Janice and Pritesh’s Engagement in New York On A Blue Moon Day

Jan 10, 2022

Love is in the air and today we're excited to share Janice and Pritesh's love story! Read on to see how they met and what advice they have for couples.

When did you get engaged?

We got engaged at Minnewaska State Park in New York on 10/31/2020. It was a blue moon that day!

What was your proposal story?

We were supposed to go hiking that day. I really wanted to see the fall foliage in upstate New York. I love fall. I had an inkling that a proposal was happening soon. We live together in a small one-bedroom apartment in NYC so there is only so much you can hide especially when I work from home. The night before the proposal it actually snowed. It was just a few inches but it was very cold that morning. It was below freezing temperature. So when we get there we walked to a viewpoint of the mountains and that is where he proposed. So we didn’t get to see the fall foliage but got a winter wonderland which turned out to be even more beautiful compared to the fall foliage. We had a photography session and our photographer was wonderful. She captured amazing shots. We then came back to the city and had a celebratory brunch with two of my closest friends. And then we had a little party with my family and his family. It was nice and intimate which was great. We got to spend our time with our parents and siblings.

What is the best or most frustrating part of your wedding planning process so far?

So far it’s the uncertainty. We honestly haven’t started wedding planning. I am not too sure when it will be safe to have a party. I know a lot of people are not comfortable even with mingling with people who are not from their household. I would never want to put someone’s life at risk just because I want to get married.

What advice would you give to someone who is ready to propose?

I think when you know, you know. It’s definitely important for both families to be on board. I think if not, the process becomes a lot more hectic. You should always do what feels right. A big elaborate proposal might not be best for you and your partner. You might want a more intimate moment. I think trusting your gut is important. You always know when a person is good for you.

Were there any resources that helped you during proposal planning or wedding planning?

So no wedding planning yet. But for my fiancé, he did a wonderful job planning a proposal during a pandemic. Finding a photographer was a challenge. Google and Instagram were definitely big players in that aspect. Also, his family was super helpful. They helped decorate and coordinate our family party.

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