Shikha & Jigar's Long Beach Wedding In California

Shikha and Jigar’s love story began one evening in September 2019, a moment that seemed perfectly orchestrated by destiny itself. Over the course of four years, their connection deepened, ultimately leading to a beautiful wedding on Labor Day Weekend in 2023 – exactly four years after their serendipitous meeting. Known for their adventurous spirits, this dynamic couple shares a profound love for exploration and excitement. Amidst countless thrilling adventures, one unforgettable journey stands out, a trip that brought them to the breathtaking landscapes of Utah.

It was there, amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Zion and Bryce National Parks, that their hearts intertwined. Their iconic 9-mile hike through "The Narrows" in Zion National Park now symbolizes their shared courage and boundless love, etching an indelible chapter in their love story.

The Proposal

Two years after they began their relationship, Jigar proposed to Shikha on the rooftop of Downtown LA, where they had a breathtaking view of the skyline. The proposal was intimate, private, and everything she had ever dreamed of. Later, Jigar re-proposed with an adventure ring in Puerta Vallarta, four months after the initial proposal. Shikha cherishes this particular proposal, as it was captured on her iPhone. She believes that Jigar may have been concerned about her losing her real ring in the ocean, but as they say, the more rings, the merrier!

The Ring

Coming from a jewelry family, Shikha had always envisioned something special for her engagement ring. Jigar, her fiancé, shared her vision and decided to collaborate with Shikha's father to create a timeless, elegant, and immaculate ring that perfectly matched her desires. Together, they put in the effort to craft a ring that encapsulated the essence of what Shikha had always dreamed of.

Haldi Ceremony

Shikha and Jigar's Haldi ceremony radiated with vibrant joy as they celebrated at their respective homes.

Shikha looked radiant in a lightweight yellow lehenga adorned with intricate mirror work.

Her hair cascaded freely, and she sported a minimalistic kundan maangtikka, adding a touch of elegance to her cheerful and colorful attire. 

Mehndi Ceremony

Shikha and Jigar hosted the Mehndi event for the girls' side at Diamond Palace, it was a vibrant and lively celebration of love, with a delightful surprise from Jigar, allowing Shikha's extended family and friends to get acquainted with him before the main events commenced.

Shikha looked resplendent in a stunning saree paired with a ruffled sleeves blouse. Her hair was elegantly tied in a bun, allowing her embroidered belt to accentuate her waist beautifully.

What truly stole the show was her magnificent multicolored jewelry, adding a touch of grandeur to her ensemble.

Jigar, on the other hand, was a picture of elegance in his contrasting kurta and pants. 

The bridal mehndi was artfully applied by Karishma Patel, and Shikha, who had been friends with her for over 11 years, entrusted Karishma's experience with closed eyes. The additional mehndi services were provided by Rachana Desai.

The evening was a colorful, joyous affair, reflecting the couple's happiness and love.

Sangeet Ceremony

Shikha and Jigar's Sangeet night was a whirlwind of colors, music, and Indian street food that took everyone on a culinary voyage across India.

Shikha donned a stunning multicolored lehenga, perfectly complemented by her matching jewelry, while she elegantly tied her hair in a low ponytail, allowing her to dance the night away effortlessly.

Jigar, her dashing groom, sported a complementary ensemble, featuring a kurta, pants, and a long jacket that exuded charm and style. The couple looked like a match made in heaven, radiating happiness throughout the event.

The standout moment of the night was Shikha's solo performance, a labor of love choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan from "So You Think You Can Dance."

Through her dance, she beautifully narrated their love story, emphasizing that every future endeavor is dedicated to Jigar.

Notably, the live performance by Chiranjeet and his band lasted an astonishing 3.5 hours.

Wedding Vision

For Shikha and Jigar, setting realistic expectations regarding what can be accomplished with their available resources was essential. With the guidance of Shikha’s father, they were able to lock in some of the top vendors based in LA. 

Wedding Day

Shikha and Jigar's day wedding at The Westin Long Beach, California, was a celebration of love and joy beneath the radiant Californian sun. The Westin Long Beach provided a perfect canvas for this beautiful chapter, where love, laughter, and a promising future were the stars of the day.

