Shreena & Kisan's Destination Wedding In Mexico

When you know you're meant to be with someone, it's as if the universe conspires to bring you together. It's an undeniable feeling that transcends words and logic, an innate knowing that this person is your missing piece. You share an unspoken connection, an effortless harmony that makes every moment together feel like coming home.

It's in the way your hearts sync like a perfect melody, beating in rhythm with each other's dreams and desires. It's the comfort of their presence, like a warm embrace on a cold winter night, providing solace in life's storms.

And this is how Shreena felt when she first met Kisan. 

Their story commenced when Shreena, who had recently relocated from Philadelphia to her hometown in North Carolina, had a serendipitous encounter with Kisan. This remarkable meeting, facilitated by the modern matchmaking app Hinge, marked the beginning of something extraordinary. Despite Kisan's initial plans to return to his hometown near Chicago after completing his studies, the depth of their connection was so compelling that he chose to stay, anchoring their love story where it all began.

The Proposal

Shreena and Kisan embarked on a memorable journey to the beautiful shores of Maui, Hawaii, as they celebrated Kisan's birthday. On this remarkable day, they readied themselves for a delightful dinner at a special restaurant. However, before reaching their dining destination, Kisan had a surprise in store. He took Shreena to a scenic beach, guiding her to the top of the picturesque rocks to soak in the breathtaking view.

Amidst the backdrop of the ocean's grandeur, Kisan knelt down on one knee, creating a moment of sheer astonishment for Shreena. It was on this special occasion, his very birthday, that he chose to ask the question that would forever transform their lives. Despite it being his birthday, Shreena was the one who received a heartfelt surprise proposal by the beach.

The Engagement Ring

Shreena had a vision of a timeless and classic engagement ring that would radiate elegance through its simplicity. Her dream ring boasts a brilliant round-cut diamond, delicately cradled on a smooth, unadorned band.

The Vision for the Wedding

During the initial phases of their wedding arrangements, Shreena and Kisan both held a common aspiration for a destination wedding. They envisioned it as an extraordinary and delightful means of cherishing every aspect of their wedding. After thorough contemplation, they ultimately selected Mexico as the perfect destination. The allure of a beachside resort, coupled with the convenience of Mexico's proximity to a substantial number of their guests, rendered it an ideal choice. Considering that many of their friends and family had not previously encountered the concept of a destination wedding, an extra layer of excitement and anticipation enveloped the entire affair.

Pithi Ceremony

In celebration of their Grah Shanti/Pithi ceremony, Shreena and Kisan decided to immerse themselves in a boho-inspired theme, transforming the venue into a lively palette of colors. Their vibrant decor included a harmonious blend of hues such as sunny yellow, pristine white, romantic pink, and fiery orange.


In preparation for their Sangeet/Garba celebration, Shreena and Kisan set the stage with a vibrant and lively atmosphere, perfectly synchronized with their stylish blue ensembles.

Shreena adorned herself in a splendid blue lehenga adorned with a medley of multicolored flowers, a magnificent creation by the talented designers at Chamee and Palak. Meanwhile, Kisan looked dashing in his matching kurta and pyjama, thoughtfully curated by Manyavar.

They also adorned the detailed table setups with elements reminiscent of Positano, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere.

Wedding Shopping

Shreena and Kisan embarked on a memorable shopping expedition across the vibrant cities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad. For Shreena, the journey was elevated to extraordinary heights as she embraced her role as a bride-to-be. In the heart of Ahmedabad, they discovered a treasure trove of traditional and exquisitely crafted Gujarati ensembles. Their shopping escapade extended beyond clothing, encompassing invitations, thoughtful gifts, and resplendent jewelry. Shreena enthusiastically suggests exploring the Khala Ghoda area when indulging in Mumbai's bustling shopping scene.

Wedding Ceremony

The brilliant minds at JC Castillo Weddings, their entrusted wedding planner and design team, wove an enchanting tapestry of ambiance for every ceremonial moment. The wedding ceremony unfolded within the embrace of a picturesque gazebo, adorned with a cascade of pastel blooms that framed the ocean's endless horizon. The decor was thoughtfully curated, with pastel florals taking center stage to create an atmosphere of understated elegance. This delicate backdrop allowed the vibrant hues of the couple's outfits and the natural beauty of the sea to take the spotlight.

On their wedding day, Shreena exuded timeless radiance in a resplendent crimson lehenga, a symbol of love and tradition. In harmonious contrast, Kisan graced the occasion in an exquisite white sherwani, meticulously tailored to perfection and crowned with a matching turban.

As Shreena embarked on her bridal journey, the evocative strains of "Din Shangna" accompanied her every step. This song held a special place in her heart for years, and she couldn't fathom a more fitting soundtrack for her entrance.

For Kisan's grand arrival, they chose the ethereal notes of Louis Banks' "Flying Through the Night." This selection was inspired by Sheena's mother's cherished memories of the singer and the enchanting melody that had resonated through her formative years.

Reception Night

On their enchanting reception night, Shreena and Kisan orchestrated a scene straight out of a fairy tale. The ambiance was nothing short of magical, with ethereal white floral arrangements suspended from above, creating a breathtaking canopy that adorned the reception floor.

For the reception, Kisan made a dapper style statement, donning a crisp white shirt elegantly paired with sleek black trousers, a charming bow tie, and suspenders that added a touch of sophistication. In striking contrast, Shreena radiated timeless glamour in an exquisite lehenga that shimmered in shades of greyish-silver, accentuating her beauty and grace.

The couple's first dance was a harmonious choreography set to the melodious strains of "Tera Chehra" by Adnan Saami. Their choice held a beautiful backstory, rooted in one of their memorable road trips. While navigating the highways, they serendipitously stumbled upon a playlist of Indian songs, including one by Adnan Saami. To their sheer delight, they realized that both of them had cherished his music during their formative years. This revelation ignited their shared passion for singing along to Adnan Saami's songs during their car journeys. From that point onward, they were certain that their first dance would be an Indian melody that encapsulated their profound connection.

Listening to the soul-stirring notes of "Tera Chehra," the couple found themselves swept away by the artist's melodious voice, the enchanting music, and the profound lyrics, creating an atmosphere imbued with the magic of love.

Tips for Future Brides

Shreena shares her insightful guidance for future brides, especially those embarking on the journey of planning an Indian wedding. Her wisdom is presented in the form of concise pointers:

1. Consider a Shopping Excursion in India: Shreena recommends exploring the possibility of a shopping adventure in India, even with the convenience of outfit accessibility elsewhere. The experience, extensive selection, and sheer excitement of shopping in India are unparalleled and can become a cherished part of your wedding preparations.

2. Embrace the Present Moments: Shreena underlines the importance of maintaining a sense of serenity and savoring each moment of the event. While the natural inclination is to ensure everything goes perfectly and to take care of the guests, she reminds brides that the foremost focus should be on celebrating the couple. Unforeseen situations may arise, but how you respond to them is what truly matters.

3. Practice Dancing in Wedding Attire: Shreena shares a valuable lesson from her own experience. She suggests practicing your celebratory dances while wearing the wedding attire, including the blouse. This practical advice can help you become more at ease and confident, ensuring your moves are as graceful as your outfit.

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