Kausheen & Shahan's Pastel-themed Kolkata Wedding

Kausheen and Shahan's love story unfolded with a single DM, sparking an instant connection amidst the grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in August 2023. Despite the distance between Kausheen, a flight attendant in Qatar, and her future husband in the UAE, she courageously flew to Abu Dhabi to meet him, marking the beginning of their enchanting journey. 

Within three months of dating, they confidently involved their families, culminating in a heartfelt engagement by November. Bridging the gap between Kolkata and Hyderabad, they united their families and meticulously planned their intimate wedding for February, with Kausheen deciding to leave her job in December.

Their families' dedication was unparalleled as they orchestrated every detail, from fittings to logistics, ensuring a seamless celebration of love. Grateful for their unwavering support, Kausheen reflects on the profound belief that destiny had intertwined their paths. Despite their bustling schedules, they made it to India just in time to witness the culmination of their love story. 

As she fondly reminisces, Kausheen is still in awe of how effortlessly everything fell into place. For her, the journey reaffirms the age-old adage that "what's meant to be will always find a way".

Proposal Story

Their proposal story is nothing short of enchanting. During their second date in Dubai, they took a leap of faith and connected their families in Hyderabad and Kolkata via video call. Amidst the laughter and joy, the groom, with his characteristic determination, casually mentioned their plans to marry in February, leaving Kausheen speechless and their families pleasantly surprised. It was a spontaneous declaration of love that set the wheels of their journey in motion.

As they began to plan their engagement, Kausheen had one condition: a traditional proposal on bended knee. 

With unwavering resolve, the groom orchestrated a heartwarming event with the help of his photographer friend, Monica. In December, amidst the romance of a carefully planned date, he finally dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage, forever sealing their love story with a perfect proposal captured by Monica's lens.

Engagement Ring

When asked about her engagement ring, Kausheen delightly described it as the most precious possession in her collection. With a keen understanding of her taste for elegance and sophistication, her fiancé presented her with a mesmerizing ring adorned with exquisite square-shaped uncut diamonds. 

Sangeet Night

For the vivacious Sangeet ceremony, Kausheen stole the spotlight in a resplendent pink lehenga by Mohey Fashions, adorned with exquisite embellishments and elegantly draped with a side dupatta.

Her ensemble was perfectly complemented by contrasting jewelry, including a stunning headpiece that exuded a regal charm. Enhanced by makeup featuring soft, blushy tones, Kausheen radiated with natural beauty and grace throughout the event.

Meanwhile, Shahan opted for a red kurta paired with white pants and a beige stole, completing his ensemble with effortless style.

Haldi Ceremony

As the festivities shifted to the vibrant Haldi ceremony, the bride opted for a striking ensemble, intertwining the hues of sunshine and passion. Her yellow suit, complemented by a vivid red dupatta, emanated sheer joy and warmth.

Adorned with vibrant red roses and delicate floral jewelry, Kausheen epitomized effortless beauty, exuding charm and grace. Meanwhile, Shahan donned a coordinating ensemble in a yellow kurta paired with cream pyjamas, accentuated by a red embroidered stole, perfectly mirroring the celebratory ambiance.

Wedding Vision

The inspiration behind the wedding was rooted in love and simplicity. Inspired by our deep connection with family and a shared appreciation for intimate gatherings, they envisioned a celebration filled with warmth and affection. With only the nearest and dearest by their side, they created a cherished atmosphere brimming with love and joy, making every moment of this special day truly unforgettable.

The decor at each event was a masterpiece crafted with meticulous attention to detail by the talented team at Kanha Banquet Event. From the vibrant bursts of flowers to the soft glow of lights, every element came together seamlessly to create an atmosphere of elegance and charm. The simplicity of the decor added to its beauty, reflecting the bride's vision of a celebration filled with joy and enchantment.

Bridal Look

Her wedding attire holds a special place in her heart as it was personally chosen by her husband. The custom-made ivory garara, intricately embellished with zari, tilla work, delicate sequins, and cascading strings of white pearls, was a masterpiece crafted locally in Dubai.

To complement the ethereal attire, she adorned herself with pastel-colored Kundan jewelry, including a breathtaking bib necklace, nath, maangtikka, and Jhoomar, along with minimal kaleeras, adding an air of regal elegance to her look.

The Nikkah dupatta, a symbol of purity and devotion, was lovingly prepared by nikahmubarak786, while the stunning Nikkah Bands, a cherished symbol of their union, were meticulously crafted by 'Sew The Arab Way'.

Bridal Entrance Song

The bridal entrance song, "Tu Jhoom" by Nasibo Laal and Abida Parveen from Coke Studio, encapsulated the very essence of their love story, stirring emotions within their heart and soul. One particular line, "Jo hai tera, labh jaayega, Karke koi bahaana," resonated deeply with the bride, signifying that destiny will find its way, transcending any obstacles or excuses along the journey.

Groom Look

The groom exuded timeless elegance in a classic kurta from Manyavar, tastefully paired with accessories from Tissot/YSL.

A meticulously embroidered shawl added a touch of regal sophistication, seamlessly complementing his ensemble and creating a harmonious balance with the bride's attire.

Tips for South Asian brides-to-be

  • Prioritize your desires: Shift the focus onto yourself and your partner amidst cultural expectations.
  • Your happiness matters: Don't let external opinions overshadow your bond and happiness.
  • Stay true to yourselves: Make decisions that reflect your values and personalities, ensuring your wedding day is a true reflection of your love story.

Bride: Kausheen I Groom: Shahan I Bridal Outfit : Mohey Fashion (Sangeet) I Makeup : Yasmeen Khan I Hair : Fiza Zareen I Henna: Azaan Art I Photographer: Wedarry I Wedding Cake : The Fatma's Baked With Love I Nikah Favours: Muslimah Book I Nikah Dupatta: Nikah Mubarak I Nikah Band: Sew The Arab Way 

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