Tiwinkle & Gurkirat's Enchanting Malibu Wedding

Tiwinkle and Gurkirat crossed paths at UCLA during their undergraduate years in 2012. Despite their initial dislike for each other, both perceived the other as arrogant. However, in 2017, Gurkirat initiated contact by sliding into Tiwinkle's DMs. Tiwinkle initially ignored the messages until they encountered each other at a mutual acquaintance's kickback. Following this meeting, Tiwinkle decided to give Gurkirat a chance, a choice that turned out to be the best decision ever, as they connected effortlessly.

The Proposal

Tiwinkle and Gurkirat became engaged a few months before their wedding, as their families had already met, and plans for their marriage were in motion. Gurkirat surprised Tiwinkle with tickets for a yacht ride, won through a raffle at his workplace, where he often received perks. Initially, Tiwinkle didn't think much of it, expecting a unique experience through Gurkirat's work.

Arriving at the Marina Del Rey dock, Tiwinkle noticed they were the only ones there, sparking a suspicion that Gurkirat might be planning a proposal. However, not wanting to be disappointed, she went along with the idea that he had won the yacht ride through a raffle. Tiwinkle even playfully suggested a proposal due to the romantic setting, but Gurkirat dismissed it as too cheesy, and she didn't want to press further.

The yacht ride was enjoyable as they rode the waves in the ocean, with a photographer on board claiming to take pictures for the company. Tiwinkle posed cutely for the pictures, not suspecting the surprise ahead. Gurkirat, feeling seasick, briefly left Tiwinkle. When he returned, the boat had sailed into calmer waters in the harbor.

As the photographer requested a pose together, more pictures were taken, and then Gurkirat got down on one knee. Overwhelmed with excitement, Tiwinkle joyfully said yes and couldn't wait to put the ring on her finger. Their special moment drew the attention of people on other boats who cheered and congratulated them, making it a perfect and memorable proposal.

The Ring

Tiwinkle desired a clean and sleek design for the ring, ultimately opting for an emerald cut with smaller baguettes on the sides, and Gurkirat played a pivotal role in bringing her vision to life.

Wedding Vision

Tiwinkle and Gurkirat had a strong desire for a destination wedding, but the logistical challenges of accommodating their extensive family led them to opt for a celebration in Los Angeles. From the outset, Tiwinkle envisioned a fairytale wedding with a dreamlike and feminine ambiance, prompting them to choose the picturesque Calamigos Ranch venue in Malibu.


Tiwinkle traveled to Delhi, India, in April 2023, accompanied by her parents, to select her entire wardrobe. With a passion for fashion, she ensured that each of her outfits exuded an iconic style.


Tiwinkle made a graceful choice for the sagan ceremony, adorning a stunning ensemble designed by Tarun Tahiliani.

Entranced by the iconic nature of his creations and having followed his work with admiration, Tiwinkle selected a silver saree that embodied the designer's remarkable craftsmanship. 

Sangeet Ceremony

For the enchanting sangeet ceremony, Tiwinkle drew inspiration from her beloved mother, who served as a timeless style icon. Both adorned themselves in exquisite ensembles crafted by the renowned designer Sabyasachi. Tiwinkle aimed for a cohesive look, selecting a stunning Sabyasachi lehenga that echoed the richness and heritage celebrated in her mother's attire.

The harmonious blend of colors and intricate details on their outfits contributed to a night filled with special and unforgettable moments.

Mehndi Ceremony

The joyous celebration of Mehndi and Haldi unfolded over two days at a sprawling estate nestled on the outskirts of Los Angeles, creating an intimate and serene ambiance for Tiwinkle's side of the family.

The mehndi ceremony, a vibrant affair symbolizing good luck, immersed the bride in intricate henna designs meticulously applied by her artist, Tulsi.

Haldi Ceremony

The haldi ceremony, a time-honored tradition, involved applying turmeric paste to the bride and groom, followed by a joyous shower to purify the body and eliminate impurities.

Tiwinkle underscores the significance of the haldi, not only as an auspicious event but also as a cherished skincare ritual preceding the wedding festivities.

Welcome Party

As a nod to the proposal, the couple set sail with their guests on a party yacht from Marina del Rey to start the festivities with a bang. The attire theme was blue and white.

Hindu Wedding

The festivities commenced with a Hindu vivah ceremony, followed by a Sikh Anand Karaj ceremony.


Tiwinkle's vision for suspended flowers materialized under the artistic touch of decor planner Prashe.

