Brides

The graph raises above-the-mark concerns, from fittings to availability of sizes to necklines, silhouette, everything demands extra effort and patience. But now is the time when many social media platforms and communities bring inspirations, ideas, and pictures that showcase how plus-size brides are winning hearts. One perfect example can be seen in Sabyasachi's last collection, where plus-size models wore his collection and simply rocked it.

Outfit: Sabyasachi

They have the nitty-gritty to break the beauty perception that of course, plus-size brides could look more gorgeous and can conquer the world without ifs and buts.

Here are some quick tips and tricks that every bride to be should consider, especially plus-size brides. These will not only inspire thousands of brides to come up flawlessly but also stand up for what they believe is right. Let’s scroll and discover how you can look like a million dollars, in spite of your body size.

1. Be your Favourite

Image: Knotting Bells

We understand that everyone has certain complexities, insecurities, and sub judice notions inside about size and looks, that don't let us fly high. Being your favorite is THE Most crucial aspect, which you need to adopt right away to bring change in your thought process. You should be your own best version, no matter where you are going, what you are wearing, or what's the aura. Just being yourself is the secret that covers up many of the hurdles for plus-size brides. On your wedding till forever, just pamper yourself and see how everything around you changes.

2. Get your Confidence Hat

Bride: The Curvy Princess; Image: Rajesh Digital

Whatever your attire of the day- lehenga, saree, sharara, or gown, the confidence to hold, carry and flaunt should be above the bar. From the prettiest attires to casual ones, do fade away from your body grace or charm if not carried with credence. The measurement is not an issue but yes trust and faith in yourself to carry is the one. So, to all plus-size brides, we urge them to be limitless and show the real YOU.

3. Choose the Right Place for Shopping

Bride: Dr. Tanaya; Image: Three Little Words

We all need to study and understand the market and abundant online stores thoroughly, do they have your size clothes, or do they have the option to custom make them. Digitalization has opened many doors, but not all are meant for us! Reaching an appropriate store or market will save you time, get you right and many options to choose from, boost your morale, drawback the inferiority complex, and bring in the belief that endless options are there for you.

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4. Know and Embrace your Size

If you’re a plus-size bride and want to get the right dress fit, knowing your size is mandatory. Your bust, waist, and hip size should be on the tips to be close to the right pick always. You might feel shy or awkward about what others will think or they might laugh at us if we disclose our size. We should not forget that in the end, only you have to break the preconceived norms that a size is just a number and you have to love your body no matter what.

5. Choose the Right Silhouette

You can’t pick just anything for your D day! A-line, mermaid, sheath, bell bottom, shift, hemlines, empire waist - we should always choose according to our body curves and feel the right silhouette that can complement our body shapes. The right choice guided or suggested by your designer is the foremost advice you should listen to. Sometimes the lower body is wide or fat or broad in look, the shape which you picked might not tone up the whole look. Therefore, after picking and trying the dress, keep it in mind to get accurate feedback from your designer or the close one who is accompanying you shopping.

6. Go for a Perfect Neckline

Image: I Alam Photo

Broad neck, high neck, boat neck, plunge neck, sweetheart, v neck, or u neck - the options are many but the major charge is taken by the bust size and the width of the shoulders that examines the whole look. So, the focus should not be on what you like instead of what suits you. The neckline should always enhance the clavicle and neckpiece if you are wearing it.

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7. Pick the Right Kind of Jewelry

When the right neckline was picked, the right set of jewelry needs to be prearranged. We should understand the essence of jewelry, whether it complements our dress, and also what style of jewelry we are opting for like Kundan jewels or encrusted stones, or pure diamonds on the day of the wedding that will highlight your bridal look. 

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8. Forget the Dress Size and Focus on your Fitting

Image: Harpreet Panesar Photography

The so-called size is just the number for plus-size brides, we have to cornerstone our attention on the fitting only. The right fitting will bring you confidence. From blouses, long Kurtis, gowns, long choli or short, whatever you choose, the fitting needs to the checked beforehand.

9. Carry Body Shapers (always)

If you are dicey or getting goosebumps out of nervousness about the body shape, fitting, or anything like that. Fearlessly carry your body shapers to overcome any problem while getting ready or trying your dream dress on your most special day. Skip the thought that you cannot make it apt. Pre-planning and packing will help you make everything better.

10. Choose your Fabric Wisely

Bride: Dr. Tanaya; Image: Three Little Words

In an era of ever-evolving and transforming fashion and designer clothes, the fabric is the lion’s share aspect to focus on. Your bridal dress should be bright, eye-catching, and comfortable so that you can carry it with ease. Whatever you choose - linen, silk, semi silk, velvet, or gorget, you should be aware and familiar with it to restrain yourself from the uneasiness.

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11. Readymade / Custom-made

Nowadays there are plenty of stores who are specialized in all sizes and styles. We can easily find our size in-store and deals in ready-made piece of clothing. We don’t have to indulge in extra efforts of buying the fabric and getting it made. The all-in-one readymade shop is providing us with everything and in case the fitting doesn't go well, they also offer tailored options or sometimes provide us the pro dress designers who can solve the rest of the issues.

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12. Follow the Plus Size Bridal Community

The very very crucial tip for plus size brides is to follow the communities or groups on any social media platforms where the people of your size, or looks post or share the most needed pieces of advice, tips, solutions, and ways to boost the morale, confidence and normal issues that you are facing. They can be really helpful and worth sharing with others as well.


To all plus-size beauties, we feel now is the time to break every bit of your fears and open your wings to rule the world again. We think the 21st century has completely changed every perception about fashion and its trends. The above-mentioned tips will add extra seasoning to their entire look for your special days and moments of life!

Featured Image: Harpreet Panesar Photography

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