Nandita & Anurag's Picturesque Indian Wedding In San Diego

For Anurag and Nandita, their journey began when Nandita, a senior at UCLA, ventured to Arizona with friends. As fate would have it, Anurag, a childhood friend of one of Nandita's college friends, was also in Arizona that day. Their initial encounter was brief, leaving them with fleeting impressions of each other—Anurag as the quiet presence and Nandita as the girl with a memorable incident involving a coffee French press.

A year later, during a Las Vegas trip organized by Nandita's college friends, Anurag was once again part of the picture. This time, they engaged in meaningful conversations and discovered a genuine connection. Despite the geographical divide—Anurag residing in Seattle and Nandita in Los Angeles, their bond continued to strengthen. Anurag surprised Nandita by flying down to Los Angeles the following weekend to spend time with mutual friends. These encounters gradually led to Anurag becoming a frequent visitor, bridging the gap between Seattle and LA.

Their relationship blossomed through shared experiences and mutual encouragement to step beyond their comfort zones. With a love for exploration and a penchant for travel, they found common ground in their shared passion for discovering new places. Despite their reserved natures, Anurag and Nandita's connection thrived, fostering a relationship built on support, growth, and a shared love for adventure.

The Proposal

Anurag and Nandita's proposal unfolded as a delightful surprise. A friend who managed a sports media company played a pivotal role in this story. Mentioning a significant work event in downtown LA, the friend invited them to show support. The event's authenticity was upheld with crafted flyers, making it entirely plausible. Despite the uncertainty surrounding attending a friend's work event, the idea of dressing up for an occasion after a while was appealing.

In the lead-up to the event, two close friends subtly persuaded Nandita to have her nails done, tactfully steering her away from choosing a vibrant color. Amid the excitement, friends shared their enthusiasm about new outfits and recommended Nandita to get a new dress and hairstyle. Believing it to be an enjoyable gathering, Nandita also convinced Anurag to invest in a new suit.

As the event day arrived, entering the venue revealed a surprising emptiness, evoking Nandita's curiosity. However, upon taking the elevator, a photographer, visibly associated with the "Event," welcomed them with a company badge. Walking out onto the LA rooftop, a captivating sight awaited them: the LA skyline adorned with roses forming their initials and a heart. Anurag led Nandita to the beautifully decorated space, where he knelt and posed the heartfelt question. Overwhelmed with shock and emotions, Nandita, still absorbing the moment, responded with a resounding yes.

The stunning twist continued as their friends and family awaited on the stairs, emerging to offer their warm congratulations. The occasion seamlessly transitioned into a joyous dinner, celebrating this unforgettable milestone.

Inspiration Behind the Ring

Nandita's engagement ring boasts a cushion cut design adorned with a concealed halo. While she didn't have any specific sources of inspiration for the ring, her choice was guided by what suited her and provided the highest level of comfort. The selection process revolved around how the ring complemented her appearance and instilled a sense of ease.

Wedding Celebrations

Nandita and Anurag had a clear vision of their desired wedding location: the picturesque backdrop of San Diego. Recognizing that a substantial portion of their guests hailed from out of town, they aimed to offer them a taste of the San Diego experience. Their chosen venues held sentimental value, as they selected locales from Nandita's cherished memories growing up: the USS Midway Museum and the iconic Hotel Del Coronado.

The choice of venues was a reflection of the different atmospheres Nandita and Anurag wished to create for each event, ensuring that both the lively spirit and the tender emotions of their journey were beautifully expressed.

Wedding Shopping

Nandita and Anurag enlisted the expertise of stylist Nisha Kundnani from Bridelan to guide them through the process of styling and shopping for their wedding attire and jewelry.

Their wedding shopping escapades were centered in Delhi. They made a deliberate visit to Mehrauli, a hub for renowned designers like Sabyasachi, Gaurav Gupta, Rahul Mishra, Manish Malhotra, and Anamika Khanna. Dhan Mill also beckoned them with its array of stores and trendy options. Among the standout choices were Qbik and A.R. by Rhea Kapoor, discovered during their shopping sojourn.

