Jaspreet & Banipreet's Pastel-Themed Wedding in Amritsar

Bathed in the radiant glow of California sunshine and surrounded by its captivating beauty, there's a tranquil, almost otherworldly aura. Within this enchanting backdrop, the love story of Jaspreet and Banipreet shines with pure charm and sincerity. Their miraculous journey starts with experiencing the serendipity of a six-hour first date, signaling a destined connection! Both entrenched in Silicon Valley (Bay Area), California for over five years, their initial encounter allowed them to traverse the breadth of the Bay Area, from the scenic allure of Half Moon Bay to the tranquility of Lake Elizabeth and the vibrant streets of Palo Alto Downtown. Each destination fueled their shared enthusiasm, prolonging the moments they cherished.

They had a profound connection that was undeniable, prompting both to swiftly recognize their good fortune. With unwavering conviction, they facilitated a meeting of both families in the US, laying the groundwork for a significant union. Within a month, on July 17th, 2022, they celebrated their bond in a modest yet heartfelt Roka ceremony at the San Jose Gurudwara. 


The engagement came as a complete surprise just after her short trip from India. The weekend following Jaspreet's return, Banipreet eagerly suggested a typical day trip to San Francisco. She thought it would be just another memorable trip and had no inkling that he had been meticulously researching the perfect ring and planning for the proposal. Clad in their everyday attires, they went for strolling through the Palace of Fine Arts. Unbeknownst to her, he was scouting for the ideal location.

As they casually meandered, he abruptly paused, engaging a stranger in conversation from a distance, orchestrating the perfect moment. It was then, amidst the picturesque backdrop, that he presented me with a ring, capturing our "perfectly imperfect" moment in time. On June 10th, 2023, our journey took an unexpected and delightful turn.


As Jaspreet and Banipreet reminisced about their unforgettable proposal, they realized they lacked official photographs to capture the magical moment. Determined to create lasting memories before their upcoming wedding celebrations in India, they opted for a small pre-wedding photoshoot. With California's abundance of scenic locales, they sought out a venue that exuded romance and charm.

Their search led them to the renowned Castello di Amorosa Winery, nestled in the picturesque Napa Valley. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and the majestic allure of a castle, it was the perfect setting to immortalize their love story. Despite facing unpredictable weather conditions, they embraced every moment, cherishing the opportunity to create cherished memories together.

Engagement Ring

Much to Jaspreet's astonishment, she soon discovered that Banipreet had been diligently working behind the scenes for months to find the perfect ring. With careful consideration, he selected a round brilliant cut, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life. Desiring to encapsulate their boundless love, he opted for an infinity band, representing their infinite commitment to each other, and a halo design to invoke divine blessings upon their union. The result was a breathtaking ring that mirrored the depth and beauty of their love for one another. It was a moment beyond Jaspreet's wildest dreams, as she gazed upon the exquisite ring, overwhelmed by its sheer beauty and the depth of Banipreet's affection. 

Wedding Vision

They both envisioned their wedding as an intimate gathering for family and friends, marked by an aura of royalty, sophistication, and uniqueness at every turn.

Jagoo Night

Their three-day wedding festivities commenced with the vibrant and colorful decor theme for the Mehndi and Jaggo Night, filled with joyous dancing, abundant displays of love, and warm embraces, marking a delightful beginning to the celebration.

Mehndi Ceremony

For the Mehndi ceremony, Jaspreet aimed to embody the essence of a traditional Sikh bride, paying homage to her rich Sikh heritage.

Opting for a raw silk pale pista ivory lehenga from Rimple and Harpreet, adorned with intricate embroidery and delicate gota patti accents, she curated a look that resonated with authenticity.

Completing the ensemble with a paranda, she embraced every aspect of Sikh tradition. Keeping her makeup minimal and nude, Jaspreet exuded timeless elegance and grace, truly capturing the spirit of a Sikh bride.

Haldi Ceremony

The following morning marked the continuation of our vibrant journey with an intimate Haldi ceremony held at the couple's respective places.

The celebrations was accompanied by lively Dhol beats, traditional Punjabi Boliyan, and a cascade of endless flower showers, filled the aure with joy and celebration.

For the Haldi ceremony, Jaspreet opted for a floral pastel yellow suit paired with exquisite handcrafted jewelry from Tonoto.in, infusing the occasion with a sense of freshness and vibrancy.

