Nisha & Vrund's South Asian Wedding Extravaganza In Mexico

Nisha and Vrund connected on the Indian dating app "Dil Mil," and Vrund experienced love at first sight during their initial encounter in Charlotte, NC. Despite being complete opposites, the adage "Opposites Attract" perfectly describes their relationship. Vrund, who thrives on being the center of attention wherever he goes, contrasts with Nisha's reserved and quiet nature.

The Proposal

On March 4, 2021, Vrund decided to formalize their commitment and proposed to Nisha. Thinking they were partaking in a photo shoot with Regal Palette Studio while in town, Nisha was surprised when Vrund had orchestrated a proposal at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.

He played her favorite song, "Pehli Nazar Mein," had a friend blindfolded Nisha, and, unbeknownst to her, spent months designing her dream ring and coordinating the entire proposal with family and friends. Overwhelmed with happiness, Nisha joyfully accepted, grateful to have such an amazing and thoughtful partner. Needless to say, she said YES!

The Ring

Nisha drew inspiration for her engagement ring from a classic yet modern aesthetic. Her vision involved an oval diamond with a halo, reminiscent of a timeless Tiffany's classic oval engagement ring. Opting for a very delicate design, she aimed for a ring that would complement her simple and delicate everyday jewelry. Vrund took a hands-on approach in designing the ring, incorporating elements from a family jewelry piece. The result surpassed Nisha's expectations, and she was enamored with the beautiful creation that perfectly aligned with her style.

Pithi Ceremony

Nisha sourced her Pithi outfit from Riyanka Designer Studio in Vadodara, customizing both her attire and her husband's.

The dress featured a unique combination of mustard yellow with hints of pink and blue, crafted skillfully by Riyanka.

Despite the excellent work, coordinating with her proved challenging, particularly given the complexities of communication and time zones, especially for someone based in the US.

For her hair and makeup, Nisha enlisted the services of Sara Tamargo. The jewelry worn during the Pithi ceremony was a blend of pieces from a local Indian jewelry shop in India and selections from Etsy.

The Pithi décor embraced a boho-chic aesthetic with vibrant accents. Held on a rooftop with a refreshing morning breeze, the main stage boasted a stunning arrangement of flowers and a central boho sofa, creating a visually captivating setting that Nisha admired. To ensure the flawless execution of their wedding plans in Mexico, Nisha and her husband enlisted the expertise of JC Castillo Weddings as their wedding planner, along with the floral arrangements provided by his flower company, Roses and Co.

Sangeet Night

Nisha and Vrund's Sangeet outfit, sourced from Annus Creation in Vadodara, left her thoroughly impressed. The designer, known for her excellence, proved to be remarkably easy to work with, ensuring clear and timely communication throughout the process.

Nisha wanted a modern Garba outfit for the Sangeet, adorned with mirror work, and the designer brought her vision to life with a stunning pink/coral ensemble embellished with intricate mirror work.

Her jewelry for the occasion was curated from Pernia's Pop-Up Shop, while the makeup and hair were skillfully handled by the talented Mexican artist, Sara Tamargo Makeup and Hair, using Dolce Vita shoes to complete the look. 

For the Sangeet event, Nisha aimed for a boho-chic ambiance, blending Mexican and Indian colors and designs. Vibrant hues of orange, red, white, and pink were incorporated, and a swing adorned the stage, complementing the beach setting with bohemian décor.

Entrusting the coordination of these intricate details to JC Castillo Weddings, hailed as the best in Mexico, Nisha and her husband also engaged the services of his flower company, Roses and Co., to ensure a flawlessly executed celebration.

Wedding Ceremony

The bride, Nisha envisioned a dreamy destination wedding on the beach, surrounded by close family and friends. The inspiration behind her wedding theme was a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements. Being born and raised in America, Nisha aimed to fuse the classical aspects of American weddings with a touch of her cultural background.