The duo's stylist played an essential role in crafting custom jewelry for Nandita's wedding ensemble. The meticulous effort involved multiple trips to Jaipur to curate jewelry pieces that harmonized flawlessly with the outfits.

Navigating the labyrinthine landscape of Indian shopping demands ample time. The presence of a stylist was instrumental as their vision materialized seamlessly with her guidance through the stores. The couple encourages embracing experimentation with diverse styles and hues, as the transformational power of different looks can be surprising.

Mehndi Ceremony

Nandita's bridal ensemble was a personalized blush pink creation by Rahul Mishra, meticulously tailored to her preferences with customized elements in the blouse, dupatta, and lehenga color.

Complementing her attire, she adorned red Amina Muaddi heels that added a touch of flair, while Anurag exuded elegance in an Anamika Khanna kurta, paired with Gucci mules.

The task of crafting her bridal mehndi, as well as her mother's, was entrusted to Neha Assar, a talented and genuinely kind individual who left an indelible impression on Nandita.

The mehndi celebration marked the onset of celebrations for many of their guests, prompting them to opt for a relaxed ambiance.

They adorned their home with vibrant lights and a floral arrangement meticulously coordinated with the colors of Nandita's lehenga. Orchestrated by WealHouse (Jasmine Multani), the mehndi décor radiated a personalized touch, with florals sourced from Honey Bloom Florals to complete the vibrant atmosphere.

Haldi Ceremony

Nandita and Anurag orchestrated an enchanting haldi ceremony adorned with ivory canopies gracing their backyard.

Their inspiration stemmed from the Indian stores they visited during their wedding shopping, where petals and flowers were delicately suspended in vases.

Drawing from this inspiration, they transformed their pool into a bed of rose petals, which ultimately became the playful backdrop for Anurag's spontaneous immersion.

Nandita's attire for the occasion was a resplendent ivory outfit sourced from the vibrant Shahpur Jat area in Delhi. Similarly, Anurag also embraced the elegance of ivory, donning an ensemble from the same Shahpur Jat locality in Delhi.

Sangeet Ceremony

Nandita and Anurag meticulously selected each of their venues, with the utmost consideration for their guests' enjoyment and the allure of San Diego. The USS Midway, a historic naval aircraft carrier museum steeped in a rich legacy, emerged as the ideal backdrop for their sangeet.

Nandita adorned herself in an exquisite lilac Manish Malhotra lehenga, embodying elegance and grace. Anurag, on the other hand, donned a Shantanu Nikhil sherwani, completed with custom shoes from the same designer label.

Their attire resonated with the spirit of the occasion, perfectly complementing the blend of tradition and modernity that defined their celebration.

Envisioning a night beneath the stars, brimming with dance and jubilation, they brought their vision to life. Blue Lotus Insights, orchestrated the sangeet's décor, while the masterful touch of White Lilac adorned the surroundings.

Wedding Ceremony

For Nandita and Anurag, their approach to wedding decor was unconventional as they drew inspiration from events and runway shows, rather than confining themselves to traditional wedding sources. The centerpiece of their decor was the mandap, which they chose meticulously.

This unique element held the allure of a floating canopy adorned with green hydrangea flowers, imbuing the setting with its distinct romance. Their vision was to create an ethereal and floral ambiance while ensuring that the mandap harmonized with the beach surroundings.

In line with their beach-themed celebration, the couple prioritized their guests' comfort. Each attendee received matching light pink sun umbrellas, evoking a vacation vibe, and coconut water was thoughtfully provided during the ceremony. The artistic brilliance behind their wedding decor came from Blue Lotus Insights, while White Lilac executed the decorations flawlessly.

Nandita's bridal attire was an exquisite green Kashmiri threadwork Sabyasachi lehenga, paired with pink Valentino heels gifted by her mother.

The wedding jewelry set was meticulously curated by Nisha to perfectly complement Nandita's ensemble.

Salt Spell Beauty, represented by Mari and Drea, not only enhanced her appearance but also her confidence, and their attentive approach aligned flawlessly with Nandita's vision.

Anurag's attire consisted of a pink Manish Malhotra sherwani, complemented by custom Manish Malhotra shoes.

