Riya & Akshay's Unforgettable Multi-Themed Delhi Wedding

Despite residing in close proximity in India, it was Akshay's relocation to the UAE for a new job that sparked their initial conversation. Surprisingly, the geographical distance didn't hinder the warmth of their connection; instead, their bond deepened effortlessly. Right from the beginning, Riya and Akshay, both recognized the striking similarities in their perspectives, finding not only shared interests but also aligned core values and principles.

The Proposal

"Navigating a long-distance relationship for five years was both challenging and overwhelming. The desire to be together grew stronger each day. Given our strong connection to family, the proposal unfolded in the presence of our loved ones, making it an exceptionally meaningful and special moment" - says Riya.

The Ring

​​Choosing the perfect engagement ring was a journey in itself, and for Riya, the allure of the emerald cut was undeniable. Inspired by the elegance and sophistication of Beyoncé's own iconic ring, she found herself drawn to its timeless beauty from the moment she laid eyes on it. While her ring may not cost millions like Beyoncé's, its beauty is still amazing. Every time she looks at its sparkling sides, it reminds her of the love and commitment it symbolizes, representing the special bond between her and her partner.

Wedding Vision

Akshay & Riys's wedding was destined to be an intimate affair, shared with their close-knit circle. They both agreed to keep things easygoing and laid-back, turning each event into a lively party. With laughter and joy as their main focus, they aimed to make every moment of their special day filled with fun and excitement. Despite the cozy setting, they didn't hold back when it came to dressing up. As avid fashion enthusiasts, they embraced the opportunity to showcase their unique style, opting for bold and unconventional attire that reflected their personalities. From daring hairstyles to eye-catching accessories, they embraced the opportunity to experiment and push the boundaries of traditional wedding attire.

With each outfit, they added their own touch, bringing a sense of individuality and self-expression that truly captured who they are as a couple.

Cocktail Night

For the lively cocktail celebration, Akshay & Riya envisioned an atmosphere brimming with energy and excitement, drawing inspiration from the vibrant nightlife they relished during their travels.

The neon-themed decor served as a mesmerizing backdrop, transporting guests to a world of vivid colors and pulsating beats, igniting the dance floor with infectious enthusiasm.

Riya donned a chic ensemble from Dolly J Studio, complemented by dazzling jewels from Amama Jewels. Opting for a sleek high ponytail hairstyle, she embraced a sophisticated look that perfectly suited the celebratory ambiance.

Her makeup, embellished with rhinestones around the eyes and temple, infused a touch of glamour and sparkle, elevating her ensemble to new heights of beauty.

Mehndi Ceremony

Opting for a soothing blue color palette, Akshay & Riya curated a tranquil theme for their Mehendi ceremony, drawing inspiration from the calming shades of the ocean they held dear.

The venue, embellished with delicate blue accents and intricate decor, fostered an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, setting the perfect stage for their pre-wedding celebrations.

Riya, for the Mehendi outfit, drew inspiration from her own creative instincts, crafting a one-of-a-kind outfit that authentically reflected her unique style.

Complemented by exquisite jewelry from Soni Sapphire, her adorned braid hairstyle featuring orchids added a whimsical and romantic touch to the festivities. 

Wedding Day

For the wedding day, they opted for a timeless and elegant all-white decor scheme. Representing purity, unity, and new beginnings, the pristine white surroundings created a magical and romantic atmosphere. Exchanging vows in front of loved ones felt like a dream, with each event tailored to reflect their shared love for travel and adventure. The wedding celebrations became a true reflection of their journey together, confirming the deep bond and cherished memories they've created along the way.

Bridal Look

As the excitement of the wedding day approached, meticulous planning went into every aspect of bridal attire and appearance. For the ceremony, Riya opted for a stunning ensemble from Rimple & Harpreet Narula, perfectly complemented by exquisite jewelry from Aza Fashions

With a classic bun hairstyle adding a touch of timeless elegance, she felt every bit the radiant bride she had always dreamed of being.

Groom Loook

The groom, Akshay has been living in the UAE for the past 6 years. His (then) fiancée, Riya, took the responsibility of personalizing all his outfits. She meticulously handpicked the raw materials from the vibrant markets of Jaipur and Delhi, and entrusted the task to a trusted family tailor for a custom-made touch.

The result was a collection of beautifully crafted garments that perfectly complemented the occasion.

Bridal Entrance Song

"Having cherished and admired Taylor Swift from my early years, selecting the perfect entrance song for my wedding was a sentimental decision. I opted for one of her most enchanting songs, "LOVER." The lyrics resonate with us on a profound level, making it an ideal choice for its purity and romantic essence" - shared the bride.

Tips For Future Brides

For South Asian brides-to-be, here are the top three tips by the bride Riya to ensure your wedding preparations go smoothly:

  • Create a mood board of the looks they want to go for. 
  • Start the preps early on, you don’t want to panic. Time management is the key.
  • Try your outfits multiple times, for long durations. 
  • Don’t wear brand new footwear to avoid shoe bites.

Bride: Riya I Groom: Akshay I Bridal Outfit: Rimple & Harpreet Narula (Wedding) , Dolly J Studio (Cocktail) I Wedding jewellery: Aza FashionsAmama Jewels (Wedding) , (Cocktail) , Soni Sapphire (Mehndi) I Photo: Delhi Velvet I Makeup: Ridhi Verma

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