Bridal Look

Shikha looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day, gracefully draped in a deep red lehenga that radiated elegance.

The matching waist belt accentuated her silhouette, adding a touch of regal charm to her bridal attire.

Complementing this classic look was her exquisite Kundan jewelry, which glistened in the warm hues of tradition, making her the epitome of grace and beauty on her special day.

Groom Look

Jigar exuded timeless sophistication on his wedding day, dressed in a pristine white sherwani that epitomized grace and poise. His turban was adorned with a dazzling Kundan kalgi, a symbol of tradition and regality, adding a royal touch to his ensemble.

Completing his look was an exquisite emerald necklace that graced his neck, symbolizing love and new beginnings. Jigar's wedding attire was a harmonious blend of elegance, tradition, and style.

Shikha's entrance was marked by the song "Kabira," chosen because at the age of 23, and on the verge of getting married, she wanted to evoke the youthful spirit that one particular movie had instilled in her. She was carried in by her brothers, her father proudly giving her away, while she and Jigar embarked on their sacred journey, undeterred by any unexpected moments that may have arisen.

On the other hand, Jigar walked down the aisle with his parents, towards his happily ever after!

The wedding ceremony was officiated by a pandit, infusing a touch of whimsy into the day.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen not only shared their joy but also their fashion sense. Dressed in matching and coordinating outfits, they added an extra layer of charm to an already beautiful celebration.

Reception Night

Shikha and Jigar's wedding reception was a sight to behold. With a dreamy pastel theme that bathed the venue in soft, romantic hues, the evening exuded elegance and charm. As the night unfolded, the glittering disco balls on the ceiling illuminated the room with their captivating dance of light.

What added a personal touch to the event was the couple's name initials elegantly printed on the dance floor. These custom details made the celebration uniquely their own. To complete the magical setting, vibrant floral arrangements adorned every corner, infusing the room with the sweet scent of love and celebration. The night was filled with joy, laughter, and an atmosphere of pure, unadulterated magic.

For their First Dance, Shikha and Jigar gracefully moved to the tunes of "Nazdeekiyan" from the movie "Shaandaar." In this moment, it was apparent that the depth of their connection was known to only the two of them, just as the song lyrics suggest, "Do dil hi jaanein laghti hain kitni Mehfooz nazdeekiyan."

The enchanting evening extended well beyond the midnight closing of the ballroom, with an additional 3.5 hours of celebration in the Westin lobby.

Unique Details

The true mastermind behind Shikha's three-day, five-event extravaganza was her father, who meticulously orchestrated every aspect to perfection. From discovering vendors to coordinating the finest details, handling financing, and conceiving innovative ideas, he played an indispensable role in making it all happen.

As the opulent celebration drew to a close, 565 guests departed with hearts brimming with love and joy, showering Shikha and Jigar with blessings for their radiant future. 

Tips for Future Brides

  • Don't stress excessively about wedding decorations; few people pay significant attention to them.
  • Prioritize aspects that matter to your guests: food quality, an open bar, and entertainment.
  • Focus on marrying your partner and capturing the moment.
  • Invest in a skilled videography team to transform your venue.
  • The wedding location is less critical than having the right professionals to capture memories.

Bride: Shikha Gupta , Groom: Jigar Dholakia I Design, Dj, Lighting, & Decor: Kumba Events I Coordinator: Sprinkles of Love Events (Sangeet, Wedding & Reception) I Photo & Video: Balerina Films I Venue: Westin Long Beach. (Sangeet, Wedding & Reception) I Caterer: Bollywood Zaika (Sangeet) ; Manohar's Delhi Palace (Wedding & Reception) I Hair & Makeup: Cat Cims (Haldi, Mehndi & Sangeet) ; Beauty by Lishma (Wedding & Reception) I Bridal Mehndi: Karishma PatelI Family & Friends Mehndi: Rachana Desai I DJ: John Sethi (Wedding & Reception)

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