25+ Destination Wedding Planning Tips You Cannot Miss

Sep 26, 2022

Planning for a destination wedding is no easy task. There are several details you have to check before saying yes to a destination wedding. Whether it's a beach wedding, garden wedding, mountain wedding, fort wedding, palace wedding, or somewhere far from your hometown or country, there are several aspects that one needs to check before finalizing the venue. From deciding the vendors to booking your flights and stay, everything demands utmost attention because you just can't choose anything that comes along. You want to make sure that the vendors and other things you are finalizing are the best and give you and your guests an experience of a lifetime.  

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To ease your wedding planning process, we have curated a list of some very important planning tips that can help you in planning your dream wedding the way you have always envisioned. These destination wedding planning tips cover almost all the wedding essentials that you need for your perfect wedding. You can bookmark them for future reference and use them whenever you plan a destination wedding.

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These are the most effective destination wedding planning tips

Your wedding will always be very special for you - whether it's a hometown wedding or a destination wedding. But if you are planning for a destination wedding, then the process of booking the stay/venue and planning your dream wedding is a task, but fret not, we have gathered some tips below that will make the whole planning process easier and memorable. 

1. Set your Budget

For any wedding to happen the way it is envisioned, the most important thing to decide is the budget. The couples or their families can individually/collaboratively set their limits so that the entire wedding wherever they are deciding can be organized well without making a hole in their pockets. This tip can help them choose the wedding venue accordingly and also avail them of brainstorming valid options as per their decided budget.

2. Finalize the Location and Venue

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Once the budget is settled among both families, the next task is to work on as many venue options as you can, suitable within your decided budget. The couples just need to be open with every option and the possible outcomes, for instance, Is that country or location has the necessary arrangements for kids and elders, how far is it from your hometown, the availability of fights, the distance of the airport to the venue, how large and safe is the venue, do they have the specific food choices you are expecting, etcetera. Discussing all the possibilities beforehand can make the wedding planning go smoothly and ease the burden.

PS: The famous and top venue locations are often booked months in advance, so choose and finalize everything carefully. 

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3. Prioritize the Guests

The only reason why a destination wedding is far more special than a local wedding is the number of guests you are inviting. The destination wedding is entirely the opposite of the big fat wedding just because the chances of inviting everyone you know are rare and that makes the event extremely intimate and personal for all. The hosts of the wedding have to do a very critical job and make a list of guests that are the utmost closest to them and have to leave the rest, no matter how much you want to invite them to a part of your special day. 

4. Hire a Planner or Coordinator

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Planning for a wedding is not a stress-free affair. Wherever you decide to get married, having a person who knows around can be a huge help. Hiring a planner can solve many of your basic issues as well as the big concerns regarding venue, stay, prices and services. But if you are not okay with the planner, then you can ask for a coordinator from the venue or hotel staff who can help you in finalizing everything for you.

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5. Recee the Venue in Person

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We believe even if you are 100 percent sure about the venue or location, 1% percent at the back of your mind you are still worried about how everything will look in real. You don't want to take any chances as it's the most special day of your life. We suggest you go there in person and recee the location, even if it's a little far. If, by any chance, you can't go, try sending a close friend or family who lives nearby to check everything before finalizing the venue. Ask them to do a video call once for assurance, if that's possible at all. 

6. Choose Local Vendors

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All wedding destinations are special in their own way, some are special for cuisine, monuments, or hospitality. For your wedding we want you to make it more memorable by choosing local vendors. They are not only good in adding authenticity to your preparations but also a charm of their rooted beauty. Roping in the local vendors can also enhance the beauty of your special day as they know best about everything that is required in a wedding. And don't worry - they also help save more money as you save on their stay and traveling cost.

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7. Try the Stay and Venue to be in One Place 

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A destination wedding means a lot of unexpected or over-expenses for the host. But one thing that can help save you bucks is choosing the venue and staying at the same location. It will not only save your time and money commuting from one place to another, but it will also be very comfortable for kids and elderly people. 

8. Create a Wedding Website

While the couple and families are busy in preparations and execution of the wedding plan, updating the guests on every event could be unapproachable for them, thus, creating a wedding website with all the crucial events along with their details can help in a great way for both the guests and the families. Uploading all the pictures and blueprints of the events will also excite the guest.

9. Divide all the Duties and Work Between the Family and Friends

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The never-ending tasks of a wedding can easily be accomplished if you can divide duties among friends and family members. For example, the playlist for bridal entry, Mehendi, and Haldi duties, you can divide all these duties and more to relieve the stress and enjoy your most special day!

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10. Ask for Discounts

Without a doubt, destination weddings definitely double your cost and add miscellaneous charges. But, If you have booked the venue for a couple of days along with the stay, then you can ask for discounts or anything complementary they wish to provide you regarding your wedding or decor or meals. 

