Tricia and Raj: A Rustic California Wedding

In this digital age, meeting your better half online has become a modern love story. The internet's vast landscape has provided a platform for serendipitous connections, transcending geographical boundaries. Through dating apps, social media, or online communities, people from diverse backgrounds can forge deep connections based on shared interests and values. The initial spark of a virtual connection often leads to real-life meetings, turning pixels into palpable emotions. This phenomenon reflects the evolving landscape of love, where technology plays the role of a matchmaker, offering a digital bridge that brings soulmates together, proving that love knows no physical boundaries in the interconnected world we live in today. Such is the tale of Raj and Tricia

In 2007, on Myspace, Tricia’s profile caught Raj's attention, leading to a momentous connection. They both acknowledge being a couple with starkly contrasting personalities.

The Proposal

Raj and Tricia, both hailing from the Bay Area, California, have a shared fondness for the waterfront and the Golden Gate Bridge. Raj, with careful planning, chose to propose near the boating dock, where he had arranged a chartered yacht to mark the significant occasion. This memorable proposal unfolded against the backdrop of AT&T Park, and even though Tricia was not easily surprised, the moment left her genuinely astonished. Their sail around the Bay was blessed with beautiful weather, making February 21, 2022, an exceptionally special day for them.

The Engagement Ring

Raj and Tricia were determined to create a distinctive and unique engagement ring. With the guidance of their family's trusted jeweler, DERCO, located in San Francisco, they embarked on customizing a 'toi et moi' engagement ring. This style, which symbolizes the union of two lovers with two diamonds or gemstones side by side on a band, appealed to Tricia. Their unique ring featured an oval-shaped diamond and a pink sapphire. Interestingly, they later discovered that this style was also chosen by President Kennedy when he proposed to the elegant Jackie O, adding an extra layer of significance to their choice.

Wedding Ceremony

Raj and Tricia's wedding was a celebration of their love for California, a place Tricia had always dreamed of for her wedding. They chose a rustic theme, with the ceremony set among the towering bay area redwoods and the reception in the picturesque Livermore vineyards.

Their ceremony was particularly special as it took place at Tricia's alma mater, a sentimental location for the couple where they had their first unofficial date. The campus featured a magical redwood grove, often referred to as nature's cathedral due to the grandeur of the Redwood trees. This unique space perfectly embodied the whimsical aura they wanted for their Hindu wedding. Jennifer Weiland of St. Mary's College played a crucial role in bringing their dream wedding to life.

They adorned a wooden mandap from @culturaleventrentals with vibrant and pastel-hued florals, including lavender carnations sourced by their talented florist, Nicole Ha of @nicolehadesign. To add a personal touch, their 11-year-old nephew, Liam, folded origami peacocks, symbolizing good luck, which was beautifully incorporated into the mandap's decor.

Raj and Tricia sought a pandit who could ensure a warm welcome for their friends and family, create an engaging ceremony, and help guests comprehend every facet without feeling bored. Pandit Neil Dev Persad met these expectations impeccably. He displayed punctuality, patience, and a jovial demeanor. He not only conducted the service proficiently but also collaborated with the musicians and organized multiple pre-wedding meetings to ensure a well-planned timeline.

The wedding's lunch catering was provided by Curryous Catering, helmed by Chef James Chand, who shares the same Fijian Indian heritage as the groom. Chef Chand prepared a delightful meal for the guests to savor during the ceremony, including freshly made, crispy, and flavorful samosas amid the redwoods. These savory treats welcomed arriving guests. Additionally, he thoughtfully packed lunch for the couple, ensuring they could enjoy it after the ceremony. 

Tricia adorned herself in a stunning sari and a 5-foot-long veil, both sourced from Shyamal and Bhumika in Artesia, California. Anjana and Olivia from SB were exceptionally hospitable, going the extra mile to ensure the family was prepared for the grand occasion.

They even assisted the mother of the bride in orchestrating a surprise for the couple: a custom gathbandhan, embroidered with their names and wedding date, which would later be used to tie the groom's kes and bride's dupatta together during the ceremony.

The yellow silken cloth also doubled as a veil for the mother of the bride until it was time for the sacred fire ritual.

Tricia chose to wear her mother's jewelry set, a replica of the iconic one worn by Madhuri in the renowned Devdas film alongside SRK. Her hair and makeup artist, Morsal, achieved a soft glam look, emphasizing Tricia's natural beauty. 