Inspired by the elegance of American weddings, she crafted a mandap reminiscent of classic structures. Soft pastel colors were carefully chosen to create a harmonious atmosphere, extending to the outfits of the couple and their families.

To infuse modernity, acrylic pillars adorned with flowers were designed, creating a mesmerizing illusion of floating blooms against the backdrop of clear blue waters. The result was a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation, surrounded by the love of close family and friends.

Bridal Outfit

Nisha curated her wedding attire from the esteemed designer Seema Gujral, highlighting her immense satisfaction with the collaboration. Seeking a fusion of modernity and classic elegance, she found Seema Gujral's creations to be both exquisite and the entire process to be seamless and professional.

The team dedicatedly incorporated all her preferences, resulting in dresses that not only fit flawlessly but also left Nisha in awe. She expressed profound gratitude for their hard work and patience throughout the process.

In the realm of jewelry, Nisha ventured into various avenues, exploring shops in New Jersey and customizing pieces from India. Her wedding jewelry, meticulously curated from Nazranaa in Edison, NJ, and Mahi_Creation in Ahmedabad, the latter being customized to complement her dress, added the perfect finishing touch to her bridal ensemble.

Groom Outfit

The groom donned an exquisite ensemble by V Threads, perfectly complementing his radiant bride. Their outfits were thoughtfully coordinated not only with each other but also harmonized seamlessly with the enchanting decor and the ceremonial exchange of jaimalas.

Nisha chose the song "Din Shagna Da" for her entrance because it resonated with her when she heard it. Despite exploring various entrance songs on YouTube, none felt as personally meaningful as this one. Wanting her mom's input, Nisha had her listen to the song, and it instantly gained approval. Thus, selecting "Din Shagna Da" for her entrance was an easy decision. Whenever she hears the song now, it brings back memories of the poignant moment she walked down the aisle with her brother.

Reception Night

For the reception, Nisha opted a sophisticated ambiance, drawing inspiration from the colors of her husband's DJ company, ELEV8 EV3NTS—black, red, and white. Her vision materialized into a stunning reality with the ballroom bathed in black, adorned with abundant red roses, and featuring a sleek black dance floor. JC Castillo, their esteemed wedding planner, not only brought this vision to life but elevated the glamorous reception vibe with a stage design that left everyone in awe.

In coherence with the reception decor, Nisha adorned herself in a vibrant red dress by Seema Gujral, the same worn by Sara Ali Khan in a photoshoot. Complementing this, her jewelry from Tarinika and Dolce Vita shoes added the perfect finishing touches. Sara Tamargo skillfully handled Nisha's makeup and hair, ensuring a flawless look.

Furthermore, Vrund's reception outfit, custom-made by their company V Threadz, was paired with Nike Jordans customized with Louis Vuitton and their initials, V&N. This stylish ensemble contributed to the overall chic and contemporary theme of the reception.

Tips for Future Brides

  • Nisha recommends prioritizing facials before wedding events, emphasizes that well-nourished skin naturally glows on the big day.
  • Advises future brides to drink plenty of water in the month leading up to the wedding, hydration has a positive impact on overall skin health.
  • Based on personal experience, Nisha highlights the importance of having a reliable wedding planner, and highly recommends JC Castillo Weddings as a wedding planner, especially for those marrying in Mexico.

Bride: Nisha I Groom: Vrund I Bridal Outfit: Riyanka Designer Studio (Pithi) ; Annus Creation (Sangeet) ; Seema Gujral (Wedding) I Jewelry: Pernia's Pop-Up Shop (Sangeet) I Hair & Makeup: Sara Tamargo I Groom Outfit: Riyanka Designer Studio (Pithi) ; Annus Creation (Sangeet) ; V Threadz (Wedding) I Wedding Planner: JC Castillo Weddings I Flowers: Roses and Co I Photo: Regal Palette Studio I Video: Ronak Amin Studio ; Entertainment: Dj Suraj ; Mankaran Singh Bhasin

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