Kimran & Dhanveer's Royal Punjabi Wedding In Toronto

Love, like the celestial stars, can sometimes seem distant, yet it finds its way to shine its brightest. For Kimran and Dhanveer, it was a love story that transcended borders, brought together in the heart of Dublin as they embarked on their medical journeys. Friends turned life partners, theirs is a tale of love's enduring spirit, a love that conquers all, a love that found its way across oceans and time to unite two souls.

The Proposal

A moment of breathtaking beauty and romance unfolded during a scenic mountain drive as Dhanveer chose the perfect time to propose to Kimran. Beneath the setting sun and beside a serene lake nestled amidst the mountains, he popped the question, sealing their love in an enchanting sunset.

The Ring

For Kimran, the decision was straightforward as she has a penchant for classics and a deep appreciation for gold. Her choice naturally gravitated towards a round solitaire engagement ring with a simple gold band, a combination that perfectly resonated with her timeless and elegant taste.

Vision for the Wedding

In celebrating their union, Kimran and Dhanveer embraced a traditional Punjabi wedding. They opted for intimate pre-wedding events, reserving a grand celebration for their wedding day, followed by a regal reception.


Set against the backdrop of the Toronto skyline on a local cruise, their Haldi Ceremony exuded simplicity and charm. Guests donned white attire, while marigolds and vibrant props adorned the cruise.

Kimran, radiating grace, wore a Rimple and Harpreet Kaftan set, complemented by Fooljhadi earrings and Jimmy Choo sandals.


The Sangeet blended autumnal hues harmoniously with Kimran's attire. A dance floor inspired by Nialaya prints connected with the floral theme on stage.

Kimran's seating featured a vintage velvet French loveseat, adding a touch of regal vintage charm.

The floral arrangements are beautifully tied in with the royal accents of the stage. The event coordination was masterfully handled by Social Events.

Kimran's attire was accentuated by hair and makeup from Rm Makeup Studio, an outfit from Plumtin Motif, and exquisite earrings from Purab Paschim. The gorgeous henna by Breath of Henna stole our hearts!

Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding theme created an enchanting ambiance, with the entire floor elegantly draped with white vinyl and sheets in the seating area, creating the illusion of floating on clouds. 

The canopy above was adorned with the most exquisite pastel roses and baby's breath florals, adding a fairytale touch to the setting.


The mastermind behind this enchanting decor was Social Events, who worked their magic off here. 

Kimran's attire epitomized grace, with hair and makeup by Artistri Makeup, a satin silk lehenga by Ritu Kumar, jewelry from Hazoorilal Legacy Jewellers, kaleeras by Raabta by Rahul, and footwear from The Shoe Garage.

Dhanveer, on the other hand, was resplendent in attire from Sabyasachi, adding his own touch of elegance to their unforgettable wedding day.

Reception Night

For their reception, Kimran and Dhanveer aimed for grandeur and regal elegance.

Kimran exuded magnificence, with an Ameeran Lehenga, Artistri Makeup, jewelry from Hazoorilal Legacy, and Amina Muaddi Heels.

Dhanveer added his touch of elegance with an outfit from Gaurav Gupta.

Tips for the Future Brides from Kimran

1. Enjoy your wedding to the fullest. These moments are so precious.

2. Don't attempt to micromanage everything; sometimes, letting go is okay.

3. Distance yourself from the overwhelming influence of social media if possible. Stay true to yourself during your special day.

Bride: Kimran Sidhu ; Groom: Dhanveer Singh ; Bride Outfit: Rimple & Harpreet Narula (Haldi) ; Plumtin Motif (Sangeet) ; Ritu Kumar (Wedding) Ameeran Lehenga (Reception); Jewelry: Fooljhadi (Haldi) ;  Purab Paschim (Sangeet) ; Hazoorilal Legacy Jewellers (Wedding, Reception) ; Kaleere: Raabta by Rahul ; Makeup: Rm Makeup Studio (Sangeet), Artistri Makeup (Wedding, Reception) ; Henna: Breath of Henna ; Footwear: The Shoe Garage ; Groom Outfit: Sabyasachi ; Gaurav Gupta (Reception); Decor: Social Events, White Dance Floors, Arora Events ; Photogrpahy: Nimboo Photo ; Videography: Cineverse Film

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