Anu & Pratik's Lavish Wedding Amidst Vermont's Foliage

Anu and Pratik's journey began with a match on the dating app Happn while both were visiting friends at The Chai Spot in NYC. Their first in-person encounter occurred upon returning to DC for a memorable date on 12/21/2019, unfolding over hours at a local pizza spot—Andy's Pizza in Tyson's. It was during this date that they discovered their shared love for chai. Since then, making chai for each other has become a cherished daily ritual, solidifying their connection through the warmth of a shared cup and the delightful nuances of their unique love story.

The Proposal

When it was time for Pratik to propose, an intricate plan unfolded to surprise Anu, the love of his life. Convincing her that his company had organized an all-expense-paid trip to Cancun, Pratik orchestrated an elaborate ruse. Unbeknownst to Anu, the true purpose of the journey unfolded in a romantic sunflower beach picnic he meticulously arranged. With the sun ascending over the azure waters, Pratik knelt on one knee, transforming an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one, as he asked Anu to spend the rest of their lives together. The proposal marked a poignant chapter in Anu and Pratik's love story.

The Ring

In the realm of their family business, Jain Jewelry, specializing in gold and diamond jewelry, Anu seamlessly assumed the roles of both bride and jeweler to craft her perfect ring. Pratik, well aware of Anu's expertise, turned to his future in-laws, seeking their collaboration for the creation of a unique engagement ring. Anu's affinity for diamonds, particularly a radiant cut for the center stone complemented by side pear or trillion cut stones, guided the design. Partnering with their goldsmith, Pratik personally oversaw the creation of a bespoke 4-carat diamond ring in 14KT white gold.

Additionally, he chose Jain Jewelry for Anu's mangalsutra, featuring a matching radiant cut diamond pendant adorned with black moti, along with corresponding radiant cut diamond studs for Anu's first Karva Chauth.

Wedding Vision

Anu and Pratik sought a distinctive ambiance for their wedding, opting for a location rarely chosen by most Indians—Vermont. Their vision aimed for an elevated rustic atmosphere, surrounded by the majestic presence of mountains and vibrant autumn foliage. The couple's desire for a unique look and feel led them to a setting that harmonized with the picturesque beauty of Vermont, creating a wedding backdrop that defied convention and embraced the enchanting allure of nature's changing seasons.

Mehndi Ceremony

In a celebration as vibrant as their love, Anu adorned herself in a stunning blend of Versace glamour, accentuated by the timeless elegance of her mother's cherished wedding dupatta.

The ensemble was further elevated with exquisite pieces from Jain Jewelry, each piece narrating its own story of heritage and grace.

Pratik, equally dashing, donned a sophisticated look for the Mehndi ceremony.

Styled in a crisp shirt, he added a heartfelt touch by pairing it with his late Grandpa's tie—a subtle homage to family traditions. Together, Anu and Pratik graced their Mehndi ceremony with a fusion of modern flair and sentimental treasures, creating memories as beautiful and enduring as their union.

Sangeet Night

Anu and Pratik envisioned their beachside sangeet with autumnal allure, picturing a pavilion adorned in vibrant fall flowers and seasonal decor to create an enchanting atmosphere for their waterside celebration. Inspired by Anu's crimson attire, deep red accents added a captivating contrast against the lake backdrop as the evening sunset, casting a mesmerizing glow over the scene. The carefully curated hues seamlessly blended with the beach's natural beauty, transforming their sangeet into a visually captivating experience that celebrated the spirit of autumn. Their unique entrance on a boat, accompanied by the lively beat of the dhol playing "Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo," added a memorable touch to their beachfront celebration.

Anu opted for a semi-custom creation sourced from Aza. The outfit showcased a contemporary and distinctive aesthetic, featuring pastel multi-colored tulle and a ruffle lehenga.

The look was elevated with the addition of statement jewelry pieces from Jain Jewelry, enhancing the overall elegance and charm of her ensemble.

Anu adorned her feet with footwear from Valentino, adding a touch of sophistication to her look.

Her hairstyle was a dramatic high half ponytail inspired by Zendaya, intricately coupled with bronzey makeup. The skilled hands of Cinderella Bridez ensured that her look perfectly complemented her entrance on a boat to the beach pavilion venue, creating a harmonious and stunning appearance. 

Pratik’s ensemble for the evening was meticulously crafted with a custom-made outfit from India, reflecting a blend of cultural finesse and personal style.

The attire, uniquely tailored to his preferences, showcased the artistry and craftsmanship emblematic of Indian couture. Complementing the ensemble were sophisticated Beckett Simonon shoes, adding a contemporary touch to the traditional attire. As a final touch of elegance, Pratik adorned himself with a Rolex, infusing a timeless and refined element into his overall look.

