Breathtaking Destination Wedding In Cancun: Damini & Moulik

Damini and Moulik, fondly known as Mini and Mo has a mesmerizing love story that could easily be the script of a blockbuster Bollywood movie! It all began at a destination wedding in the enchanting city of Jaipur, India, back in 2018. The cold mountain night set the stage for their serendipitous encounter. Seeking warmth, Mo found solace on a brick wall next to a gas heater, completely unaware that fate was about to intervene. As the vibrant dances unfolded, Mini gracefully approached Mo from behind and praised the performance. Caught off guard by her charm, Mo responded in agreement, sparking a brief but unforgettable exchange. Little did they know that this fleeting moment would lay the foundation for their extraordinary journey.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2020, fate once again brought them together. Mo made a video call to a couple they both knew from that same destination wedding in Jaipur. To his delightful surprise, Mini appeared on the other end of the call, visiting the couple at the time. Their connection reignited instantly, and the FaceTime conversation flowed effortlessly, lasting for hours. As Mini returned home to Connecticut the following day, Mo couldn't bear the thought of being apart. He gallantly offered her company during the drive home, ensuring her safety and creating a perfect excuse to talk. Little did they know that this thoughtful gesture would mark the beginning of something beautiful.

Their FaceTime conversations grew in frequency, and soon enough, Mo mustered the courage to ask Mini out on a date. Over brunch at Baar Baar in New York City, they reminisced about their initial meeting in Jaipur, exchanging fond memories of their first meeting in Jaipur, continuing the date with a visit to the iconic Vessel in NY.

Their connection deepened with each passing day, but just as their love was blossoming, the world was faced with the unexpected challenge of COVID-19 and subsequent quarantines. Undeterred by the circumstances, Mo and Mini continued to nurture their bond through countless FaceTime dates.

A Social-Distancing Date

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Mo and Mini decided to meet for a social-distancing date in Woodbridge Mall's parking lot. Armed with tailgating chairs, playing cards, and trivia games, they made the best of the situation and cherished each moment spent together.

The Proposal

The pandemic strengthened their bond, and despite the physical distance, they made their connection official. In the fall of 2021, Mo proposed to Mini at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, surrounded by breathtaking views of the city. 

Planning a magical surprise for Mini's birthday weekend, Mo whisked her away to the highest point in the city, where the Four Seasons Hotel awaited. A delightful dinner awaited them at the JG Sky High Bar and Lounge, setting the stage for what would become an unforgettable memory. 

Mo led Mini to a dazzling pool area with floor-to-glass ceilings, offering a mesmerizing panorama of the city's skyline. As she admired the exquisite decorations of flowers and candles surrounding the pool, her curiosity peaked. Little did she know that this enchanting scene was merely a prelude to an even more extraordinary moment.

With emotions running high, Mo dropped to one knee, his heart full of love and devotion. Amidst the twinkling lights and the city's beauty as their witness, he tenderly asked Mini to be his wife. Overwhelmed with joy and surprise, Mini's heartwarming 'yes' filled the air, sealing their fate as a forever-bonded couple.

Engagement Ring

Mini had always wanted a radiant cut diamond as she had always loved the unique and classic look. Mo knew how much Mini loved this cut and so he gave Mini her dream 2-carat Radiant cut diamond.

Grah Shanti/Pithi Ceremony

In celebration of our Pithi ceremony, we envisioned a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that would infuse the event with joy and positivity. The venue was adorned with a stunning yellow floral and greenery ring, complemented by flowing peach drapes, all set on a picturesque terrace at our resort. The aura of happiness was further enhanced as our beloved guests joined in, dressed in radiant shades of yellow, creating a truly captivating and harmonious ambiance.

For this special occasion, Mini's outfit was a masterpiece sourced from Bahu Begum in Edison, New Jersey. Every detail of her attire was carefully chosen to exude elegance and charm, reflecting her radiant spirit on this auspicious day. 


