Soniya & Adi's Serene Beachside Wedding In California

Soniya and Adi's love story began in the spring of 2016 when Soniya was concluding her second year in the PharmD program at the University of Tennessee and decided to visit her hometown of Los Angeles for the weekend. Interestingly, Adi, who was living in Los Angeles at the time, had mutual friends with Soniya. Before Soniya's visit, Adi had already met her sister and best friend, creating a small connection between them.

Their fateful encounter occurred during a night out in Santa Monica, where Soniya, accompanied by her sister Radhika and best friend Karishma, was planning to meet up with their mutual friends. Adi, aware of Soniya through her sister, received a warm introduction from her, but his initial nervousness led him to head straight for the bar after shaking her hand.

Soniya and Adi, despite their contrasting personalities, found a unique balance in their relationship. Soniya, with her vivacious and emotional nature, complemented Adi's calm and logical demeanor. Their love story exemplifies the idea of yin and yang, where opposites attract and intertwine to create a harmonious partnership. Their mehndi featured the yin and yang symbol, symbolizing their interconnectedness and perfect equilibrium.

The Proposal

During their two years of maintaining a long-distance relationship, Soniya and Adi shared a deep affection for Nashville, a city they often visited together. As the time came for Adi to propose, he wanted to return to this cherished place. On their fourth anniversary, Adi pleasantly surprised Soniya at the airport with tickets to Nashville. They spent a couple of days at a serene resort, while Soniya received messages from loved ones who were occupied with weddings or work in various parts of the country.

When Adi felt confident that Soniya had no inkling of what was to come that weekend, he whisked her away to the picturesque Cheekwood Estate in Nashville. There, he dropped to one knee and proposed. Although Soniya couldn't recall the exact words spoken in that magical moment, she wholeheartedly accepted his proposal. Later, they returned to the Virgin Hotel, where Adi had reserved and beautifully decorated the first floor. To Soniya's astonishment, they were welcomed by their family and friends, who had gathered there to celebrate their joyous occasion.

The Ring

The day Adi asked Soniya to be his girlfriend was June 23rd, which is why the engagement ring boasts six prongs and a 2.3-carat diamond, signifying their special date. At the base of the ring, there's a blue Santorini rock, serving as a symbol of their shared love for travel. As travel enthusiasts, Santorini holds a special place on Soniya's bucket list, and this rock embodies Adi's commitment to being her lifelong travel companion.

Haldi Ceremony

For Soniya and Adi's Haldi ceremony, the inspiration was drawn from the Bollywood movie YJHD, aiming to transport guests to a beautiful open space.

The chosen color scheme featured ombre shading and color blocking in traditional festive hues like yellow, peach, marigold orange, and magenta, complemented by a floral theme.

Everyone attending was attired in varying shades of yellow, reserving white for the couple.

Soniya's Udaipur vision was brought to life with the block printed umbrellas, baskets of marigolds and tulips, beautifully draped canopies and the perfect aesthetic to bring all our friends and family together!

“Italy-inspired” Sangeet Night

For Soniya and Adi's sangeet celebration, they chose an enchanting Italian alfresco theme beneath the starlit sky.

The color palette included shades of orchid lilac, foliage green, lemon, burnt orange, and rose pink, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. A distinctive white three-sided bar served as a focal point. The backdrop featured hanging white windows, infusing a rustic Italian charm into the ambiance.

Soniya looked ethereal on her sangeet night, donning a Seema Gujral designed embellished lehenga in a dreamy pastel hue. The intricate detailing and delicate embroidery of her outfit were a perfect match for the celebratory occasion. Paired with elegant jewelry and expertly crafted makeup, Soniya's ensemble exuded grace and sophistication.

Her choice to style her hair in a chic half-tie added a touch of modernity to her traditional look, allowing her to dance the night away with effortless grace and charm. Soniya's sangeet attire was a reflection of her unique style and the joyous spirit of the evening, making her the center of attention and admiration among all the guests.