A dreamy mandap adorned with numerous hanging flowers and a meticulously crafted floral arch became the enchanting backdrop. The highlight, a majestic California oak tree draped in ivory floral garlands, set the tone.

Guests, in ivory attire with hints of pink and light green, immersed themselves in the ethereal ambiance.


The wedding day unfolded as a harmonious symphony of cultural richness, love, and meticulous planning, creating lasting memories for Tiwinkle and Gurkirat. For Tiwinkle's grand entrance to the HIndu ceremony featured a string quartet playing "Until I Found You" by Stephen Sanchez.

Her brother Suraj and his friend, Jazley, helped arrange a captivating performance by three young ballerinas - Savannah, Brooklyn, and Coco, setting a joyful tone before the bride's entrance. The last-minute addition of a fog machine heightened the ethereal vibe.

Bridal Look

Tiwinkle grew up watching Bollywood movies and harbored a deep desire to wear a Manish Malhotra lehenga. Despite trying numerous lehengas from various designer stores, she couldn't find the perfect one until she laid eyes on the Manish Malhotra pink lehenga.

Witnessing her parents' admiration for her at that moment, Tiwinkle knew instantly that she had found the ideal outfit.

The color complemented her beautifully, and the uniqueness of the lehenga captivated both the store's customers and staff, making it a must-buy for Tiwinkle, who felt like a princess in that enchanting ensemble, and finished off the rosy look with an emerald set. 


Tiwinkle's jewelry for all her wedding ceremonies were sourced from KK Jewelers in Delhi, India. Tiwinkle had a specific vision for her wedding day ensemble, desiring a green emerald set to complement her pink Manish Malhotra lehenga. She later realised the tikka (forehead piece) and nath (nose jewelry) were missing, which were later designed in collaboration with the jeweler. Gurkirat also purchased two additional jewelry sets from the same location.

Groom Look

Gurkirat looked regal in a sage green Tarun Tahiliani outfit, complimenting his beautiful bride Tiwinkle.

Gurkirat and Tiwinkle exchanged floral garlands, initiating the Hindu ceremony. Five priests chanted holy Vedic mantras, elevating the ceremony's spiritual resonance.

Anand Karaj Ceremony

Gurkirat later enbraced a change in his turban style as he arrived in a baraat processional donning a sage green sherwani, exuding regality with a complementing sword.

In a heartwarming gesture, the bride was escorted to the altar by her brothers, each holding a veil adorned with flowers crafted by family members, making it a special and memorable procession. 

Following tradition, her father handed her Gurkirat's stole during the Anand Karaj ceremony.

As the couple made their final exit, guests joyfully showered petals upon them, creating a surreal and blissful moment. 

A magical conclusion awaited the couple as they released 30 butterflies, symbolizing the beauty and freedom that graced the culmination of both wedding ceremonies.

Reception Night

For the reception, Tiwinkle chose a stunning, beaded gown by Gaurav Gupta, a beautiful departure from the traditional lehenga she wore during the wedding ceremony.

The gown, with its long cape, made her feel like a queen, complemented by Gurkirat's handsome tuxedo designed by Brooks and Brothers. 

The couple aimed for an earthy yet romantic look for the reception, and the delicious fare by Gaurav Anand earned praise from our delighted guests.

Tips for Future Brides 

  • Tiwinkle advises future brides to set up a private space for dining with their spouses during the wedding festivities. This ensures an intimate atmosphere and allows couples to fully savor their meals without disruptions.
  • Tiwinkle suggests being prepared for the possibility of exceeding the initially planned budget. Acknowledging this potential and planning accordingly can help manage expectations and avoid unnecessary stress during the wedding planning process.
  • To enhance the overall wedding planning experience, Tiwinkle recommends delegating stress to someone else. Having a support system in place allows brides to focus on enjoying the special moments and creating beautiful memories.

Bride: Tiwinkle I Groom: Gurkirat I Bridal Outfit: Tarun Tahiliani (Sagan Ceremony) ; Sabyasachi (Sangeet) ; Manish Malhotra (Wedding) I Jewelry: KK Jewels  I Mehndi: Henna by Tulsi I Makeup: Christian S. I Hair: Farah I Groom Outfit: Tarun Tahiliani I Decorator: Prashe Decor I Event Planner: Calamigos Ranch Events I Venue: The Pavilion at Calamigos Ranch I Caterer: Gaurav Anand I Photographer: Mili Ghosh I Video: Arod Shoots

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