Lantern Festival

Under the luminous glow of lanterns and the warmth of honey-roasted festivities, Anu and Pratik celebrated their love with a unique blend of styles. Anu radiated in a fusion ensemble from Asos, adding a playful twist to tradition with custom football jerseys, seamlessly merging modern trends with a touch of personal flair.

Pratik, equally fashion-forward, chose an ensemble from Asos that harmonized with the vibrant spirit of the Lantern Festival. Complementing his look, he sported custom football jerseys, showcasing a shared passion that transcended fashion and spoke to their shared interests.

Together, Anu and Pratik illuminated the Lantern Festival and Honey Roast with their distinctive style, proving that love is not only a celebration of hearts but also a fusion of individuality and shared dreams.

Haldi Ceremony

In the golden hues of the Haldi ceremony, Anu adorned herself in the radiant creations of Ankita Dharman, creating a vision of beauty and tradition.

Accentuating her attire, she dazzled with accessories from Jain Jewelry, each piece a testament to timeless elegance and grace.

Infusing a touch of nature's vibrancy into her look, Anu's hair was adorned with floral elements, a subtle homage to her bachelorette crown and a celebration of the union's blooming love.

Pratik, embracing the spirited festivities, radiated charm in a kurta from Regards Wholesale. His ensemble echoed the vivacity of the ceremony, embracing the cultural richness of the Haldi celebration. Together, Anu and Pratik painted the Haldi ceremony with a palette of colors, blending tradition and contemporary style to create memories as vibrant as the golden turmeric adorning their hands.

Wedding Day

Anu and Pratik envisioned a blush floral wooden mandap for their ceremony, accentuated with pops of red to complement Anu's stunning red lehenga.

Against the backdrop of Vermont's picturesque mountains, the wooden and floral mandap became a captivating focal point.

The morning sun casts a magical glow during setup, creating a visually captivating atmosphere.

Anu's custom-made traditional red outfit with an American-style train, paired with heirloom jewelry, reflected timeless elegance.

Pratik's ensemble, safa, and shoes, all custom-made in India, showcased a blend of cultural richness. Their wedding playlist, featuring violin renditions, added a personal touch, making each moment from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham made the Vidaai truly memorable.

Wedding Shopping

In navigating their hectic schedules and a concise 7.5-month planning window, Anu and Pratik opted for a combination of online shopping. Anu utilized a custom designer in New Jersey, while also engaging a local designer in Punjab through the assistance of their aunt and uncle.

More Photos from the Wedding

Reception Night

In planning their barn wedding reception, Anu and Pratik envisioned a rustic yet enchanting atmosphere, opting for a color palette dominated by greens and whites. The venue exuded warmth with scattered candles and twinkling lights, creating a magical ambiance.

The distinctive square tree-like structure adorned with hanging lanterns became a focal point, adding a captivating element to the decor. Long tables, exclusively chosen over typical round tables, featured meticulous adornments with tall floral centerpieces, lush green runners, and candles, creating a visually appealing tableau.

Anu donned a Seema Gujral lehenga which was complemented by jewelry from Jain Jewelry and Toms shoes. She later changed into an SLA the label 3-piece suit for the dance floor.

For the dance floor, she switched to matching Air Force 1 Nike React shoes with Pratik. Her bold look, featuring classic Hollywood waves, was styled by Cinderella Bridez.

Pratik donned an outfit from Indochino, Rolex jewelry, and Nordstrom shoes, later changing into matching Air Force 1 Nike React shoes for the dance floor.

The musical choices for the evening reflected the couple's diverse tastes, creating a dynamic playlist that ranged from Bollywood hits to contemporary favorites.

Tips from Anu for brides-to-be

  • Define Your Vision: Before diving into the wedding shopping spree, have a clear and well-defined vision for your outfits. Knowing your preferences in advance can significantly reduce decision fatigue during the planning process.
  • Utilize Excel for Organization: Take advantage of organizational tools like Excel. Anu recommends using it based on her work experience, as it helped her maintain clarity and organization throughout the wedding planning journey.
  • Capture Videos at Each Step: Amidst the chaos of wedding planning, consider documenting your journey through videos. Anu suggests capturing moments at each step. These vlogs not only serve as a visual diary but also allow brides to revisit and cherish both the highs and lows, transforming them into happy, stress-free memories.

Bride: Anu ; Groom: Pratik I Wedding Planning: Pearls Event and Co I Decor: Love Decor I Photography: Park Street Weddings ; Vijay Sudu DJ: Platinum Road Show I Jewelry: Jain Jewelry Network I Makeup: Cinderella Bridez I Chai cart: Aruj Zia, Photobooth: Simple Booth I Catering: Chand Palace I Venue: Mountain Top Resort I Car: Monaco Experiences I Dhol: Jugal Shah I Violinist: Ben Lively I Priest: Dr. Ranjan Ravaliya

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