Raveen & Sunny's Destination Wedding In Goa

In September 2022, Raveen embarked on what she believed was a simple vacation in Mexico with her family. Little did she know, fate had an extraordinary surprise awaiting her. Despite Sunny's demanding schedule as a dedicated doctor, he managed the impossible—he arranged in-flight WiFi, ensuring he could be reached during the lengthy 10-hour flight if needed. On their anniversary, September 23rd, as Raveen and her family prepared for a special dinner, a cab delay led them to a stroll along Tulum's beautiful beach for photos. To her astonishment, there stood Sunny against the backdrop of Tulum's breathtaking scenery, ready to change their lives forever.

The proposal video perfectly captures the shock and joy on Raveen's face. Known for her easy tears, she was rendered speechless by the grandeur of his gesture. The realization that he had flown to Tulum for just three days to propose left her in awe. It was a truly enchanting moment amidst the scenic beauty of Tulum.

Engagement Ring

Emeralds hold a special place in the bride's heart; they're her absolute favorite gemstone. Although they are not her birthstone there's something about emeralds that captivates her. Surrounded by the sparkle of diamonds everywhere, she yearned for something more distinctive. For Raveen, the emerald symbolizes royalty and carries a sense of unparalleled uniqueness.

Wedding Shopping

In her pursuit of the perfect wedding attire, Raveen embarked on a cross-continental journey. Most of her wedding shopping took place in India, with Marwar Couture in Delhi being her initial and pivotal destination. The renowned boutique fulfilled its promise, presenting her with the bridal ensemble that resonated with her soul for the special day.

For her exquisite bridal jewelry, Raveen visited Sham Jewellers in Chandigarh, where each piece added an elegant touch to her ensemble. Upon returning to London, Maala London became her preferred choice for additional bridal jewelry, bringing her vision for the special day to fruition.

As for the groom's outfit, it was sourced from Roops Couture, a brand held in high regard. It was especially fortunate that Roops Couture, owned by Raveen's Massi, took charge of all other outfits as well. Both Roops Couture and Maala London played a key role in crafting the groom's outfit.

Wedding Vision

“Dreaming of a wedding that was equal parts celebration and relaxation, I knew a destination wedding was the perfect fit. I envisioned a sun-soaked getaway where our loved ones could unwind and enjoy each other's company. Keeping it intimate was key, steering clear of overwhelming schedules that can drain the joy from such occasions” shared the bride. She also made a conscious effort to streamline her events, ensuring everyone could fully embrace the moment's magic without feeling rushed or exhausted.

As their wedding unfolded, each event became a canvas for cherished memories and personal touches. When it came to bringing the wedding vision to life, Raveen & Sunny were fortunate to have the expertise of Visionary wedding planners - Fexper Events, who truly exceeded their expectations with their creativity and attention to detail. 

Chunni Ceremony

Their wedding celebrations began with the chunni ceremony and welcome drinks. They opted for a rustic ambiance with vibrant pops of color, setting the stage for the festivities to come.For the ceremony, Raveen adorned herself in a stunning ensemble from Roops Couture, complemented by heirloom gold jewelry graciously bestowed by her in-laws, adding a touch of tradition and family heritage to the occasion.

Maiyaan Ceremony

The following day unfolded with the maiyaan celebration, featuring a lively carnival theme. To infuse fun and color into the event, the couple incorporated various details like coconuts adorned with their logo, logo-branded pillows, sunglasses stands, Maggi stalls, and hat stands. The maiyaan bowls were designed to exude regality with a touch of gold. Raveen's outfit, a meticulous creation by Roops Couture, radiated joy and vibrancy, beautifully capturing the festive essence of the day. The umbrella, sourced from Pataaare in Chandigarh, added a distinctive touch to the celebration.

Jagoo Night

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the pre-wedding Jaago embraced a playful jungle theme, featuring extravagant animal props like shimmering giraffes and magical unicorns set against a backdrop of lush greenery. The atmosphere was filled with whimsy and elegance, heightened by Raveen's outfit from Roops Couture and jewelry from Maala London, infusing the celebration with grace and sophistication.

Choora Ceremony

The intimate Choora ceremony unfolded within the cozy embrace of a charming teepee tent, radiating simplicity and warmth. For this special occasion, she paid homage to tradition by transforming her mother's wedding sari into a distinctive suit, creating a heartfelt connection to family and legacy.

Wedding Day

As their wedding day dawned, a serene ceremony unfolded at the Gurdwara.

Bridal Look

Raveen graced herself with the exquisite creations of Marwar Couture, paired with jewelry from Sham Jewellers and Maala London, each piece symbolizing love and devotion. Meanwhile, Sunny radiated splendor in attire from Roops Couture, complemented by jewelry from Maala London, embodying their shared journey and unwavering commitment.

Groom Look

For the Sunny's attire, it was a family affair. Roops Couture, led by Raveen’s esteemed Massi(aunt), was the natural choice for crafting the groom ensemble. Their expertise and dedication ensured that every detail would be impeccably tailored while reflecting the sunny’s style.  In a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, both Roops Couture and Maala London also contributed to the groom's attire, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look. 

More Photos from the Wedding

Reception Night

As the evening unfolded, the beach metamorphosed into a captivating setting for their Gala reception, harmonizing effortlessly with the golden tones of the sunset. Themed 'Once Uppal A Time', their reception exuded elegance and enchantment, crafting indelible memories against the sea's scenic canvas.

For Raveen & Sunny the reception entrance was a moment straight out of a fairytale. Instead of opting for the usual upbeat dance track, they chose the instrumental version of "Roumut Diwanaei" by Alif, inspired by a scene from the Amazon show 'Made in Heaven'.

It was a dreamy melody that perfectly matched the whimsical ambiance of their celebration. As they made their grand entrance, surrounded by loved ones, the enchanting music set the tone for an evening filled with love, magic, and unforgettable memories.

With the sun bidding adieu to their special day, they graced their Gala reception in attire from Roops Couture, complemented by earrings from Maala London—an effervescent couple embraced by the glow of love and festivity.

Tips for South Asian brides-to-be from Raveen

1. Entrust key responsibilities to trusted individuals who genuinely support you. Delegating tasks to my sister, friends, and reliable allies allowed me to focus on the meaningful moments during the wedding week. From liaising with vendors to providing guidance, they became my lifelines, managing everything from showering me with care to ensuring I was where I needed to be.

2. Shield your mood from others' opinions. Your wedding is a culmination of hard work and dedication, and regardless of external opinions, you deserve to revel in the experience you've created for yourself.

3. Embrace the unexpected and imperfections. Accept that not everything will unfold as planned, and numerous hiccups may go unnoticed until you reflect on photos and videos. Understand that these deviations contribute to the unique story of your celebration. Take a deep breath, acknowledge the unpredictability, and appreciate how each twist and turn has shaped your wedding into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Bride Raveen Kaur I Groom Sunny Singh I Bridal Outfit: Marwar Couture (Wedding) ; Roops Couture (Reception) I Mehndi: Hansa Gajra I Wedding Jewelry: Maala London ; Sham Jewellers I Makeup: Dilreet Kaur I Hair: Preet Hairstylist I Kaleere: Chotteylal Sons I Groom Outfit: Roops Couture I DJ: DHJ Music ; Kudos DJ I Percussionist: Akash Harmalkar I Photo & Video: Bikram J Singh Photography

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