Aarti and Mitesh: A Dream Proposal In Positano, Italy

In the tapestry of fate, Aarti and Mitesh's love story began with a heartwarming twist. United through the timeless connection of their mothers' friendship, their paths converged in a tale that has been decades in the making. From a foundation of shared memories and intertwined destinies, their journey unfolds as a testament to the power of longstanding connections and the magic they can create.

Proposal Story

Overcoming the challenges of a long-distance romance, Aarti and Mitesh's hearts wove a tale that spanned from LA to Miami, with two months of separation. Amid January and February, while Aarti was immersed in preparing for my sister's wedding in India and Mitesh was cherishing Christmas at home, he gave a hint of an upcoming surprise – a secret getaway to rejuvenate their spirits. 

March arrived, bringing with it a symphony of emotions as he came to Miami and shared his plans with Aarti, unveiling a destination that resonated with her deepest desires – Positano, a place where she had long dreamt of visiting. The vibrant streets of this Italian paradise became the backdrop to our unfolding story.

Their initial days were spent wandering, hand in hand, along the cobbled pathways, embracing the beauty of each moment shared. And then, on the third day, a magical shift occurred when Mitesh asked Aarti to wear the dress he bought for her, telling her that they are going for a photoshoot. Aarti felt a sense of enchantment in the air. 

Amidst the allure of Positano, something extraordinary was about to happen. As the camera lens captured their love and connection, the instant arrived – Mitesh knelt before Aarti, a radiant ring in his hand, and popped the question. Aarti says, 'It was magical'.

But the story didn't end there. Their adventure continued, with a driver guiding us along the scenic Amalfi coast. As the day transitioned into night, there was a beautiful castle where the 'newly engaged' couple saw fireworks overlooking the whole Amalfi coast and had their 7-course meal. In Aarti's words, 'Mitesh nailed the proposal for sure!!'

Positano as the Dream Proposal Destination

For what seemed like an eternity, the allure of Positano had woven its tender threads around Aarti's heart. Its idyllic beauty, a vision that graced her Instagram feed, whispered promises of romance and enchantment. 

The journey leading to that pivotal proposal moment was a symphony of surprises and meticulous planning. While the personalized touch might have been unconventional, the element of surprise was masterfully intertwined within each step by Mitesh, preserving the unwavering magic that would soon unfold.

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Engagement Ceremony

Aarti says, 'We definitely called everyone after the proposal but I guess the surprises weren’t done for me. I thought we would fly back to Miami after Italy but turns out we flew to LA where my whole family surprised me and the next day was our Indian engagement! While the arrangements remained a secret, my sister, Mitesh, and his parents took charge, crafting an occasion perfectly aligned with my style and outfit, and we loved it.'

Every detail resonated with their shared journey, underscoring the thoughtfulness that had become a hallmark of their story.

From Positano's breathtaking proposal to the embrace of family and culture, each chapter was an ode to their unique love story.

Tips for Brides-to-be from Aarti

1. Immerse yourself in the present moment and enjoy all of it.

2. Try your very best not to be nosey (it was so hard for me) but it turned out to be the best decision and made for a great surprise.

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Couple: Aarti Patel ; Mitesh Patel

Engagement outfit: Shloka Khialani (Aarti) & Local Store at Pioneer in LA (Mitesh)

Engagement photographer: Peter Nguyen Studio

Proposal Photographer: Andrea Gallucci

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