Raj's attire was a masterpiece, with his sherwani and kes by Shyamal and Bhumika, representing timeless elegance. The intricately crafted safa from Shyamal and Bhumika held sentimental value with a custom brooch designed by the bride's mother, featuring Fiji and Guyana's maps connected by a heart and their initials, symbolizing their union.

The safa was meticulously tied by @royalturban_tyingservice, adding a regal touch. His shoes, sourced from Amazon, perfectly complemented his ensemble. Raj also cherished a sentimental connection, wearing a chain passed down from his father. To ensure he looked his best, he entrusted his skincare regimen to Prenaka Ram of @namastedayspa, ensuring he radiated confidence on his special day.

Raj and Tricia's adorable flower girls and nephews found their charming outfits at, a versatile source for a wide range of children's clothing.

During the family and flower girls' entrance, the enchanting melody of "Ghar More Pardesiya" from the movie Kalank, remixed by NYEP, set the stage for a captivating beginning. This musical choice added an element of grace and grandeur to their arrival.

As for the bride's entrance, it was accompanied by the soul-stirring "Ranjha" from Shershaah, beautifully rendered as a fluted cover by Divyansh Shrivatava. This choice created a poignant and melodious atmosphere, enhancing the emotional depth of the moment as the bride walked down the aisle.

As a heartfelt gesture for their guests, Raj and Tricia offered packets of California poppy seeds as wedding favors. They intended to leave everyone with a piece of California as a cherished memento of their special day.

Reception Night

The Palm Event Center served as the ideal reception venue for the couple. The recently renovated ballroom, characterized by abundant natural light and a contemporary, airy ambiance, delighted them. They appreciated the wine barrels and the new candlelit wall, feeling that the space was complete without any need for additional decor. Their major expenditure for the venue included a stunning 5-foot round crystal chandelier, complemented by another crystal chandelier placed within it, both provided by Fantasy Sound Event Services.

The florist, Nicole, was impressed with an abundance of fresh florals adorning the chandeliers suspended mid-air, as well as repurposed flowers from the ceremony.

The couple also enlisted FSE's assistance in designing a monogram of their initials, which was projected onto the dance floor. To ensure an unforgettable party experience, their sound specialist, MC, and DJ from @nyeventproductions flew in from New York.

For Tricia and Raj, their first dance was a poignant moment set to the tune of "Raataan Lambiyan" from the movie “Shershaah” which reminded Tricia of Raj. Each song they chose held deep sentimental value. "Ghar More Pardesiya" brought fond memories of Tricia's grandparents, providing a touching tribute to their cherished presence. All songs played an integral part in their wedding, not just as melodies but as emotional connections to their loved ones and each other.

Tips for Future Brides from Tricia

1. Appoint close friends or relatives outside of your immediate family for specific roles:

2. Enlist them to gather your parents and siblings for pre-ceremony photos. 

3. Assign individuals to tidy up the mandap area, allowing your immediate family to transition smoothly to the next part of the wedding or reception. Clear instructions should be given for storing items like pots and sign-in books until they can be dealt with post-wedding.

4. Be prepared for potential timeline delays by conducting a rehearsal.

5. Recognize the significance of photography and videography:

 6. Inquire about the number of photographers and their camera quality to ensure consistency in the final product.

 7. communicate your preferred angles to the videographer during the rehearsal.

 8. Review their portfolios and sample wedding videos to avoid unexpected issues.

9. Furthermore, Tricia emphasizes the importance of resting before the wedding day, both for the bride and the emotionally involved family members. Tasks should be delegated to reliable individuals, as leaving them for the day before or the wedding day can lead to unnecessary stress.

Bride: Tricia; Groom: Raj; Videographer: Josh Tran; Photographer: Apollo Fotografie; Bride & Groom Outfit: Shyamal and Bhumika; Sari Draping: Chhavi Bansal; Safa/turban Tying: Royal Turban Tying Service; Hair & Makeup: Morsal.Z; Day of Coordinator & Indian Rentals: Cultural Event Rentals; Rentals: Pleasanton Rentals; Florist: Nicole Ha Design; Ceremony Musicians: Akashvani Rhythms; Sound/Dj & MC: NY Event Productions; Lunch Catering Curryous SF; Pandit: Pt Neil Dev Persad; Venue: Saint Mary's College (Wedding) , Palm Event Center In the Vineyard (Reception); Decor: Fantasy Sound Event Services (Wedding & Reception); Gluten Free Cake: Life is Sweet Bakery & Cafe; Indian Fashion Accessories: Desii Chick Jewelry

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