For their unforgettable Sangeet ceremony, we set their hearts on a mesmerizing boho theme that would transport the guests to a world of bohemian splendor. The enchanting ambiance was crafted around a simple yet elegant pole structure adorned with charming floral boho lanterns suspended gracefully overhead.

To infuse an exotic touch, Moroccan lanterns adorned the base of the structure and guest tables, casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the venue. The entire setting was completed with a beautifully crafted wooden dance floor, inviting everyone to dance and revel in the joyous celebration.

As the night unfolded, all eyes were on Mini, donning a stunning custom outfit, a true masterpiece created with precision and artistry by the talented team at Shaanti. The ensemble perfectly reflected her vibrant personality and unique style, ensuring she shone radiantly as she twirled and danced the night away with friends and family, creating beautiful memories that would last a lifetime.

Wedding Ceremony

In the enchanting beauty of Cancun, Mexico, our love story reached new heights as we exchanged vows in a breathtaking destination wedding at the renowned Hard Rock Hotel. The allure of a beach wedding had always captured Mo's heart, and when we visited the Hard Rock in September 2021, we knew it was the place where our dreams would come true.

Surrounded by the turquoise waters and the soft caress of the sandy shores, we embarked on an unforgettable journey of love and togetherness. The stunning beach setting painted a picturesque backdrop, perfectly complementing our heartfelt emotions as we said "I do."

As the sun kissed the horizon, and the ocean waves serenaded our love, we were embraced by the warmth of our loved ones who had traveled from near and far to witness our union. Our destination wedding became a cherished memory, weaving the magic of love and the spirit of celebration into every moment.

With the stars above us and the ocean breeze whispering blessings, our dreamy beach wedding in Cancun became an enchanting chapter in our love story, forever etched in our hearts.

Wedding Outfits and Details

Bridal Look

Damini's bridal look was a seamless fusion of tradition and glamour, reflecting her unique style and personality. With a vision of embracing her favorite color, green, she knew it was the perfect hue for her wedding outfit. To achieve this, she entrusted the skilled artisans at Khajana Boutique in Edison, New Jersey, who created a custom-made ensemble that perfectly captured her dream look.

Inspired by Katrina Kaif's enchanting wedding look in the movie "Sooryavanshi," Damini's bridal outfit exuded elegance and sophistication. The intricate detailing and exquisite craftsmanship made her ensemble a true masterpiece, celebrating her love for both tradition and modern aesthetics.


Complementing her verdant attire, Damini selected jewelry that harmonized with her outfit and the picturesque blue beach where the ceremony took place. Her jewelry featured a delightful mix of light blue stones and greens, accentuating her ensemble and adding a touch of coastal allure.


Damini chose to accentuate her natural beauty, as she has always been fond of a subtle and radiant look. Embracing her skin's natural glow, she opted for a soft and shimmery touch on her eyes, enhancing her already radiant smile.

As Damini walked down the aisle, she exuded grace and poise, captivating everyone with her breathtaking beauty. Her bridal look perfectly captured her essence, and every detail contributed to the magic of this unforgettable day. With the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary charm, Damini's bridal ensemble was a true reflection of her love and joy as she embarked on this beautiful journey with Moulik.

Groom Look

Being a groom with a penchant for sophisticated details, Moulik envisioned a regal touch for his special day. To fulfill this vision, Moulik chose a magnificent 10-foot-long dupatta that gracefully trailed behind him, creating a mesmerizing 4-5 foot train as he walked down the aisle.

With the utmost attention to detail, his outfit was custom-crafted by the talented designer Ishan Sanghvi from Rivesse. Each ensemble exuded an aura of timeless charm and bespoke craftsmanship, perfectly tailored to fit Moulik's preferences and personality.

The majestic train of his dupatta added an element of grandeur to his overall look, leaving everyone awe-inspired by the regal aura he exuded.

Wedding Decor

Embracing the enchanting boho charm, Damini and Moulik adorned their wedding ceremony with an exquisite display of nature's beauty. The mandap exuded an ethereal aura, adorned with an array of delicate pink florals, lush greenery, and the whimsical allure of pompous grass. The soft hues of pink blended harmoniously with the stunning backdrop of the azure blue beach, creating a captivating contrast that captured the essence of romance and tranquility.

