Shivani & Shivang’s Tropical Wedding In Cancun, Mexico

Shivang and Shivani encountered each other through the online platform Hinge. Despite their stark differences, the couple embraces their unique quirks and eccentricities. Their dynamic is characterized by a delightful blend of quirkiness and endearing cheesiness, as they find themselves irresistibly drawn to one another despite, or perhaps because of, their contrasting personalities.

The Proposal

Their proposal story is truly one for the books. Shivang had meticulously planned the proposal since January 2021, investing time in searching for and customizing Shivani's engagement ring. On the special day, they drove to one of Shivani's favorite beaches in New Jersey. Shivang had cleverly arranged for a photoshoot, and as they approached the picturesque beach, he asked Shivani to close her eyes. Walking towards the beach, their song, "Beautiful Crazy" by Luke Combs, began playing, signaling the significance of the moment. Surrounded by loved ones holding photos of their special moments, Shivang led Shivani to a heart-shaped arrangement of red roses, where he went down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Overwhelmed with emotion, Shivani joyfully said yes!

The Ring

Shivang and Shivani's engagement ring bore the personal touch of Shivang's design. With a clear vision in mind, he sketched the concept and forwarded it to Concierge Diamonds, based in California. The specially designed ring featured an infinity band, symbolizing the eternal nature of their love. This unique and thoughtful creation encapsulates the essence of their commitment, showcasing the significance of the design process in capturing the enduring spirit of their relationship.

The Vision

The beach has held a special place in Shivang and Shivani's hearts throughout their lives. Shivani, expressing her love for the sun's warmth, especially during sunrise or sunset by the ocean, envisioned their wedding taking place on a beach. When the couple began planning their special day, they were drawn to the idea of a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico for a tropical wedding.

The Wedding

The wedding embraced a tropical theme, featuring coconuts, ice cream, and refreshing drinks for guests.

The mandap, adorned with blush pink and red flowers, conveyed an elegant raft-like structure. As Shivang made a memorable entrance in a white sherwani from AsoPalav, the dhol player and DJ marked the occasion.

Before meeting Shivang, Shivani had been on the hunt for her perfect wedding dress, diligently exploring designers worldwide. AsoPalav, renowned for its exceptional wedding outfits, caught her eye on social media.

Visiting the AsoPalav store in Ahmedabad, she fell in love with a lehenga, making it her choice for the big day.

Alongside her wedding attire, she also found sangeet and reception outfits at AsoPalav, and her wedding jewelry was custom-designed by them. Impressed by the accommodating team, she recommends AsoPalav.

More Photos from the Wedding Ceremony

Reception Ceremony

The overall vision was regal, culminating in a first dance to "Beautiful Crazy" by Luke Combs, their cherished song from their dating days, evoking a sense of royalty fitting for the King and Queen they felt on their special day.

Tips for future brides from Shivani

1. Encouraging not to stress excessively about the wedding preparations.

2. Advice against waiting until the last minute to secure vendors for the big day.

3. Suggest having a friend designated for touch-up makeup to address any potential makeup mishaps promptly.

Bride: Shivani I Groom: Shivang I Event Planner: Jani Events I Photography: Adhi Studios I Videography: Ruiz Wedding Films I Entertainment: Drums in Paradise I Travel: Shaadi Destinations I DJ: Events by Kurani Studios I AV: Weddings by Encore I Florals: Cancun Floral Designers, Valeria Martinez I Location: Planet Hollywood Cancun

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