Pearl & Milan's Surprise Proposal in Paris

Surprise proposals in Paris against the iconic backdrop of the Eiffel Tower epitomize the epitome of romance. This timeless gesture, often executed with meticulous planning and secrecy, transforms a simple question into a profound and unforgettable moment. As couples stand beneath the shimmering Eiffel Tower lights, bathed in its golden glow, the city's ambiance amplifies the magic of the occasion. A hidden engagement ring, heartfelt words, and the breathtaking panorama combine to create a memory that will last a lifetime. These surprise proposals in Paris capture the essence of love and serve as a symbol of enduring commitment amidst the enchanting allure of the City of Love.

The Proposal

Pearl had cherished the dream of a Parisian proposal ever since she was a young girl. Being an ardent Bollywood enthusiast, no other location seemed as fitting as Paris for such a momentous occasion. She fondly remembered jokingly telling Milan, a month into their relationship, that she'd decline any proposal that didn't take place in Paris.

As fate would have it, Milan made her dream come true. Pearl had a hunch it was coming because, during their trip to the City of Love, the odds of a proposal seemed too high to ignore.

Milan even involved her mother in selecting the proposal outfit which was a stunning white Mahima Mahajan gown, but the details remained a mystery.

On the night of the proposal, Milan took Pearl to the Eiffel Tower and led her to a secluded spot. He then got down on one knee and proposed, surrounded by the city's most iconic landmarks.

Milan's thoughtful touches, from the carefully chosen decor in her favorite colors to the sunset setting, her beloved song in the background, and a ring that surpassed her wildest dreams, made the moment unforgettable.

To make it even more special, he surprised her by hiring a photographer she had long admired, knowing her deep appreciation for photography. The result was a collection of cherished pictures capturing their extraordinary moment.

Experiencing it is indescribable for Pearl. There are times when she still finds it hard to believe, and she frequently revisits the proposal video. She even had him send her his speech in a text message afterward because she was so overwhelmed at that moment.


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Pearl and Milan promptly Facetimed their families and celebrated with them in India afterward. They opted to delay sharing the news with their friends, preferring to savor the moment and the remainder of their trip before embarking on the next phase of their lives.

Post Proposal Shoot

The engagement shoot unfolded just days after the unforgettable proposal, and the couple embarked on a two-hour journey, strolling through the enchanting streets, even in the brisk 18° weather. 

However, a month later, their joy was met with disappointment when they learned that the photographer encountered technical difficulties, resulting in the loss of all their cherished photos, which numbered well over 700, from the main camera.

In Pearl's words: "We were left with only a handful of images captured on a different camera. It felt like a heartbreaking farewell to our dream engagement shoot, and I couldn't help but shed tears for an entire day. Thankfully, Milan has made a heartfelt promise to give us a second chance at capturing those precious moments."

Engagement Ceremony

Tips from Milan for Couples Planning a Proposal in Paris

Milan emphasises the significance of feeling at ease and relishing the experience. He also says, occasionally, photographers may suggest poses that don't align with your comfort level, don't hesitate to decline and move on to the next one. Stay present in the moment, refrain from hastening into wedding preparations, and savor the engagement period for what it is —a precious time in your love story.

Couple: Pearl & Milan ; Proposal Venue: The Peninsula Paris ; Proposal Planner: Les Entremetteuses Paris ; Pearl's Outfit: Mahima Mahajan ; Photograher: Nargis Boumahdi  ; Engagement Outfit: Manish Malhotra (Pearl) ; Gaurav Gupta (Milan) ; Makeup: Erica Bogart ; Venue: Hotel At Avalon ; Photo/Video: Peter Nguyen Studio ; Decor: Weddings In Style Inc ;  Teena Patel Dala ; Ceremony Event Planner: Ushma Desai

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