11. Choose the event venue outdoors or in between the nature/minimal decor to save your cost

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The decor is a very important factor at your wedding and the key factor to your gorgeous photos that you will treasure for life. We suggest you choose a venue outdoors like a beach, waterfall, or amidst nature like mountains - this will not only add an x-factor to your photos but will also save cost with minimal decor. The beautiful view can add natural elements and make for a great backdrop while you get married to the love of your life. 

12. Comfort the Guests and Elders

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If you are planning a destination wedding somewhere far from your hometown or at an entirely new place, then make sure that the place is comfortable for your guests, especially kids and elderly people. For example, you must avoid a venue where your guests have to walk a lot, or maybe climb a few steps, or a location that's more prone to heat or extremely hot weather.

13. Care for the Guest's Needs

When you are inviting someone to be a part of your happiness, then it is your full responsibility to take care of them and their needs. We would suggest asking the hotel/venue in advance if they have an in-house medical team or at least a first aid box just in case of any emergency. 

14. Allot Rooms to Avoid the Chaos Later

The days leading upto your wedding are certainly the best and you don't mess any of it for something as small as room issues. We recommend you to allot the rooms to all your guests before they reach the venue to avoid any confusion or chaos later on as some people would want to have a pool view room and some want a bigger room than the others. Alloting the rooms in advance saves so much time and misunderstandings. 

15. Meet your Vendors

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The vendors are the sole creator of your wedding. A little chit-chat and one-on-one meeting with them can clear many doubts for you. You can express your vision to them in -person and take in their suggestions if you think it matches your vision as a couple. So, whenever you reach, try to meet the vendors as soon as possible to make things look apt for your nuptials.

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16. Secure Wedding Insurance

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task, for ANYONE! Getting married in a new place altogether with baggage and other things that are important for rituals could make anyone nervous. Even if you have everything in place, there's no guarantee that things will happen just as you want them to, so in this case, we suggest you take the wedding insurance plan to cover any damage or loss or if by any chance you have to cancel the venue or booking. Prior discussions over such problems can save you from many financial losses.

17. Reach the Destination a Day or Two Days Before the Wedding

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This could be the best destination wedding plan tip for couples planning a destination wedding. To overcome or solve your all unintended issues, try reaching the venue two to three days before your wedding day.

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18. Create Welcome Bags

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Giving welcome bags or just placing them in the guest rooms can make them feel special and attended to in all ways. You can prepare a basket or fill pouches with something edible like potato chips, chocolates, candies, nuts, juices, or whatever else you may see fit.

19. Be Hospitable

In South Asian Weddings, hospitality begins with food. Be it indoor or outdoor, destination or hometown wedding, food is the fuel for all. Good and healthy food is important and should be served at the right time to keep up the energy level for the wedding.

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20. Prepare yourself for Unexpected Expenses

This is one of the most important facts one should always consider - keep some budget aside for unexpected expenses or sudden situations.

21. Secure the Documents/Essentials

The outside country or native area needs documents as proof for security reasons and to travel from one place to another. The couples should inform their guests to keep their valuables in the lockers or somewhere in a safe place whenever they have to leave their room or venue for any celebrations. 

22. Give a Memorable Experience to Guests

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Make sure your wedding events and day should be as memorable for your guests as it is for you, and why not, they have traveled this far only to be a part of your special day. The events have to be fun and food-filled, so they don't forget a moment of your best days. 

23. Pick the Right Theme and Outfit

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The outfits and theme for the wedding could never be missed especially when you have decided on the destination wedding. According to the venue or location, couples can choose a theme or color, or outfit and instruct their guests to follow the same. This will not only create hype but can also be the highlight of your wedding pictures.

24. Always Look for the Legal Requirements

Every location or venue has its rules and legal formalities that should be addressed. Make sure you follow and look for all the legal formalities before finalizing your venue and stay, so you don't face any problems later on, such as - restriction of liquor or DJ permission after 10 pm, and others. 

25. Be Thorough with Communication

Talk to your guests whenever you have time so they feel connected and if possible share all the wedding details in person. These small gestures can make them happy and feel at home.

26. Enjoy the Fullest

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Don't forget to enjoy and live your best days of life

You have been prepping and planning for this day for so long, and when it's finally happening, don't forget to enjoy and live the best days of your life with the most special people closest to you. Despite all the stress and chaos, on your wedding day, just enjoy, smile, laugh, and get the most beautiful photos to treasure for life. 


The hard work of planning a wedding is indeed comforting when it comes out the way you have been planning. We are sure the key points mentioned above can make your wedding day more remarkable. We are just as excited as you are for your wedding to see it happening the way you want and cherish.

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