Adorned with open hair adorned with jewelry headbands/tikka, chandbali earrings, and jeweled hathphool, every detail of her attire complemented the jubilant atmosphere perfectly.

Sagai and Sangeet

For their Sagai/Sangeet Night, Jaspreet and Banipreet envisioned an atmosphere of subtle yet enchanting glamour.

As evening descended, they adorned themselves in resplendent attire, coming together to partake in the joyous ceremonies. With boundless joy, they danced to celebrate the union of their hearts.

Opting for a dusky rose lehenga from Surabhi Chopra Label embellished with intricate handwork of mirror, dabka, cutdana, and sequins, Jaspreet exuded understated elegance.

Complementing her attire was a minimalist rose gold jewelry set, adding a touch of sophistication to her ensemble, while her cascading waves completed the look with effortless beauty.

Meanwhile, Banipreet opted for a bespoke 3-piece suit from Gullu, perfectly complementing Jaspreet's attire

Wedding Day

On their wedding day, Jaspreet and Banipreet embarked on a journey filled with sacred rituals and joyous celebrations. They began their morning with the solemn Anand Karaj Ceremony at the gurdwara, where they exchanged vows amidst the divine blessings of their loved ones.

Following this auspicious event, they joyfully participated in the Varmala exchange, symbolizing the union of their hearts, followed by a grand gathering at the venue.

With a vision of regal elegance in mind, Jaspreet and Banipreet adorned the venue with enchanting peach and white decor, creating a setting of majestic beauty. Their royal-themed bride and groom photoshoot perfectly captured the essence of their union, portraying their love story with grace and sophistication for eternity.

Bridal look

Jaspreet's preference for pastel pink was unwavering, reflecting her desire for regal elegance and comfort during the Anand Karaj ceremony.

After an extensive search, she found her ideal ensemble in a peachy pink raw silk lehenga by DollyJ.

Embracing a monochromatic theme, she accessorized with matching jewelry and a Rani pink chooda, introducing a subtle contrast with custom Tassel green Kaleeras from Raabta by Rahul.

Following the trend of layered jewelry, she adorned a head Paasa, elegantly draping her dupatta to blend traditional Sikh bride aesthetics with modern sophistication.

Groom Look

As previously noted, Jaspreet and Banipreet carefully coordinated their attire as a couple, ensuring that each ensemble complemented the other perfectly.

On their wedding day, Banipreet exuded elegance in an off-white sherwani paired with a turban that matched Jaspreet's peachy pink lehenga.

His ensemble was adorned with a rani pink palla, featuring intricate detailing that resonated with the spirit of the Baraat, adding a graceful touch to their harmonized attire.

Bridal Entrance Song

For Jaspreet's bridal entrance, she selected "Kaniyan Da Saaz" for its meaningful lyrics that struck a chord with the emotions of their special day.

The soft beats of the song added an element of grace and elegance to the moment, enhancing the atmosphere as she made her entrance.

Tipe from Jaspreet for South Asian Brides-to-Be

Embrace Your Authenticity: This is your special moment, so don't feel pressured to follow trends. Be true to yourself and let your unique personality shine through.

Practice Makes Perfect: Take the time to rehearse your dance moves before the big day, especially if you've learned the choreography online. Even if there are some hiccups along the way, remember to enjoy the process and have fun with it.

Enjoy a Moment to Eat: Amidst all the excitement and chaos, remember to take a moment to sit down and enjoy a meal at your wedding. It's easy to get caught up in the festivities, but the bride, groom, and parents deserve to savor this special occasion too

Bride: Jaspreet I Groom: Banipreet I Bridal Outfit: Rimple & Harpreet (Mehndi) ; I Am Design (Haldi) ; Surabhi Chopra Label (Sagan) ; dolly J Studio (Anand Karaj/Wedding) I Makeup: @Jaspreet Khosla I Hair: Muskan Manhas (Mehndi & Sagan Night Hair) ; Dennis Malhotra (Wedding) I Haldii Jewelry: Tonoto I Chooda & Kaleera: Raabta by Rahul I Groom Outfit: Gullu Exclusive I Groom’s Turban Stylist: Dhillon Turban Centre I Photographer: Studio Kelly Photography I Wedding Invitation: @Store Invitation & Calligraphia by Harsimar I Choreography: Sheetal Wedding Choreography

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