Nisha from Bridelan Jaipur contributed to the couple's attire by designing custom jewelry for Anurag, adding a personalized touch to their ensemble.

Bridal Entry Song

Nandita chose "Duniyaa" from the movie Luka Chuppi as the song for her bridal entrance. Her fondness for the song was immediate upon first hearing it, and it held a special place in her heart as it came from their favorite movie. 

Reception Ceremony

Nandita and Anurag sought to create a contrasting ambiance for their reception décor, opting for a darker, more intense, and romantic atmosphere compared to their wedding setup.

The reception hall was adorned with abundant florals, immersing the space in the delightful fragrance of fresh blooms.

The tables boasted intricate floral installations, complemented by a captivating floral ceiling arrangement.

To enhance the moody atmosphere, an LED installation featuring their initials added a personalized touch. Blue Lotus Insights, led by Neha Shah, conceptualized the reception décor, while White Lilac undertook the role of decorator.

Nandita's reception attire was a bespoke ivory gown designed by Gaurav Gupta, featuring a detachable bustle adorned with silk ruffles in shades of pink. The gown was an exquisite masterpiece, meticulously hand-embroidered, and the detachable bustle added an element of drama and grandeur.

This unique design allowed her the freedom to dance and move comfortably by removing the bustle during the festivities.

The gown was worn during the cocktail party and later adorned with the bustle for the reception. Custom emerald earrings crafted by Nisha provided the perfect finishing touch.

For Anurag, a custom ivory suit from Suit Supply, paired with Gucci lace-up shoes, ensured he looked suave and sophisticated for the reception, completing the harmonious ensemble that complemented the elegant affair.

Their first dance was set to "Enna Sona," a song performed by Arijit Singh. This choice was a reflection of the couple's admiration for Arijit Singh's music and the sweetness that the song encapsulated, making it a perfect fit for their first dance together.

Other Wedding Details

Nandita and Anurag entrusted Balerina Films with their photography and videography needs, and the experience was truly exceptional. The team comprehensively grasped their vision for capturing moments and effectively transformed it into reality. The collaboration with the entire Balerina Films team was a delightful journey, creating an environment of comfort and specialness throughout their wedding week.

The duo also availed the expertise of WealHouse for their decor and details. Her remarkable talents and meticulous attention to detail were truly evident in every aspect. Nandita and Anurag were profoundly impressed by her skills and creative insights.

Additionally, the couple engaged Blue Lotus Insights as their wedding planner. They turned out to be a dream collaborator, effortlessly orchestrating the entire wedding process with the utmost finesse. Nandita and Anurag were thoroughly appreciative of how she seamlessly guided them through the journey of planning and executing their wedding.

Tips for future brides

Nandita's top three pieces of advice encompass:

1. Ensuring collaboration with vendors who comprehend one's vision and with whom a comfortable rapport exists. Recognizing their presence throughout the wedding week, the importance lies in establishing trust and a sense of ease, enabling the couple to feel their best.

2. Advocating for choices that resonate with the essence of the wedding. Amid the tendency to compare to others, Nandita emphasizes the paramount significance of celebrating an authentic love unique to the couple and their journey.

3. Nandita underscores the value of relishing the wedding week. Encouraging the couple to take moments to bask in the celebration, she reminds them that they are encircled by cherished individuals who have come to honor them – an emotion that will etch itself into their memory forever.

Bride: Nandita ; Groom: Anurag ; Wedding & Reception Venue: Hotel Del Corondao ; Photography: Naman Verma ; Wedding Film: Balerina Films ; Stylist: Bridelan ; Makeup & Hair: Salt Spell Beauty Henna: Neha Assar ; Event Designer: Wealhouse ; Decorator: White Lilac ; Wedding Planner: Blue Lotus Insights ; Flowers: Honey Bloom Florals ; Jewellery: @bridelanjaipur ; Bridal Outfit: Rahul Mishra (Mehndi) ;  Manish Malhotra (Sangeet) ; Sabyasachi (Wedding) ; Gaurav Gupta (Reception) ; Groom Outfit: Anamika Khanna (Mehndi) ; Shantanu Nikhil (Sangeet) ; Manish Malhotra (Wedding) ; Suit Supply (Reception)

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