As the radiant couple exchanged their vows beneath the canopy of beauty and grace, the boho-inspired decor served as a perfect reflection of their unique love story, blending harmoniously with the breathtaking beach setting and creating a truly unforgettable moment in time.


The wedding reception was a mesmerizing affair that embraced the captivating allure of black and red, reflecting Mo's fondness for this classic combination. Themed "Bollywood Red Carpet," the reception decor exuded opulence and glamour, captivating all who entered.

As guests arrived, they were welcomed onto a luxurious red carpet, setting the tone for a night of elegance and sophistication.

A custom Vogue sign adorned the cocktail hour, adding a touch of chic style to the ambiance.

The reception backdrop served as a breathtaking centerpiece, featuring artfully arranged metal poles adorned with cascading red roses, beautifully contrasting against the backdrop of deep black hues. A stunning black stage took center stage, complemented by a plush black velvet couch, inviting guests to relax and enjoy the festivities.

The dance floor, dressed in black vinyl, beckoned everyone to let loose and dance the night away, creating an energetic and joyous atmosphere. The decor, expertly curated by Zuniga Decor and stunning floral arrangements by Tulipania, breathed life into the couple's vision, transforming the venue into a magnificent space of celebration and splendor.

Adding to the magic of the evening, the bride dazzled in a resplendent red lehenga from Frontier Heritage in Brampton, Canada. Her outfit exuded grace and radiance, perfectly complementing the grandeur of the reception's theme.

As the night unfolded, laughter, love, and dance filled the air, creating cherished memories that will forever hold a special place in the hearts of all attendees. Damini and Moulik's wedding reception was a true celebration of their love, an enchanting blend of elegance, style, and the warmth of togetherness that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Unique Moments

A poignant and unforgettable moment during the wedding was Mini's bridal entrance. As the ethereal melody of "A Thousand Years" filled the air, Mini gracefully walked down the aisle, fulfilling a lifelong dream she had cherished in her heart. 

As Mini made her way towards Mo, the groom's eyes welled up with tears of joy and love. The atmosphere was charged with emotion, and the genuine love they shared was palpable to all who witnessed this heartfelt exchange.

Top Tips for South Asian Wedding from the Couple

1. Enjoy Each Moment

Wedding events go by so fast and it is so important to take it all in. We still remember every moment of our events because both of us decided that no matter what goes wrong, we would enjoy each moment with all our guests and knew things would fall into place!

2. Be a Guest at Your Own Wedding

We both decided that we would enjoy all the parts of our wedding. We spoke to each guest, ate all the food, and made sure to allot time at each event to spend time with the people who had travelled so far to be a part of our special weekend.

3. Rest and Relax

It can be hard to find time to breathe during the events but we made sure to find time to get some sleep before each event to ensure we would have energy to enjoy and have fun at our events!

As Mo and Mini begin their journey as a married couple, their love story is a testament to the magic that unfolds when two souls find each other. With hearts full of love and gratitude, they look forward to celebrating with their loved ones in Cancun, Mexico, in November 2022.

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Events By Srishti I Decorator: Zuniga Event Design I Florist: Tulipania I Venue: Hard Rock Hotel Cancun I Caterer: Patravali @patravalicancun ; Hard Rock Hotel Cancun I DJ: M4U Events I Photography/Videography: Mike Cantarell Films I Bridal Makeup: Styling Trio I Mehndi Artist: Lemons and Mehndi I Bridal Outfit: Shaanti (Sangeet) , Khajana Boutique (Wedding) ;  Frontier Heritage (Reception) I Bridal Jewelry: Kirni Designs , Ethnic Andaaz Jewellery , Rang Dil I Groom Outfits: Rivesse I Cake: Hard Rock Hotel Cancun I Invitations: Customizing Creativity I Priest: Rakesh Pathak

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