Adi radiated style and grace donning a stunning kurta pyjama ensemble meticulously crafted by the talented duo, Pawan and Pranav. Dressed in shades of exquisite beige and grey, his outfit was nothing short of perfection. The intricate geometric resham badla texture work, applied to the French vanilla silk fabric, bestowed an alluring sheen and dimension to the silhouette, ensuring it became a showstopper for the evening.

What truly set this ensemble apart was the meticulously matched jacket, which added an extra layer of sophistication to his look.

A lemon/Amalfi coast-themed dance floor, illuminated by string lights, set the stage for joyous festivities.

One unforgettable moment was when Adi, a Punjabi, surprised Soniya, a Gujarati, by dancing to a garba song, symbolizing their love's beautiful blend.

To conclude the night on a sweet note, a gelato cart delighted guests.

Wedding Day

Soniya and Adi's wedding took place in Dana Point, California, with a stunning view of the water. Despite the sizeable guest list of around 400 people, they selected the Laguna Cliffs Marriott & Resort for its cozy and intimate ambiance. The central lounge and restaurant made for convenient gatherings, and the entire hotel being booked for their wedding created an intimate atmosphere in its own right.

For the wedding ceremony decor, they opted for a light, airy, and slightly muted theme to complement Soniya's traditional red outfit.

The color scheme featured coral, peach, pastel rose pink and white. The mandap was an acrylic structure adorned with floral work, with floral arrangements lining the aisle.

Personalized bells and fans were thoughtfully placed on guests' seats.

Soniya exuded radiance in her Tarun Tahiliani wedding attire, elegantly adorned with a bridal belt.

Her jewelry, including the necklace, earrings, tikka, and bangles, came from Aura Art Jewels. Her hair was styled by Vanessa Gonzalez, while makeup was expertly handled by Denise Guillen.

Adi was equally stylish in his wedding outfit and shoes, both from designer, Tarun Tahiliani . The couple's choices reflected their impeccable taste and attention to detail.

Soniya's bridal entrance song, "Dil Ko Karar Aaya" cover by Namita Choudhary, held special significance.

It was a touching moment of connection with her sister as they stumbled upon the song on YouTube and both immediately knew it was the perfect choice for her grand entrance.

Reception Night

For Soniya and Adi's reception, the chosen theme was "The Regal Room," evoking a Beauty and the Beast ambiance. Their color scheme centered around rich red tones with delicate touches of gold. The backdrop featured layered fabric drapery, incorporating luxurious red velvet fabric throughout the entire ballroom.

One of the memorable highlights of the evening was Adi's surprise dance performance to the song "You are my Soniya."

Given that both the bride and groom, along with their entire bridal party, hailed from dance teams, their wedding reception transformed into a spirited dance competition.

As the night unfolded, their first dance as a married couple was to the melodious tune of "Slow Dance" by AJ Mitchelle, adding a romantic touch to the festivities.

Tips for Future Brides from Soniya

1. Utilize Pinterest for wedding planning by creating separate boards for decor, outfits, and overall wedding style.

2. Visit the wedding venue a short time before the big day to reduce stress and increase excitement.

3. Prioritize candid moments with your mother on the wedding day, especially while getting ready, for natural and heartwarming photo opportunities.

4. Plan ahead by reaching out to designer shops in advance and securing appointments, ensuring convenience and efficiency in your wedding preparations.

Bride: Soniya, Groom: Adi I Photo/Video: Balerina Films I Bridal Outfit: Seema Gujral (Sangeet) , Tarun Tahiliani (Wedding) I Groom Outfit: Pawan and Pranav (Sangeet) , Tarun Tahiliani (Wedding) I Event Planning: Blue Lotus Insights I Decor: Elan Events I Floral arrangements: Yerly Rodriguez (Wedding) ,SoCal Events & Wedding Florist (Sangeet) I Mehndi: Neha Assar I Makeup: Drea V Makeup and Denise Guillen MUA I Hair: Beauty by Vango I Venue: Laguna Cliffs Marriott & Resort

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